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This is the Life

Mystery Person's POV

My eyes opened up to a beautiful Saturday morning. I knew by the rays of sunlight peaking through the window curtains that it had to be at least around nine in the morning. I took a quick glance at the digital clock on the night table beside the bed and it confirmed my assumptions as it read 9:13 AM. I debated if I should get out of bed now or try and go back to sleep since I had nothing important to do until late this evening. It was then that I felt a strong pair of arms grab me from behind and pull me into a well developed chest, telling me that my husband was now awake as well. As hard as I tried I couldn't stop the light giggle that escaped my mouth when he started nibbling lightly on my ear. He then brought his lips close to my ear making goose bumps appear on my body.

"Want to finish were we left off?" he whispered while his hands started caressing my stomach.

So far it seems fate wants me to stay in bed and who am I to argue with it. I turned around in my husband's arms and allowed my own to rub against his chiseled chest. I looked into his eyes and saw the affection and desire in them and knew there was no way I was getting out of bed now.

I was surprised that not that much time has passed since my husband and I had finally gotten out of bed. It was a little past noon and we decided it would be best to get some fresh air and stroll around town before we went to work this evening. I checked myself over in a full body mirror in the room to make sure I looked good. I admit I am a little vain when it comes to how I look, but I knew I was an attractive woman and I wanted to stay that way especially for my husband. I stared at my reflection and saw a woman in her prime with brown hair that just reached her shoulders and blue eyes that held wisdom and experience in them. My body was also petite but still had some muscle to it showing the results from years of training. My skin was a creamy color that was smooth all over with no bumps or pimples. I was five foot ten so my legs definitely had some length to them, my manicured fingernails where attached to my delicate yet sturdy hands and arms and well my breasts kind of spoke for themselves.

I smiled as I continued to gaze at my reflection. I was never one to hide what I had and today was no exception. I had decided to wear tight dark blue khaki pants that showed off my curves, a black tube top that hugged my breasts together perfectly, a dark blue blazer to match my pants, a blue choker around my neck to cover up the love mark that was on it, and black boots with a stiletto heal. I also applied some dark blue eye shadow, light pink blush, and blue lipstick on my face. I was defiantly ready to go out now and make my husband jealous. It was just so much fun watching the jealousy and anger flash in his eyes when other men stared or ogled me. Yet it also made me feel special when he becomes possessive of me in front of other men. Of course I know not to get too carried away with the jealousy game because than he'd probably start beating the crap out any man that looks at me.

"Ya ready yet?" I heard him ask in an irritated voice from behind me, letting me know he was getting impatient.

"Beauty can't be rushed," I told him to which I heard him make a snort at.

I responded by rolling my eyes, but then I let a smirk play on my lips.

"Besides there's one more thing I want to do before we leave," I announced, turning myself to face him

I walked toward him and wrapped my arms around his neck before leaning up to kiss him on the lips. His arms went around my waist bringing me closer to him. Every time we kissed it felt wonderful, but at the same time it was still unfamiliar. I thought it strange that our kisses still felt this way even after ten years of marriage, but then again I'm not really complaining. We ended the kiss, and smiles were on both of our faces.

"You do realize if we never leave this room it's your fault," stated my husband with his smile turning into a smirk.

"Then, let's go," I replied after I gave him a quick kiss.

We let go of each other and headed out of our hotel room into the streets of Somers, Westchester County.

Mystery Person's Husband's POV

After we had lunch my wife suggested that we visit the landmarks of the town. I told her that I didn't really see the point in doing that since we weren't staying here long, but she countered by saying that was the exact reason why we should see them. I had to give it to her, she is a very persistent woman and that's one of the things I like about her.

The first place we went was to visit the Gerard Crane House because that was the first thing my wife wanted to see. The building was definitely a great architectural thing to look at inside and out. I understood why my wife wanted to come here since she enjoyed and marveled the finer things in life. I bet this place kind of reminded her of the kind of setting she grew up in. Heck, the estate that it was on even reminded me of the one I used to live in during my adolescent years. Unfortunately with that thought other memories from my teenage years came that I definitely don't want to remember right now. When she suggested that we leave, I knew she found out that being here for me caused some of my memories to surface.

