A Lost Soldier

-malicious bunnie

disclaimer- I do not own BSSM or DBZ, they belong to their respective owners and what not.

please note- I'm using an alternative time line of DBZ, so don't get your undies in a bunch because there are people around that shouldn't be around in this time line of DBZ, just bare with me here, okay? The time line of BSSM in this story is clear; Crystal Tokyo.


"Princess! Don't run so fast! I can't keep up with you!" Little Diana ran as fast as she could down one of the many halls in the Palace of Neo Tokyo, her bell jingled lightly as she came to a halt and breathed heavily. Chibi-usa slid to a stop as well when she heard Diana's small bell stop ringing. She turned around and giggled at the sight of the small cat pit-pating it's way toward her, with a scowl on her face.

"Princess!," Diana said with a cutting tone, "please! You really shouldn't be running around the palace like this! To think of what the Queen would say. And what my mommy would say if she knew I was letting you run around like this!" The small cat looked up at the princess with a very serious face.

"Oh Diana..." Chibi-usa sighed and bent down, her pink gown fluttering around her, she picked up the small cat and began walking down the hall. "I just wanted to run... to leap, to be loud, to... to..." she trailed off.

"To be a fighter." the cat recited the words the young princess said almost everyday, "Of love and justice, like your mother. Like you used to be alongside her as Chibi-Moon." The Princess stopped at a large window and looked outside it. She gazed at the beautiful city below. She remembered the days when that city was full of people who had no idea about what was to come... had no idea her mother, Sailor Moon, would be ruler. So long ago, but Chibi-usa re-called the memories. They flowed through her mind as though they had happened just a few days ago.

"Princess," Diana interrupted her flow of memories. "You should be getting ready for bed."

"Yes, of course." Chibi-usa said absent-mindedly. "Just a few minutes more." She placed her hand on the window, it was cold to the touch and it sent shivers down her spine. "Soon..." she said as the sun began to sink behind the city. And then it sent its last lights out dancing across the crystallized city. It sparkled, waves of rainbows danced everywhere, everything twinkled and glittered, and then, it was over just as quickly as it had started.