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Summary: She was forced to be there. He was forced to follow orders. When Sakura gets captured by Akatsuki her life is put in danger. But what is she to them? Leverage. Sasuke denies any feelings for his ex-teammate but when her life is always on the line he does whatever he is told. When he doesn't follow orders she gets hurt. Will Sasuke break free of their grasp and what will happen to Sakura for his retaliation?

Rating M: mostly mature themes, Sakura is a prisoner here, so yeah. I have not decided yet if there will be any lime/lemon, there will probably some sensuality, but don't know if it will go the whole nine yards. but remember, i am not making akatsuki nice.

Genres: Adventure, Angst, Drama, suspense, tragedy, some possible humor, maybe some romance thrown in there of course, just about everything again.

Updates: Going for a chapter every one to two weeks depending on how my life cooperates with me. I am only writing chapter 2 right now so there will probably be no every other day updating, I just don't have the time anymore.

also there will probably be some questions asked about which akatsuki are alive and the setting. this is set after the fight between itachi and sasuke and after pein attacks konoha.

so let me do this know.

1. There was never a team that went after sasuke right before he was going to fight itachi. so no one in konoha knows about madara or anything else like that.

2. pein did attack konoha but he DIDN'T blow the place up. konoha is still standing, but they just suffered some losses and naruto did kill pein, so pein is dead.

3. akatsuki members that are alive. Kisame, Deidara (he is not dead, sasuke did not kill him in this fic), Zetsu, and Madara. i think those are the four i have left, plus sasuke now. if i forgot any member i will let you know.

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Chapter 1











The sounds of the dripping liquid reverberated around the enclosed area. The air was frigid as the short breaths of someone could be faintly seen and the cool stone did nothing to warm the place. There was a sliver of light coming from where the doorway looked to be at across the area. The darkness surrounded the rest of the room making the world seem small and faint.

Soon there was a sound of shifting that echoed around the room. The sound of cloth moving across the jagged stone floor and the sound of the metal shackles that clinked on the stone as the prisoner tried to maneuver into a more comfortable position than being draped over the cold stone face against the cool, sharp rocks that littered the floor.

There was a small oomph heard as the person had finally h gotten somewhat off the ground was leaning against the wall of the enclosed area. Their head pounded from a torrential headache, their body screamed with pain and with numbness as the tingling sensation was even more sensitive in the cool area. They leaned their head back in the deepest shadows of the room before the pain brought them back into the state of unconsciousness.

6 Months Previous.

The woman steered herself through the crowded streets with ease as though she had been familiar with the hustle and bustle of the streets as she moved through the throng of people. Eyes took in the people as they bought and sold things, as people moved in and out of stores, as the little ones played with others on the streets waiting for their mothers, it was the normal day in the market area of Konoha.

"Sakura-chan!" A loud voice called to her and instead of stopping like most people would have done she kept on moving through the crowds until the person caught up to her. "That wasn't nice Sakura-chan."

"Who ever said I was nice?" she countered teasingly back at the blond male.

"You used to be so nice and would stop and wait for me. Are you in a hurry today?"

"I am. Tsunade-shishou said she wanted to talk to me. Why, what did you need?"

"I wanted to see if you wanted to go get ramen with me."

"Naruto, too much ramen is bad for you. Remember last month when you were in the hospital because you ate too much ramen. Find something else to fit into your diet." she scolded him and all he did was pout at her. "But look, if I don't get a mission then I will go to ramen with you tomorrow. Maybe today you could ask Hinata." she pointed out moving around a small child that was playing in her walking path.

"Okay, then. Later Sakura-chan." the blond took off, running through the streets while trying to avoid the people milling about. Sakura could only shake her head and kept walking towards the Hokage's office.

As she walked she thought about the cerulean eyed boy. Once he had returned from training six months earlier he had forgone his crush on her and turned his vying attentions towards the Hyuuga heiress, Hinata. They had been dating for about a month and she couldn't be happier for him, at least he had found his happiness.

She climbed the outside stairs to get into the tower before walking around the enter into the office. Knocking twice on the door she let herself in to see her shishou not holding a bottle of sake or actually seeing one on the blonds desk. She walked until she was about two feet from the desk before standing quietly and looking at the woman who had just raised her blond head and honey colored eyes to her.

