Dead Man F***ing

It's been a sad week at the Hardy household. As many of you know, Tommy is no longer with us. I'm gonna miss him. Now all I have to cuddle up with is a Bunny... although Cooper seems to like me.

Anyway, in his honor, I wanna tell you a story. I wasn't there for the fun, but Tommy told me about it and I'm sure you'd all like to know exactly how it went the night he and Mark decided to make their pretend relationship a little more real.

Are you sitting comfortably? Good, then let's begin.


Tommy stood outside the door, wondering exactly why he was standing there, instead of where every part of his body told him he should be. This whole idea of hooking up with Mark to make James realize what he had was starting to affect both he and the 'Taker in ways neither of them had anticipated. Hoped, yes, but things had gotten so sexually tense between them that something was going to have to give and a simple hand job wasn't the answer.

One one hand, Tom was still married to Jeff, and on that same hand, his husband had done the unthinkable by cheating on him. On the other hand, Tom was about to do the same damn thing.

"Ah, fuck it." Tom kicked open the door to Mark's hotel room. The Undertaker was in the same position that Tom had last seen him. The scent of his arousal was coming off him in waves, and mixed with his cologne, hair oil, and sweat made Tom swoon.

"What are you doing back?" Mark demanded

"I should think it would be painfully obvious." Tom looked right at Mark's groin when he said that. "I'm taking care of something that needs to be taken care of."

Tom pounced on Mark, attacking his face and neck with his mouth, biting and nipping at his lips, ears, neck, and any other part of him he could reach.

"Ungh..." Mark growled, trying to speak, but the moment he opened his mouth, Tom plowed his tongue inside.

Feeling a wave of passion that rivalled his own flowing from Tom into him via the kiss, Mark realized he better do something or he was going to be done before he even got started. He flipped Tom onto his back and began his own assault, ripping open the younger man's shirt and attacking his own neck and torso in much the same way.

Tom arched with every lick, bite, and nipple twist that Mark gave him. He knew what Mark had been fiending after for days and he was determined to give him exactly what he wanted. His hands snaked down Mark's back, tearing the t-shirt to ribbons and raking his fingernails down the exposed skin hard enough to leave tiny trails of blood in their wake.

Mark groaned inhumanly. He sounded like a caged animal wanting to get free. Cupping his ass, Tom would agree with that statement. Part of him was definitely straining to get free.

"Tell me, Deadman, does James ever treat you this good without having to beg?" Tom reached between their bodies, already getting slick with sweat, and worked Mark's belt open.

"Fuck no... oh shit." Tom used the momentary distraction to reverse their positions and kiss down his chest to his stomach and lower. He pressed his hand against the ridge that was pulsing desire in Mark's jeans and slowly opened the button.

"Fuck, yes, big boy... and I do mean big." Opening the zipper, Tom stuck his nose into the opening, inhaling Mark's unique aroma. He slid down to the bottom of the bed, taking Mark's jeans with him. Tossing them somewhere, right then he could have cared where anything landed, he slid his long fingers up Mark's thighs, teasing him, trying to make him harder if that was at all possible.

Mark shuddered when he felt Tom's hot breath blow across the tops of his legs. Just fuck me, dammit! He wanted to scream, but was afraid that if he even voiced his desire it would be all over.

"Don't worry, I will." Tom grinned.

"I didn't..." Mark moaned

"I know exactly what you want." Tom gripped the front of the underwear and tore them open. Mark's cock, the head already covered with fluid, quivered with the sudden exposure. "And you'll get it... eventually."

Tom took the hard column of silky-smooth flesh in his hand and stroked it, coating it lightly with the precum. Mark groaned again, his breath already coming in short bursts with each stroke.

"Please Tom, just do it." Mark whined "I can't take much more!"

"Impatience gets you nowhere with me. Imma gonna make you feel so good you won't know if you're about to cum or if you've cum already." Tom licked his lips and stared into the feverish eyes of the Undertaker before swallowing his length in one gulp. He was quite a bit thicker than Jeff, and had an inch or two on length, but Tom adjusted to it rather quickly. Bobbing his head, he took the large sac in his hand and fondled the contents in time to his sucking.

Mark dug his fingers into the side of the bed. He wanted to prolong this, make it last as long as he could, but Tom was just too damn good. He felt himself slipping past that point of control and barely had time to gasp his lover's name before he felt his balls contract, and start to empty.

Tom used his throat muscles to expertly milk every ounce from Mark's nuts and even after he was sure Mark had given him everything, he continued to nurse him until the sensations were too much for even Mark to take and he had to push Tom's head away.

"Is that all you got?" Tom pouted

Mark waited until his vision cleared before he spoke. "Man, I have never..."

Tom chuckled. "That was just foreplay. The main event is about to start. I said you'd get it eventually and eventually has arrived."

Tom slid off the end of the bed and quickly removed his jeans and shorts. Mark's eyes bulged when he saw the club the eldest Hardy carried. The lust-crazed part of his mind wondered if Tom might not be bigger than James.

"Remember to breathe." Tom draped one of Mark's legs over each of his shoulders and, licking his index and middle finger, stretched Mark's ring in preparation, being careful to avoid his hot spot.

Mark clenched his cheeks, trapping Tom's fingers inside. His breathing was raggedy and his dick was stiffening once more.

"Holy fuck." It felt like Tom's fingers were trapped in a vice. "Gotta relax, man."

"I need it... Tom, please!"

"Let my fingers go and I'll give it you just the way you want it."

Reluctantly Mark relaxed, allowing Tom to remove his fingers but before Mark got too relaxed, Tom replaced them with something much more substantial. He gave Mark a moment to adjust to his size before he started a smooth in and out motion, knowing exactly where Mark's prostate was by feel and carefully avoiding it with his thrusts.

Mark writhed, trying to get Tom to hit it, but expertly, Tom avoided it.

"I told you I was going to make you feel so good, you wouldn't know if you had or if you were about to, remember?" Tom gripped Mark's dick in his one free hand.

When he began jacking him again, Mark began thrashing on the bed. Nothing, in all the time he'd been with James, Sara, Michelle, or anyone else for that matter, was even close to feeling as good as how Tom was making him feel.

"That's it, Marky-Mark... ride with it." Tom alternated between deep probing thrusts and ones that felt like he wasn't even moving. Mark's hips popped off the bed with each deep one and remained stationary with the others, yet Tom still wasn't hitting that spot. The thought of what it might feel like if Tom did decide to ram him was bringing him to the edge again.

"I want you to fuck me like there's no tomorrow." Mark's yelps and pleas were close to bringing Tom off as well., but he wanted to bring Mark over at the same time.

"No tomorrow?" Tom gasped, trickles of sweat running down the sides of his face. "That's right... there is no tomorrow. I am the future... and... the... future... is... now!" He slammed inside Mark's ass with his final words, hitting his pleasure center dead on.

"Ahhhhh...." Mark's cock exploded again, his whole body tensing with each spurt, then relaxing. This was enough to set Tom off and he coated Mark's inside with his own sperm.

Tom pulled out and collapsed beside his spent lover.

"Not bad for a pretend boyfriend, eh?" Tom twirled a lock of his hair around his finger and used it to pull Mark in for a kiss.

They kissed for several minutes, Mark being the reluctant one to break. He was really afraid that he'd never get another chance for something like this and was determined to make it last as long as possible. They fell asleep, cradled in each other's arms, both completely exhausted.


I wonder if Matt noticed that Tom was wearing a different shirt when he came home the next day. Remind me to ask him sometime.