It was getting late – they had just finished yet another Batman movie, and everyone was beginning to yawn. Raj and Howard announced that they would head off, and Penny nods, following their lead.

Sheldon and Leonard show them to the door and after a brief 'goodnight' and 'see you at work', the two men headed down the stairs. Sheldon's eyes are on Penny most of the exchange, and Leonard offers her a warm goodnight as he holds open the door for Sheldon to come inside.

Her green eyes met his, and she says "actually, Sheldon, you wouldn't be able to show me briefly how to get past the level I'm on? Queen Penelope doesn't seem to know what to do."

He nods, and Leonard rolls his eyes at the gamers, before going inside.

Sheldon follows Penny into her apartment, and she shuts the door behind them. He faces her calmly, knowing that they are not really going to play Age of Conan. She walks slowly towards him, giving him the time he needs to decide what it is he will do.

This was a pointless endeavour, because as soon as her lips touch his all previous thought is lost. Her lips are soft and hard at the same time; they taste like strawberry and though he knows this is impossible, he savours it all the same. He finds that he is pushing her backwards in his quest to be closer to her, and she eventually rests her back against the door, steady at last. His hands find themselves tracing her hips, and he lifts one to cup her cheek. The action brings her back to reality, and she pulls away, staring up at him with curious, analyzing eyes.

He wonders if this is how she feels when he looks at her.

He hopes so.

He begins laying small kisses along her neck, and she sighs contentedly.

"Sheldon… what are you thinking?"

He presses another kiss to her neck before moving his mouth up and murmuring into her ear.

"I'm not."

Sheldon is surprised at his answer, and even more so when he finds it is true. He pulls back to see her reaction. Her eyes are focussed on his face, and a small smile graces her lips. She reaches up and pulls his head down to hers, and he is shocked at the moan she entices out of him, which she then returns.

Sheldon can't help but be astounded at the power Penny has over him.