"Shishou, you called." Sakura said respectively.

"Hai, I did. I have a mission for you." she grabbed a slip of paper from her desk and handed it to the other woman. "Check these coordinates and record your findings. Make a collection of everything you find." Emerald colored eyes scanned the paper briefly. The coordinates were unfamiliar but within the Fire Country

"Shishou, what do you expect me to find at these coordinates?" honey eyes hardened into caramel looking ones.

"Rumors." the vague answer was enough for Sakura and also it was said with a warning in her voice to not press the issue.

"When do I leave?" she asked tucking the coordinates away.

"Immediately. I want the information as soon as possible."

"Hai shishou." bowing respectfully to her mentor she left the room and headed straight towards her house to pack her belongings to set off immediately.

Naruto intercepted her halfway to her house, saying that Hinata couldn't go to ramen and so he decided to find her again. She walked briskly making the boy actually trot at times to keep up with her determined. She didn't even slow when he started to whine at how fast she was going before he started his onslaught of questions.

"What did baa-chan want?" he asked trotting again to keep up with her.

"Mission." she replied shortly and curtly making her way into her house with the blond right behind her. She started mulling about her room gathering supplies when he again spoke.

"What kind of mission?"

"Solo." she said stuffing several maps into her bag.

"What kind of solo mission? Don't tell me you are going to go off and do something perverted!" he cried and she threw a shoe at him.

"Naruto!" she yelped at him. "No I am not doing anything perverted. It's just a recon mission.

"Oh, where?"

"It doesn't matter, but I need to get ready." she slipped several vials and scrolls into her pack as well before grabbing her medical belt and strapping it onto her narrow hips.

"Tell me about it then." he said taking an unceremonious seat on her bed.

"I can't. It's confidential." She said slinging her bag onto her back.

Though her shishou hadn't said it was confidential she had the impression that no one was really supposed to know about the mission. On the outside she seemed unfazed by such a mission but on the inside something was bugging her about this mission. Usually recon missions weren't solo, or of this urgency. By the way her shishou told her the rumors it was clear that something was wrong and she would be the one to find it out.

Pushing Naruto out of the house she left it as well walking just as briskly towards the gates leading out of Konoha. She was about to step out of the gates and onto the dusty path when a hand caught her wrist and made her halt. She turned around to see the boy that had become her friend and her brother in a sense.
"what is the mission Sakura." he never just said Sakura unless it was important. She gave a weak smile.

"Confidential, but I'll be back. Don't worry." she tugged her hand free and headed towards the coordinates.

She jumped from tree to tree with stealth and agility. She loved the rush of the wind through her hair and the adrenaline running through her veins as the prospect of propelling herself forwards through the thick trees and branches. From time to time she wished for a break but knew the mission was too important to just stop and take a break.

Two days later she saw a tea house and finally decided to give herself a well deserved break. She sat in the corner and only ordered green tea. Letting the waitress walk away she pulled a map from her pack. She looked over the map and at the coordinates. If she took a break tonight she would reach her destination by tomorrow afternoon.

When her tea arrived she drank it slowly, savoring the taste of it after along day of jerky and nuts. She tried to think of what exactly could be at the end of her journey when two men talking grabbed her attention by what they seemed to be talking about. They were quiet and tried to be secretive about it but she heard what they were talking about.

"Is the haze still there?" one of the men asked.

"Hai. It's disappeared slightly but you can still see it.

"Isn't it coming from the hideout or shrine that's out in that direction?"

"Hai. I went and took a look the other day. I didn't dare go in though. They say it's been cursed since the massacre." the word massacre caught Sakura's attentions and she listened closer.

"You mean the Uch-"

"Don't! Don't say that name out loud. It's a cursed name now. No one dares to speak it out in this part of the country." The man hissed out at the man and it made her even more curious. Was the man going to say Uchiha? Because that was what it sounded like to her.

"You know what happened, don't ya?" one of them asked quietly.

