Can't You See?

Chapter 1


I was almost there at the touch down but then ….



I woke up and found myself in the hospital. My father Carlisle was there. He himself was a doctor, but surprisingly he wasn't in his uniform.



"Aren't you supposed to be my doctor?"

Carlisle smiled and said "Well I'm not really on duty so I have Dr. Bella Swan to take care of you." He pointed at the door.

In waked the most beautiful person in the world. She was like an angel.


"Dr. Swan," I turned around to see Dr. Cullen approaching me. Surprisingly, not in his uniform.

" My son, he is on the team of the VCU Rams in college football. He broke his leg. Can you be his doctor?"

I was very surprised at that. He could of asked any other doctor but of course I said yes.

"Well, first he is in a black out now, so I guess we have to wait till he wakes up" said Dr. Cullen.

"I'll just be there in a few seconds. What is his room number?" I asked. I needed time. I just saw a patient, so I needed a break.

"250" he replied.

"Great, see you there."

Wow I was very surprised. I'm in my residency and I was being a doctor. The hospital though i was good enough to be a real doctor while still going to classes. I work in the ER. I love it here it is just so great. Everyone is so kind and great. Especially Dr. Cullen. Every time I'm on a shift, he's there watching me taking care of patients. I;m very surprised he trusts me to take care of his son.

When I got there I entered the room,

There lying in the bed was the most glorious man I have ever seen.


She looked so young. How in the world could she be my doctor?

"There you are, Bella." Said my father.


Oh my gosh, her voice was like one of an angel's

"Nice to meet you Edward." She said.

"Y-you to, Dr. Swan" I said

"Please, just call me Bella, we are probably the same age. There is no reason for respect."

"Alright then, can you fix my leg?"

After looking at it for a while, and taking a few x-rays, she said "I'm surprised you are football player, I expected you to be a doctor like you father."