Life's Misconstruction

Jean's POV

I wasn't able to sleep tonight. I just couldn't get my mind off of what happened three years ago from today. The guilt was eating away at me and no matter how much Scott tried to hide it; I knew it was starting to get to him now too. We were part of the reason why they left and now we couldn't find them anywhere. When Cerebro couldn't find them, I begged Hank to improve it in hopes that we would find them easier with a more updated system. I had to have used Cerebra more than five hundred times since it's been built to try and find them, but Cerebra hadn't been able to track them at all. I even attempted to use it to try and communicate telepathically with them, but that didn't work either. This had to mean that either they really didn't want to be found or someone else didn't want us to find them. Frankly, I didn't favor both scenarios. If anything happened to them it would be mostly our fault and my instincts were telling me that something in fact had happened to them. The problem was that I don't know if it was a good or bad thing.

"I just have to try again," I thought to myself with determination as I carefully untangled myself from Scott's arms, got out of bed, and quickly got dressed.

"You're going to try to find them again aren't you?" I heard Scott ask just as I placed my hand on the doorknob.

"Are you coming?" I asked him back tightening my grip on the knob, preparing to open it.

"Jean, we've been searching…"

"Are you coming or not?" I immediately interrupted him, not wanting to hear what he was about to say.

I heard a sigh of defeat come from him, letting me know he was coming with me

"Let me get dressed," he stated before he to get out of bed and put his cloths back on.

I should've known Scott wouldn't let the conversation go for long. By the time we reached the Cerebra Chamber, we were back to arguing about what happened.

"Jean, they chose to leave on their own," replied Scott as he put in the code to open the door.

"No, she left because of us and he chose to go after her because we didn't," I retorted before the door was opened.


"And now both of them are missing and we can't find them anywhere," I heatedly continued, walking into the room.

"I understand what you're saying, believe me I do, but we had to be rational about this. We can't jump to conclusions," Scott tried to reason while we walked on the pathway to Cerebra.

"Scott, they have been missing for three years and not once had they made contact with anybody! …I just know something's wrong," I told him after I sat down and grabbed the helmet in my hands.

"Maybe you're…"

Hearing loud swishing sounds from behind us, made us temporary forget our discussion.

"What was that?' I asked, quickly turning around to face Scott.

"The doors," answered Scott.

"But they can't open unless someone puts in a code or…"

"Unless they are already inside," Scott finished with a serious expression on his face.

I too realized what this meant. Someone was in here and must have left when we were distracted. It couldn't have been the others because everyone else was asleep so that meant it had to have been an intruder.

"I'll try to head the person off. See if Cerebra can find out who it is and where they are," Scott instructed to me.

"Alright," I replied as he left the room and I put on the helmet.

I started Cerebra and began searching for the intruder in the mansion. I was surprised when Cerebra detected two mutants instead of one. I was also able to sense that one of them was a telepath, which probably explained why they were in here in the first place. When I knew where they were headed I was about to tell Scott until an image of the two mutants was shown to me.

"I…I don't believe it! It's them! They're…they're actually here!" I thought flabbergasted realizing that it was really them who were just here in this room.


"Jean, what is it?"

"Scott…it's them."

"You don't mean…"

"I do."

"Where are they?"

"They're heading for the Morlock Tunnels."

"Meet me outside and try to cut them off."

"I'm on my way."

Once I finished talking with Scott I immediately took off the helmet and rushed to the hyperlift.

Scott's POV

I had been running through the tunnels for a while now hoping to catch up to them soon. When I exited the tunnels, I was able to catch a glimpse of them dashing through the forest area. I was doing my best to avoid bumping into the various trees as I continued my pursuit. I needed to slow them down, so when I spotted them again I quickly lifted up my glasses and shot a beam at a few trees. I had knocked down trees to block their path, but as expected that didn't stop them for long. They literally broke and tore the trees that were in their way and moved on. Yet it still slowed them down enough for me to close the distance so that I was about a hundred feet away from them. I was about to shoot another optic blast, however they were suddenly brought down forcefully to the ground. Once I reached them it was then I saw Jean who was using her powers to restrain them in order to keep them from escaping.

Seeing the two at a closer range confirmed that it was really them. However my shock was quickly replaced with resentment. After all this time they show up out of nowhere in the middle of the night and were clearly planned on leaving without anyone knowing. If Jean and I didn't come down when we did, nobody would've known that they had been here. That thought alone made my anger grow. Sure I expected them to try and avoid us but not the whole team. I glared at them both as I fully faced them. I wanted answers and I was going to get them now.