"Hai. It was two weeks ago. I was sitting selling my usual when three people come walking through from the north, looked like those ninjas. I heard 'em mumbling something about their leader being gone or something." Sakura's ears were perked to hear the rest of the conversation. "One of them had this huge sword strapped to his back, while the female was bickering and complaining from what I heard, and the last one just walked next to them. Odd bunch I got to say. I never saw such a group of them. Looked like rogue or somethin'."

"The north, then they must've come from the hideout." the man whispered urgently. "Do ya know what might of happened?"

"Fight probably." the man leaned back slightly. "I assume both men died, by all that smoke.

Glancing down at her map she found the town she was at before heading north straight into the coordinates that Tsunade-shishou had given her. She was startled. So something had happened there that the people in the surrounding villages knew about. Standing up she stuffed the maps into her pack, scuttled a few coins on the table before exiting and making her way north, determined to find the hideout the men had talked about.

Perching herself in a tree she could make out the haze that was surrounding parts of the forest and she guessed that was her destination, but what would really be left after two weeks? She would just have to make the best of it, or else Tsunade would have her hide for it. Picking up her pace again she soon saw the outline of what she was looking for.

In all her years she wouldn't have expected that she would end up standing before this building. She had heard that clan's had other hideouts to say the least that they took pride in and often gathered at, but this was way over doing it. The building was larger than most buildings in Konoha, though it still stood majestically for all those that saw it.

It was a stone structure, worn with the years it had been out in the weather. She could easily pick out the cracks that had made themselves at home in the stone. From where she was standing it looked like part of the roof had collapsed, but what drew her attention the most was the insignia above the large entryway. There were prominent cracks and the paint was chipped only showing the dull colors of what it used to be like. But the symbol was still in glory. The Uchiha Fan, still showing, mighty and proud.

Taking a step forward she almost felt like a trespasser but it was her mission to find out what had happened in this place though she already had a good idea of what had gone on there. Walking through the entryway she saw the offshoots of several other hallways but she remained on the larger hallway that lead down into the building. Within a few minutes she came to a broken double doorway. Stepping past the wood, she entered into a large hallway that was partially covered in ruble and debris.

She could only imagine that whatever battle had been fought here moved up to the room seeing as there were shuriken and burn marks littering parts of the walls of the inside room. Placing on gloves she gently removed two shuriken from the walls and placed them inside a bag inside her pack before she made her way up to the rooftop to discover the damage that had been done up there.

Scouring the topside of the building she looked around at the floor. There was blood, burn marks, and rubble covering almost every foot of the top of the building. She could see a set of footprints marked with blood walking towards an alabaster stone wall no more than five feet wide. Following the grotesque set of footprints she passed more rubble before coming to see a larger pool of dried blood that sent her stomach reeling. She may have been a kunoichi and had seen her fair share of death but this was brutal and she was gladly thanking kami that there was no body for her to see.

Dropping her back on clean stone she began to pull out several scrolls and vials with q-tips in them and began to gather what she came there for, evidence, and it was everywhere. She collected samples of the dried blood from the ground and from the wall. Ash from the charred areas and some white, flaky almost scaly particles.

After about an hour of collecting and documenting was she had seen and what had happened she packed her bag back up and made her way back down to the first floor before walking the walk out of the long hallway to exit the forbidden and desolate building. After walking several yards away from it she looked back. Looking back at the place where she was sure that the Uchiha had met their demise and she wondered if any Uchiha were left alive.

Withing two days she was again standing before her mentor and reporting on her findings placing the contents she had collected on the desk her mentor sat at. She was done placing the contents of her bag on the table when she began to ask her shishou about what she knew.
"Shishou, did you know what was at those coordinates?" Sakura asked uncertainly and her shishou looked her right in the eye.

"I had heard rumors and I wanted proof." Her mentors amber eyes scanned the contents on her desk. "You have done enough Sakura good job." that was the last thing her mentor said to her.

Three days later she was again standing before her shishou. The amber haired woman had a mean glare in her eyes but her mouth was set softly. Sakura knew the woman was about to tell her something of importance and a part of her knew that it probably wasn't going to be good.

"I have tested the results Sakura, and indeed it was the Uchiha brothers. I wanted to tell you before I told Naruto." Tsunade had said almost sadly and Sakura cocked her head.