Once we left the place, we headed straight for the Elephant Hotel, which was the Somers Town Hall and an actual National Historic Landmark. It was another well built establishment though that wasn't a surprise since the same person who built the Gerard Crane House built this building too. The only downside about coming here was that more people where here as well. I was not someone who enjoyed crowds or being around too many people. When circumstances force me to work in teams, which happened a lot in our line of work, I didn't like it that much unless my wife was a part of the team too. Of course the fact that men were starring at my wife like a shiny new trophy added on to the lack of enjoyment. I wasn't a fool not by a long shot. I knew my wife was a very attractive and desirable woman and that she loved to show it. I also knew that she did this to make me jealous, but that didn't stop how I felt about men looking at her and that didn't stop them from looking either. When I caught a snide sex statement coming from a man several feet away who had been gazing at her with desire for a while now, that had done it for me. I really wanted to punch him to the point that he won't be able to see out of his eyes ever again, but I had to restrain myself so I won't raise any attention. I immediately told her it was time to leave this place and when she asked why I didn't answer and I was grateful that this was one of the times she didn't press me for an answer.

Lasdon Park was the last place we went and it was definitely better than the sites we had already visited. We went to the Azalea and Chinese Friendship Pavilion and Cultural garden admiring the beauty and feel of only being in an exquisite garden can give you. We walked through the Famous and Historic Tree Trail reading a lot about various famous events in history. This led us to go to the Westchester County Veterans Museum where my wife couldn't resist making a teasing comment that I should've been in a veteran's museum, but I knew that was very true. The most time we spent in the park was at the arboretum. Words couldn't describe how being in a place like this made me feel. I enjoyed being in nature much more than in civilization. Nature gives me the peace that I could never get from society. I have no doubt that me practically growing up in and around nature has to do with it. Being here was the closest I've been in touch with nature for a long time and I planned on savoring every minute of it.

My wife and I returned to our hotel room around eight in the evening, leaving us two hours to spare before we had to leave to carry out our mission tonight. With that being the case I wasted no time in pushing my wife down on the bed and ripping her clothes off.

We had just made love to each other and as usual it was pure bliss. This only confirmed to me what I already knew, that she was truly the one for me. No other woman in my life comes even close to her and what she makes me feel. With others I had doubts about being with them because of the dangers that come with me, but not with her. My wife was a strong, brilliant, and resilient woman who could and knew how to handle the constant tragedy of life.

I was currently lying on the bed with my wife securely embraced in my arms as she buried herself into my chest.

"You know, going around town wasn't as bad as I thought it would be," I told her, making her look up at me with a sly smile on her lips.

"I'm glad I was able to change your mind about it then," was her reply to which I quickly caught the real meaning to her words.

"Me too," I muttered softly before leaning down to give her a passionate kiss.

During the middle of our kiss we heard loud beeping from the devices on our wrist and we knew right away what that meant. As soon as we heard the sound we broke off the kiss and shut off the alarm on the devices.

"Time for us to go for work," I said halfheartedly, not completely looking forward to do this particular assignment.

"Indeed it is," she replied with the same lack of enthusiasm, telling me she wasn't favoring this mission either.

Mystery Person's POV

My husband and I arrived in North Salem on his motorcycle at midnight just as we were supposed to. Our destination was only a half a mile away so he stopped the motorcycle here and for the rest of the way we traveled by foot. While we were heading to the place, I couldn't help but take side glances at my husband. Looking at his face told me that he was in work mode and I'm sure my face looked just as focused and ready the same way as his. That's the attitude we had to have when we're doing our jobs, strictly business and nothing else. We were now comrades and no longer husband and wife and we never ever mix the two together. Our bosses and others we worked with always reminded us to do that and never let any fusion happen.

I'm sure some people would tell me that no job is more important than marriage and I would agree with them. But I also understand that what we do is too critical and risky for marriage to get in the way so I accept that I can only act like a wife towards my husband outside of work and not in it. Besides considering what we do it's lucky that they even allowed us to get married and being a wife sometimes is better that never being one at all.

It took only ten minutes for us to finally reach our destination and by now we were both dead serious and focused on our goal.

"Remember we get in, do what we need to do, and get out," he muttered in a firm low voice.

I nodded my head telling him I got the message then we both easily got over the wall and moved swiftly and quietly on the grounds of the Xavier Institute.

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