"Alright, I want to know where the hell you two have been all this time!" I yelled at them, but they remained silent and returned the intense glare back at me.

Yet Jean gave me a disproval look before she faced them and decided to try talking to them.

"Please, we just want to…" was all Jean had said before she was harshly knocked down to the ground from a psychic attack, making her lose her hold on the two.

"Jean!" I cried out, rushing to her after seeing what happened.

But before I could reach her, a hard kick was sent to my abdomen. That kick pushed me even further away from Jean than I already was. Yet my attacker didn't stop there. He started throwing swift precise punches and kicks at me that I was barely able to evade. His assault became more vigorous and powerful to prevent me from taking any chance to go on the offense so all I could do was block and defend myself. Unfortunately even going on the defensive wasn't enough as he managed to swiftly grab my arm and pulled me close enough to him to send a painful blow to the back of my neck. A painful grunt came from my mouth from the hit as I fell down on the ground. I was doing my best to fight unconsciousness and attempted to get back up, but my attacker hit me hard on my back, bringing me down once more.

This time I knew I wouldn't be able to stay awake as that hit was too much. In my last moments of consciousness, my eyes landed on Jean, who was already knocked out. I whispered her name before my eyes went to the one who attacked me and saw remorse flash in his eyes just as my world went black.

Mystery Husband's POV

It was around three in the morning by the time my wife and I had returned to our hotel room. The only thing I wanted to do right now was rest, but I knew that would have to wait until later. Looking at my wife I could tell she wanted to rest as well, yet instead of lying down on the bed we started packing up all of our belongings. Once we were sure we had everything, we called headquarters to come pick us up and then we left the hotel for a final time to head to the meeting place. The ride back to H.Q. was silent, but tense at the same time. Both of us just couldn't relax at the thought of everything that had happened on our mission.

So many unanswered questions came to our minds along with the problem that we left behind, though I have to admit that it's my fault for the last part of that. Even now I still don't know why I stopped my partner from erasing their memories of our little visit. It would've been the smart thing to do; in fact it was something we were supposed to do if we ever got caught on a mission like that. However my instincts had been telling me that erasing their memories would be a very bad thing. It certainly confused me like hell that my instincts were telling me this and for the first time in my life I was thinking about ignoring them. But when I had took a good look at the two unconscious x-men a feeling of duty and protection washed over me so the thoughts of ignoring my instincts were thrown out right away.

When I had stopped my wife before she was going to erase their memories and told her not to do it, she had stared at me with disbelief and concern. In fact she was so surprised by this that she actually scanned my mind for any signs of manipulation for causing me to suggest that. I wanted to scoff at this yet I couldn't really blame her for doing that and secretly a small part of me had thought that someone had indeed messed with my mind. Nevertheless she couldn't find anything wrong and thus it had left her with a tough decision she had to make. I admit I felt guilty for putting her though that and when we got home I was planning on making it up to her.

We arrived at the facility and meet up with the person that sent us on this mission in the first place Dr. Robert Windsor. He was one of the top scientists here and was definitely one that enjoyed his work. However I try to avoid him as much as possible, something about being around him always made me edgy and my instincts kick into high gear. My spouse also felt uneasy around him as well, saying that there was something dangerous hidden in his mind. Unfortunately we couldn't avoid him this time and so when he greeted us we had to try harder to keep the displeasure from reaching our faces.

Mystery Wife's POV

After giving Dr. Windsor the status report on the first part of our mission, he quickly explained to us again what the important criteria for the rest of our assignment was. I felt so relieved once the meeting was over and we were out of that man's presence. I still couldn't shake off the negative vibes that came from and glancing at my husband he still felt it as well. Unfortunately there was nothing we could do about since he is one of our superiors and we wanted to avoid causing any unnecessary problems. After all we liked our jobs and wanted to keep them. Admittedly we didn't really need to do this type of work, with both of us deriving from wealthy families and our vast intellect and skills we could find another job in a heartbeat. Yet there was something holding us back from doing that. It was the trill plain and simple. There's just something about being on these missions that sends your adrenaline rushing and an excitement and craving for more. Getting the chances to explore different locations and the secrets hidden within them, meeting people that can either save or break you, learning something new about society every day, doing tasks that truly put all your mental and physical strengths to the test, that's what it's all been about to us. And even though this mission wasn't going to be one of favorites, I knew we will still want to do plenty more. It was just too addicting.