"What is it shishou?" Sakura questioned inquisitively.

"I am suspending any more searches for Sasuke. I can not yet determine if he is alive yet but I won't have useful shinobi chasing after a possible ghost." Sakura nodded, her already white face whiter than before.

"Of course shishou." Sakura managed to get out, feeling a pang of grief in her chest. Somewhere in her chest cavity she still held onto some feelings towards the youngest Uchiha. With head still held high she exited the room leaving her shishou, already reaching for a sake bottle to drown out her headache.

Consciousness soon entered into the person's mind bringing them back from the state of inner darkness that had enveloped them. An unwilling groan escaped the person's mouth as they began to feel their injuries make themselves known on their body. The pain and throbbing were shooting aches of pain through their body.

Eyes slowly opened but the darkness covered the color though when the person shifted the small amount of light from underneath the doorway made them glint a dark green color, when they moved their head. The person shifted their head and they could start to feel the matting and tangling of their hair as they leaned it back against the scraggly wall behind them.

Shifting their position to try and become more comfortable, as least as much as they could seeing their situation. They could feel the weight of their body and the chains that bound their wrists and ankles. Thankfully for the person, they were able to maneuver enough to get their legs into a cross legged position, with their hands hanging limp in their lap. They limply laid their head back against the stone wall arching their neck into an uncomfortable position, and the person seemingly willed themselves back into a darkened stupor.

Four Months Previous.

The white washed halls of the hospital were almost too familiar to the medic as she walked down the white tiled floor heading towards a room where a patient near to her was at. Sliding the wanted door open she entered two see the two familiar people in there, one asleep while the other was watching over the other. She made her way towards the chair where one of them sat by the other's side and recalled being in the same situation as a twelve year old girl infatuated with a boy who would never acknowledge her.

The medic placed a hand on the violet haired girl's shoulder, making pale eyes look up at her with expectancy written in her eyes.

"He's going to be fine. All he needs to do is rest and he deserves it after what he did to save the village." the other girl didn't make a sound.

"It's been over a week, the Kyuubi should be helping him." the violet haired woman whispered looking back at her fiance of only one month. She looked down at the pair with sympathy. It was a price they ahd to pay for Naruto defeating the leader of Akatsuki and helping the village survive.

"Get better, Naruto." she whispered before leaving the room.

She made her way towards her home, thinking and knowing she deserved a good hot shower for all the work she had been putting in the last few weeks, trying to help Konoha get back on its feet after the Akatsuki had attacked the village. Luckily the damage wasn't too bad and the death toll was minimal, but the village was still in the aftershock of everything.

Entering her house she walked up to her room and once the door was closed she began to shed her clothes before stepping into the shower to relax and have the water take away her stress and tension. She let the water run down her body and when her pink tresses started to grip her skin she soon found the shampoo to lather her hair and getting it clean before she washed the suds out of her hair, and finished the shower by just standing there letting the water continue to run over her.

After turning off the water and stepping out she began to hear noises in the kitchen and knowing it was her mother she quickly donned a red sleeveless shirt and black shorts. Drying her hair and sticking it up into a wet bun she hurried downstairs to greet her mother in the kitchen where her mother was currently starting to make their dinner.

Her mother turned around to see her daughter and Sakura instantly saw the paleness in her mother's face that hadn't been there before.

"Mom are you okay?" She asked walking into the kitchen.

"Of course, honey. I'm just fine." and Sakura let it go and starting helping her mother start cutting the vegetables that would be apart of their dinner

Two weeks later.

Walking through the front door of the house she expected to be met with a cool blast of air instead of the warm air she was hit with. The place was also dark and empty. No signs of someone living there. Going up to her room she turned the AC on and put her mission pack on the floor before flopping onto her bed wanting to just sleep, but that was before she heard the knock on the door.

Scrambling off the bed and down the stairs she opened the door to reveal the familiar face of Izumo.

"Izumo, what are you doing here?" she asked puzzled.

"Sakura, you need to get to the hospital." she was about to protest when he finished. "It's your mother." and she was gone leaving Izumo to close her door before following her to the hospital.

