There were so many times that I had regretted this. I had regretted not being careful enough with Scarlett. I had regretted giving up my scholarship. I had regretted staying with Scarlett, even though I knew she needed me.

My Dad had told me there's nothing more beautiful and touching than becoming a father. And still, I regretted it.


And now, looking at Scarlett's face, looking at her pain, I regretted it more than ever.

Then Scarlett's face relaxed and cries filled the room.

"You have a baby girl."

I didn't realize I was a father, until Scarlett handed me the baby. And as soon as I got my hands on her, I fell in love.

A pair of blue eyes looked up at me and I felt a tiny heartbeat beneath my palm. And I realized nothing could be so small, so tender, so beautiful.

I felt tears pricking my eyes as I promised myself I would never let anything hurt her.

If she ever broke her leg, I would be there, holding her hand in the ER.

If she ever had a bad dream, I would let her snuggle into me, even if it was 3 am and I had to work the next day.

If she ever had a broken heart… I didn't want to think of that. She was my baby girl; she didn't belong to some other guy. But I would be there to comfort her and beat that ass up.

I smiled as I traced her tiny face. Margaret Sarah O'Donnell.

My Dad was right. There was nothing more beautiful and touching than my own Maggie.

All my regrets were washed away.

A/N: Damn. I really wanted this to be a drabble, but since I crossed the line of 100 words, I guess it's an extremely short oneshot? Anyways. This is my first time writing something out of the HSM fandom and even though I spent a short time writing this, I liked doing something different. I based this story on Mike/Mark's touching speech in health class, which made me fall in love with him. I hope you enjoyed! Reviews make my day!

- lipstickdisaster

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