At last we were home and I couldn't wait to hit the bed. I was so grateful that we had a few days to get ourselves together before we had to proceed with the remainder of the mission. And boy did we need that time after what happened during the first half of this assignment. I was greatly worried for my husband since he was clearly affected by this the most. I still can't get over his sudden decision to leave the two x-men's memories intact. That had to be the first time I had let the wife in me take over during our missions. The professional part of me understood the danger and trouble we would get into for not erasing their memories and wanted to ignore what my partner was saying and follow the recommended regimen for this situation. However the wife in me deeply trusted my husband's judgment and believed he knew what he was doing. Both sides had been fighting inside of me and I had been at a loss of what to do for quite some time. Yet it only took one deep look into his pleading eyes to allow the wife to win and spare the two's memories. We had decided to keep that little incident a secret and not tell Windsor about it, but I have a feeling that somehow he knows what happened and it scares me to no end.

"You alright?" my husband asked me, bringing me out of my thoughts.

"I should be asking you the same thing," I responded, gazing at him in worry.

"The girls are awake," he simply stated, clearly trying to avoid the topic even though I could tell what he just said was true.

"They're probably waiting for us to tell them what happened," I said with a slight smirk on my face.

"Well, we are going to have to tell them eventually since they're teaming up with us for the next part of this," he muttered in displeasure.

The smirk on my lips immediately turned into a frown at the thought of our children being a part of this.

"I was hoping we could keep our daughters out of this one," I confessed to him.

"I know, but their smart, strong and can handle themselves," he assured me in a comforting tone.

"Just like their parents," I added humorously, making light smiles to show on both our faces.

"Come on let's go up and tell them and get it over with," I replied getting ready to go up the stairs until he suddenly pulled me in for a kiss.

Even in my tired state I responded eagerly and actively to the kiss. I felt his tongue begging for entrance and greatly accepted it into my mouth where my tongue quickly meant his. His hands had made their way to my thighs and started rubbing circular patterns around the area. A moan immediately came from my mouth when he took his lips from mine and started nibbling and sucking on my neck. He left my neck after a while and returned to my lips for another passionate kiss. He eventually broke off the kiss and started at me with affection.

"Umm….what was that for?" I asked in a slight daze from the pleasure that I was feeling.

"It's the first part of my apology. And if you can stay awake a little bit longer I can give you the rest of it when we get to our room," he softly explained in a suggestive way that made my body plead for more.

"In that case we better give the girls the cliff note version," I declared in a seductive manner, bringing a chuckle from my husband before we rapidly went upstairs.

Normal POV

All nine members of the x-men were assembled in the briefing room at four o'clock in the morning courtesy of Jean and Scott. Many of them however were not happy with being called in for a meeting this early in the morning, and were growing impatient when Jean or Scott had not said anything yet. The truth was both of them were anxious and nervous about telling the others what had happened, but neither knew how to start.

"So are we here to have a staring contest or something?" suddenly asked Bobby in a sarcastic way.

"Yeah, I mean you wake us all up early in the morning saying it was very important and so far we've been sitting here for at least five minutes in total silence," Kitty commented with some irritation in her tone.

"We're sorry; it's just that we're trying to figure out how to start," explained Jean in a very tired voice.

"All I know is that if something of great importance isn't said in the next ten seconds I'm going back to bed," Rogue proclaimed.

Seeing the aggravation and impatience growing in their teammates, Scott and Jean realized they had to start talking now.

"We had two intruders here last night," stated Scott, causing immediate uproars and alarm throughout the group.

"Guys settle down," Jean told them, making them start to calm down some.

"Do you know who they were and/or what they were doing here?" Hank asked them seriously.

Both Jean and Scott weren't ready to answer the first part of that question yet, so they settled for the later.

"We're not sure exactly what they were doing here, but they had been in the Cerebra Chamber so our guess is that they needed to find someone," continued Scott.

"If that's the case then one of them was a telepath right?" Forge replied.

"Yes," answered Jean with her head slightly lowered.

"So do you know who they were then?" questioned Ororo eagerly awaiting an answer.

This was the question that the both of them were trying to avoid and neither answered right away. They took brief glances at each other and silently agreed that the others needed to know.

"It was Logan and Emma," admitted Jean solemnly, making nothing but shocked expressions appear on everyone's faces.

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