"Your beauty is like the moon shining in the night sky

Your hair the deepest of rubies

The music you make joins you and me

And it'll never let us go."

Tamaki Suoh opened his eyes and found himself in his bedroom. He sat up, and touched his hair instinctively, and was not surprised to find it all over the place.

He looked at the clock. He cursed himself for waking up a bit late, now he'd have to rush through all his usual morning rituals.

He went into the bathroom, locked it, and set to work.

~ 30 minutes later....

Tamaki Suoh came out of the bathroom gleaming, and ready to see Seisou Academy. Music and General Ed, it boasted a lot of musicians had come out of there before becoming professional.

When he went out to his living room, he was not surprised to see Kyouya waiting for him.

"Are you ready for the visit?"

Kyouya peered at him. Tamaki nodded at him.

"Then let's go."

They headed out to the car, and the chauffeur drove off to Seisou Academy. Along the way, the duo were talking animatedly... well, Tamaki was the one doing the majority of the talking.

Kyouya was ready to greet Kira who had told him after seeing their Host Club at Ouran that they should come here and see if they could do something like that. Kyouya sensed that Kira wanted something to attract his school, as well.

As they approached the gates, Kyouya felt at ease. Seisou, as he researched, was a very prestigious school as well. They'd be right at home here.

At least he hoped.

Kahoko Hino was already in school, practicing her violin. She was with Tsukimori-kun, and he was teaching her.

She seemed to be doing it all wrong today.

"Don't play like that! You're moving your bow too slowly!"

Kahoko woke to reality to hear Tsukimori-kun once again shout at her, and she cringed.

Tsukimori-kun, however, didn't seem to notice it at all. Instead, he pushed her to do it again.

After all, they had time.

Kahoko couldn't wait until it was over.

Upon arriving at Seisou Academy, they saw Kira waiting for them at the front of the school.

The chauffeur guided Kyouya and Tamaki out of the car, asked them when they needed a lift back, and drove off.

"Welcome to Seisou Academy, gentlemen. Let me show you around."


The pair were in silence as Kira gave them a guided tour of the academy. The next stop on the list, it seemed, was the music rehearsals area.

They heard a lone violin playing a beautiful tune.

Kira smiled as he saw the pair perk up. He wondered who it was, and they slowly headed to the source of the violin playing.

Tamaki's eyes widened as he saw a girl with red hair playing it. Her eyes were closed, her pose was relaxed - she seemed completely in the moment.

Until apparently she messed up somewhere.

Tamaki, with his view of the room, saw the blue-haired guy shouting at her. And with his ethics of treating beautiful girls well, he couldn't take it.

He went in.


Kira tried to call him back, but Kyouya put a hand out to stop him.

"This is who he is. Let it be."

Tsukimori was shocked at who would consider even interrupting a music practice.

"What are you doing? You shouldn't interrupt my teaching."

Tamaki laughed.

"Is it really teaching? All I see is you barking out orders and her just getting more and more nervous"

He looked at Kahoko, who looked back at him, confused.

He wondered whether it was the red-haired girl he had dreamed of last night. Except, he thought to himself, there was no way I actually could've – I hadn't even met her until now.

"Mom! Don't you think she's the prettiest girl you've ever seen?"

Kyouya wanted to cringe. He was used to Tamaki's randomness by now, but still. It came back and haunted him every now and then. He never thought Tamaki would use that language in a foreign school, of all places.

"You're a beautiful girl with beautiful music, yes."

Kyouya said that quite sincerely. As he looked at her, he could see her resolve about being with the blue-haired guy break. And that was a good sign to Tamaki and him.

"I don't think it's just that – Tama-chan really like this pretty ruby-haired girl"

Kahoko's cheeks reddened as the praises started coming. She wasn't used to hearing all this stuff, and it kind of ... made her happy.

Until Kyouya snapped out of compliment-mode and went into business-mode.

"What did you want to do, Tamaki?"

Tamaki looked back at Kyouya, and nodded.

"Miss, if you could follow me.."

Kyouya said it politely that Kahoko felt inclined to. As she walked out with him past the door, he then grabbed her hand. And wouldn't let go.

"What... is this?"

Kyouya looked at Tamaki, who looked at her kindly.

"I'm going to take you away from this bad person."

Kyouya, still holding Kahoko's hand, looked at Kira.

"Thanks for the tour, we'll find our way out. Tamaki!"

Tamaki took one last look at the shocked blue-haired guy.

"We're going to be taking away your beautiful female violin student – until you learn manners. Much better manners than you have now."

And he walked out the door, leaving Tsukimori gaping.

Kira smiled to himself as he watched the trio walking out, Kahoko not particularly willing.

It was all going as planned.