Ok guys this is the last and shortest chapter. Hope you enjoy!!!!

Edwards POV

Ugh! Alice was blocking me again! Stupid little telepathic pixie! Why did she have to be so annoying? It's always 'Let's go shopping!' or 'Can I decorate your room?' Stupid little... Ugh!

Ding Dong

What the hell?! We never got visitors.

"Edward! Get the door!" Me? Why me? It was always Carlisle or Esme that answered the door. I sighed as I got off the couch. I heard Alice giggle up stairs. What the hell was happening? I opened the door and almost choked when I saw who was standing there.

"Hi Edward" I was dreaming. I had to be dreaming.

"Bella?" Bella nodded. What was she doing here? Was the Volturi in the area? "What are you doing here?" Bella looked at her feet. She took in a deep breath and started talking.

"Edward after you left I realised there was only one guy that was right for me. You. I still love you Edward, I never stopped loving you. After you left I made myself believe that you got bored. But I could never stop loving you. When you came and told me you loved me that broke my heart. I couldn't hurt Felix but I loved you more. Then when you left Felix told me to go after you. And I did" I couldn't remember where my mouth was. She just told me she loved me!!! Bella stared at me for a second before she looked at her feet again. "Edward please say something" Come on Edward! Say something...Anything!

"Bella I don't know what to say. You told me two days ago you didn't love me. You didn't even trust me! And now you show up on my front step and say that you love me? I don't get it" Bella opened her mouth to speak but closed it quickly. She tried again.

"Edward I said that to hurt you. You broke my heart and then you show up saying you never stopped loving me. I didn't want to believe you" Bella looked like a half drowned cat. If she could cry she would be drowning in tears right about now. She did love me, it wasn't just a joke. Bella stared at her feet. I stepped forward and lifted her chin up. I looked her in the eye.

"Bella, I love you. I always have and I always will" Bella smiled.

"I love you too" I heard Jasper whisper urgently then Alice shouted.

"BLOODY HELL!!! KISS HER ALREADY!!!" Bella giggled. I grinned then pressed my lips to hers. Bella was mine forever now. And there was no way I was letting her go again.