Bursting through the hospital doors she was immediately directed to her mother's room. She was about the slide the door open when it was done for her someone stepping out of the room making her step back to let them step out. It was Tsunade. She tried to move past her mentor but the older woman stopped her. Green eyes looked up expectantly into her mentor's amber ones.

"Shishou?" she asked hushed. Tsunade shook her head causing her twin down ponytails to swish.

"I'm sorry, Sakura. Your mother just passed away."

"What? Why?" she rushed out.

"She had a disease. It affected her internal organs and though we tried to stabilize it was just too far along..." she didn't finish the sentence.

Footsteps could be heard coming down the hallway the steady beat of footfalls made the approaching person known. But the prisoner didn't pay attention to the footsteps that were approaching. But they were coming closer.

Days Previous

She cursed when she heard her shishou's words repeat over and over again that the mission would be easy to complete. There was a prominent family in near the northern border of the Fire Country that needed a medical ninja to help heal someone in the family. It was supposed to be an easy five day mission. Two to get there, a day there unless the injury was worse, and the two days back, nothing to strenuous or difficult.

But that wasn't what met her when she arrived at the town. It was practically a ghost town with only a few people wandering around the streets. Her emerald eyes had glazed over the town to see if there was any sign of a prominent family even in the area. Heading towards what looked like the busiest place in the town, which happened to be a bar she had gone in and asked about the family only to find out that there was no such family that lived in the town or surrounding area and immediately she knew it was a set up, the only question was who?

She had rushed out of the bar and had immediately started back towards Konoha trying to put space between her and the town but the few minutes she had of sprinting weren't enough and soon enough she felt the chakra that was now surrounding her on all sides and knew that there would be a confrontation she just hoped that she could get maybe find an area to hide in.

the chakras were becoming significantly closer and she felt the aura that seemed to surround her pursuers. They were dangerous and the only name that could really come to her mind as she tried to look for an escape was Akatsuki and the name seemed to pound in her mind telling her that it was them that were trying to catch her. But she dismissed the thought and again began to concentrate on finding a safe place to bunker down if she could.

Knowing that she wasn't going to escape the people that were trying to catch her, she spotted a tree with rotted roots and enough space for her smaller body to fit into and for once she blessed the gods that she wasn't as well blessed in areas that Ino and Hinata were blessed in. sliding sideways into the rotted area she hunkered down, grabbing sodden dirt and rubbing it in her pink tresses trying to drown the brilliant color of her hair down. If the men looked around they were sure to be drawn to the beacon she called hair.

Grabbing another handful she again began rubbing it into her hair. Noticing the signatures even closer than the last time she had felt them she began to hunker down more, laying almost flat on her stomach, and concealing her chakra. Feeling the sodden mud on her skin where her shirt had risen up slightly and she was relieved she had worn a darker shirt for this particular mission.

Hearing footsteps on the ground and on the trunks she closed her mouth forcing herself to breathe through her nose trying to calm her slightly ragged breath. Needing to gulp she forcefully swallowed it, feeling the tension in her throat. Upon hearing the voices of her pursuers she shut her eyes tightly not opening them anything.

"Where did the whelp go?" a man's voice came over.

"How the hell should I know." another voice snapped.

"look under the roots." another voice came across holding a sense of amusement in his voice. Her heart had to have stopped once she heard the man's voice come across revealing her position. Hearing the twigs of the forest snap under their weight she could hear them approaching.

"Well, well, what do we have here?" the first man's voice asked. "A little damsel in distress." fits of laughter broke out around her. She tried glancing up at who had caught her but the only thing she saw were shinobi sandals and then darkness.

Hearing the door rattle slightly against its hinges brought the prisoner back to the state of consciousness and slowly they turned their head towards the door and the sliver of light below it, showing there was light to this darkness. Hearing a key in the lock the person's body tensed and then the door slowly opened the hinges grinding and creaking as they were forced open, apparently not having been opened in quite some time. Then a person stood in the doorway casting his shadow over the light and though the person couldn't see the jailer's face they could almost swear the man was probably wearing a sadistic smirk.

"Welcome to the Akatsuki dungeons, Haruno Sakura."

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