Penny couldn't remember exactly how they had gotten onto the conversation of super powers, but she was enjoying the spar with Sheldon that ensued because of it. Howard, Raj and Leonard had left to go get the Thai, and she and Sheldon were sitting side by side on the couch, locked in a heated battle.

Penny thought that maybe the argument had started after finishing the first Batman movie, and she had said that Batman wasn't a real superhero – he didn't have any powers, after all.

The boys had all gaped, and Sheldon had nearly had a stroke. He had immediately jumped to Batman's defence, saying that while he had no 'superpowers' this supposed flaw only made him a greater hero. Batman not only keeps Gotham city safe from everyday thugs, but defeats his foes using technology, logic and pure skill, Sheldon explains. At a young age he witnessed the murder of his parents, which gave him a prejudice against crime. Bruce Wayne is a normal (if wealthy) man, but has not only discovered, but reached the full potential of being human through the guise of his alter ego. Batman, Sheldon ends with a superior air, is the ultimate crusader against crime because of his lack of powers.

Penny conceded the point.

The two were now sitting in silence watching as the credits reel slowly up the screen. The others had just left to go get the Thai, and Penny was suddenly hit by a thought, and turned in her seat, tucking her feet under her as she faced her neighbour.

"What super power would you choose, if you could have one Sheldon?"

His answer was immediate; he'd obviously thought about this before.

"I think that I would most benefit from telepathy as a superpower."

Penny stared in disbelief. "You'd like to be able to read minds?"

Sheldon nodded, and raised an eyebrow in defence as he turned to face her. "What would be your choice?"

"Flying! To be able to soar above the clouds, just you and the world… it would be such an amazing feeling!"

Sheldon looked at her, confused.

"Feeling? What exactly would it 'feel' like to fly? Cold due to the thin atmosphere? Wet because of the water particles in the clouds? I am afraid that you are going to have to explain in further detail Penny."

Penny rolled her eyes and thought, her eyebrows coming together as she racked her brain. "Flying would feel like… it'd feel like…" Her face cleared, and she smiled. "Flying would feel like a kiss."

"A kiss?" Sheldon asked disbelievingly.

Penny nodded, happy with her description, which she thought was pretty self explanatory.

"A kiss from someone that you care about"

Sheldon seemed to think this over for a moment, before he leant forward and captured Penny's lips gently in his own. Penny gasped in shock, even as Sheldon moved his lips against hers and she felt herself returning the movement. He was soft and cautious, and she couldn't help but be swept away by the sweetness of the kiss. Penny let out a soft moan when his tongue briefly traced her bottom lip, and she felt his hand on her cheek. Penny's own hand had barely found the back of his neck before he pulled away, both of them breathing quickly.

Penny kept her eyes closed for a moment before opening them. Sheldon was studying her face, a curious look in his analytical blue eyes. He licked his slightly puffy lips unconsciously and Penny couldn't help but mimic his actions.

"Sheldon…what was that?" Penny asked quietly, not hearing the door open to admit Raj, Howard and Leonard, who were too preoccupied with the load of fast food they were carrying too notice the flushed states of the two on the couch.

Sheldon shrugged in answer, and whispered an answer to her before he leaned back into his own space as the three guys brought the Thai food over and handed it out.

"I wanted to fly."

Penny was became more and more frustrated throughout the night, even more so when she realised what it was she had thought as Sheldon caught her eyes with his own. The blue orbs were still analytical, still curious, still giving away nothing.

Penny sighed.

She wished she knew what he was thinking!