Title: A Small Price to Pay

Rating: G
Genre: General
Pairings or Characters: Haruhi-centric, Host Club
Warnings: Fluff

Word Count: 496

Summary: Haruhi secretly thinks of herself as the 'mom', regardless of what Tamaki says.

Small Price to Pay

"Haruhi! Beloved daughter, keeper of my soul, owner of my heart! Via the words of a little bird sweetly singing, I heard tell of a confection most wondrous--"

Haruhi turned and faced Tamaki with a platter in her hands. Selecting a cookie at random, she shoved it into his mouth, neatly cutting off his chatter. "Yes, you may have one, Tamaki-sempai."

The King of the Hosts smiled around the gingersnap and chewed away happily. Haruhi rolled her eyes. That was the first one. Her senses tingled – months of exposure to the rampant insanity within the Host Club had heightened her senses to a level they had never before been. It was due to this that she didn't so much as flinch when two identical redheads suddenly attached themselves to her arms, whining at a deafening level. "Haruhiiiiii! Why did you hand-feed the boss and not us? That's not fair!"

"Here." Haruhi pulled two small gift-wrapped bags from her pocket. She had selected these gingersnaps personally, and wrapped them up to give them a sense of being more special when in fact they were the same as the ones on the plate. The wrapping however, would appease the twins much more quickly than anything else.

Hikaru grinned as he accepted the bag, nuzzling the petite brunette as he did. "Gee, hand-wrapped gift cookies from Haruhi!" He turned and winked at Tamaki, but was obviously disgruntled by the fact that Tamaki was still blissfully gnawing away at the cookie Haruhi had personally placed upon his lips. Kaoru nuzzled Haruhi from the other side before taking his own bag and digging in with equal enthusiasm. She slid out from between them and continued on to the next person.

Honey-sempai was enthralled by the drawing of a bunny in pink frosting on his, and Mori was happy to select a smaller cookie – Haruhi knew he did not like to indulge in sweets, and would not have taken one of the large ones. Kyouya's was given to him wrapped in wax paper to prevent oils or grease from marking his hands and causing him to smudge his laptop. When everyone had been served, she set the platter down and surveyed the room.

It was such a small thing, but they seemed to appreciate her homemade treats on the rare times she brought them. She wasn't one often given to flights of fancy or daydreaming, but she imagined this was what being a parent felt like, and she had to admit, it felt good to take care of her boys in the small ways that she could, knowing they appreciated such tokens because they came from her. They were wealthy beyond her wildest imagination, yet they chose to bring her into their fold and kept her there, safe and protected.

Returning that devotion in the form of small indulgences tailored to their little whims and preferences was a small price to pay in return.


This is my first attempt at writing Ouran ficcage, so feedback is greatly appreciated. ;D