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Once there, but not any more. That's Cordy, he realised as he stared at the phone he'd just clicked into place. Her recovery had not been a recovery at all. In body she had never truly been with them. In spirit though, she had. He would have to thank the Powers That Be next time their paths crossed. They had not saved her but they gave her the chance to say goodbye and impart guidance on them before she...

Before the illusion faded.

Before he felt that jolt, that sliver of glass pressing gracefully through his heart (his wizened like a nut heart) and realisation flooded him.

Of course then he'd have to kick their asses (assuming they had asses) for not saving her.

It was cruel of her, too, to not tell him straight away but he could understand her actions. It was a very Cordy thing to do. She came and shared her strength and wisdom and dumped a well overdue ice cold bucket of reality upon him and then she left. She gave him what he needed to continue on.

The hints she gave about her limited stay during their time together meant nothing to him until she was already...wherever she had gone to. Heaven, he was sure. Where he won't be going when his time comes.

Their last time together was not in body (probably a good thing as he'd likely have reverted back to Angelus) but in spirit. It figured that her parting wish would be to see him and help him. He hoped she knew that she had saved him.

No one had ever saved him like Cordy had.