Bella Swan is a happy girl with a nice life until the sudden death of Edward Cullen it was 6 months ago Edward was fighting a new vampire of the name of JEROME. Jerome was to powerfull for Edward with one hit Edward was brutally killed .
6 months later everyone was really sad about the death of Edward. The school bell rang and everyone was going home Bella was walking all the way back home Jacob was catching up to her "Hey wat's wrong Bella?" ,asked Jacob "The usual",
says Bella. "Bella I'm gonna help you",says Jacob "What?", asked Bella "If you want Edward back to life you'll have to go to the future",says has a strange look on her face. THREE DAYS LATER... Bella goes into Jacob's house and goes upstairs into Jacobs room and she sees Jacob making a symbol to the future the symbol is a circle with an X on it. "Bella come into the symbol with me",says Jacob.
She goes into the symbol with Jacob. Jacob says a few words "Aflueastest continuastist!".
A big yellow liht appears in a shape of the symbol the light raises up into the sky and they both star flying in the air. A couple of seconds later they land down onto the ground and they get up of the floor. The future is a horrible place the sky is red half of the building and houses colapse on to the floor the veichles are blowing up in gian flames and a woman is screaming in terror. "Wow so this is the future",says Jacob sarcasticly.