Gakuto cursed as he trudged towards the locker-room after a particularly brutal morning practice. Atobe seemed determined to make up for the Sunday practice he had been forced to cancel while sick with the flu. Gakuto sniffled and glared at the ground at the thought of that flu; it seemed as if he was coming down with it now. As if that weren't bad enough he also had to deal with Shishido being extra pissy because Atobe made him run laps for getting him sick and supposedly disrupting practice. The petite redhead pouted as he entered the locker-room and started to change; Yuushi wasn't supposed to be absent when Gakuto was in a bad mood.

Instead of being there to comfort the acrobat, Yuushi was sick at home. That's what he had told Atobe earlier that morning at least. Gakuto knew better than to believe that. In reality, Hyotei's tensai was perfectly well and healthy and should be at school like everybody else. The lure of the twenty-four hour marathon of classic romance movies on the TV was just too much.

Slamming his locker shut, Gakuto stormed out of the room ignoring his teammates calling out to him, and walked determinedly off the school grounds. There was no way in hell his boyfriend was going to ignore him for a whole day just to watch sappy, cheesy, overly romantic chick flicks. If he wanted bad soft-core porn then Gakuto would give him just that. Why watch that garbage when you have something infinitely better anyway? He muttered angrily between sniffles and he strode down the sidewalk, pushing people out of his way and knocking a little girl's ice cream out of her hand without a care. The short teenager was too focused on thinking up ways to make the taller boy regret abandoning him for horrid movies about unrequited love and true love conquering all.

As he kicked at pebbles, something caught his attention out of the corner of his eye. Backtracking he turned to fully look at the answer to his problem and a wicked smile spread across his face. If that couldn't get Yuushi's attention away from the mind numbing mush then nothing could. With a new determined attitude, Gakuto pushed open the shop door, his presence being announced by a soft jingle of the bell rigged to the top of it. Luckily, no one would question him about his age or purpose in the store if he flashed the right amount of money.

Oshitari Yuushi inwardly groaned as his incorrigible boyfriend plopped rather unceremoniously onto his lap. If the arms wrapping around his neck and the black plastic bag dropped on the end table were anything to go by the rambunctious redhead planned to interfere with his movie marathon. Sure enough before he even had the chance to ask questions, the petite boy was straddling him, pressing tight up against his body.

"Yuu~shi, you aren't gonna watch this shit when we could be doing so many better things, are you?"

The be-speckled boy groaned as the other ground against him to emphasis his point. He tried to keep his wits as the lithe boy continued to gyrate against him, hands running over the petite frame inviting Oshitari to touch him as well. Fighting the temptation to do just that, he instead placed one hand on Gakuto's chest and gave a light push.

"Latter Gakuto, there's only an hour left of this movie, then we can have all the fun you'd like."

Gakuto stood up in a huff, offended that the blue haired boy would even suggest that. "Fine then I'll go play by myself."

Pouting Gakuto left his uncooperative boyfriend on the couch, grabbing his bag of goodies and stomping up the stairs. Barging into the bedroom that he was all too familiar with he sat down on the oversized plush bed to sulk; who picked watching Pride and Prejudice over having sex. The acrobat grabbed the edges of the soft down comforter and cocooned himself in the middle of the bed. What fun would the toys be without his partner; he certainly wouldn't be able to do much with the handcuffs by himself. Rolling over he glared at the wall and wallowed in his misery.

Oshitari sighed as he turned off the TV. He would have to rent the movie sometime and make Gakuto watch it with him since he was going to miss out on the best part; there was only so long he could ignore his boyfriends tantrums without it come back to bite him. Rubbing his temples to stave off the headache he headed up to find the smaller boy. He stopped in the doorway, mouth agape at the sight before him. Lying in the middle of his bed, wrists chained to the bedposts, Gakuto moved his hips as he rode the strategically placed vibrator as best as he could in that position.

Striding across the short distance to his bed he crawled on top of the tiny boy, "My, my, doing such naughty things on my bed," He husked into Gakuto's ear, "And with the door wide open for anyone to see."

"What are you gonna do about it?" The question was followed by a long moan as Gakuto continued to ride the sex toy.

"Hmm, perhaps I'll have to punish you." Oshitari thrust his hip down hard, causing the vibrator deeper into his lover.

"Mmm, make it hurt so good!" the redhead purred.

Oshitari quickly removed his clothes before latching his mouth onto the pale skin of his lover. He bit into the tender flesh over his collarbone; licking at the drops of blood as his hand pinched at eager nipples. Tantalizingly slowly, he trailed rough kisses down over the other boy's chest, leaving bite marks and bruises in his wake. Gakuto moaned at the deliciously rough treatment of his body.

"Yuushi, please. In me!"

"Patience Gakuto." Oshitari replied before licking along the painfully erect length.

He took the engorged cock into his mouth, grazing his teeth over the taut appendage. Smirking he pulled back and repeated the action, reveling in the breathless moans pouring from the other's mouth. He sucked and teased the weeping dick until he could feel Gakuto nearing his climax. Rising up away from the straining cock, he bent the flexible boy's legs until his feet were over his head. Without bothering with preparation, he positioned himself at the entrance of the puckered opening still full with the vibrator and thrust in to the hilt.

Gakuto screamed in a mix of pleasure and pain, being stretched past what he was used to. He could do nothing but beg for more of the delectable, painful feeling of the vibrator shifting inside of him as Oshitari thrust ruthlessly into him. As the tensai's hand wrapped around his penis and tugged violently he was reduced to an incoherent screaming mess. In no time, at all he was shooting his load over his lovers hand and his own chest. A few thrusts later and Oshitari was sent over the edge as well, filling the orifice with his own sticky essence.

Pulling out he collapse on top of the small boy to regain his breathing. Picking himself up he quickly released the other's arms before dropping back down next to him. He watched hungrily as Gakuto reached between his legs to remove the vibrator. His breath hitched as the redhead brought the device to his lips and encased it within the wet cavern of his mouth; sucking and licking it clean of Oshitari's semen.

"You keep doing that and you won't get a break."

Gakuto smirked at his boyfriend, "Who needs a break?"

Author's note: I'm so sorry that this took so long, and that it's kind of really bad! These two always give me trouble, it sucks. Thanks to all of those who have reviewed/alerted/favorited or anything else like that and all. You guys are the best! I'd really appreciate concrit on this one if you guys would be so kind, I know it was bad so if you could tell me why you thought it sucked that'd be great.