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Any who CHAPTER 4 and the last one


Gosh, I was so freaked what am I going to do!

So any way I went ahead and did all the therapy junk(im not a doctor so I don't really know what they do) then he almost fell. I caught him before anything could possibly happen to his leg again. Then, he was so close to me. I could feel the heat off of both of our bodies, desperately wanting something. He came close to me as if wanting to kiss me. I agreed and ……


SHE KISSED ME! HAPPY DANCE! Ok, now I sound like one of those dumb cheerleaders on my team.

"Bella I… I know we have only known each other for like a day, and I know that you think that this is probably rushing but.." She attacked me, I could really feel the passion in this kiss. Damn this girl really got a hold of me.

" I don't care" Bella mumbled. "I love you!".

"I love you, too" I said. Then, we kissed.


After our tiny confession time filled with kissing, we went to the kitchen to get some food. There we say Alice and Jazz making out. Wow, this turned into like love day for everyone. I'm not kidding when I say everyone, Rose and Emmet come downstairs grinning like crazy. Obviously, they did something, too.

Then we all looked at each other. We started to get awkward, and then we laughed. Everyone was hugging each other. But I forgot to think of something before I thought of even kissing Edward. Edward's girlfriend, I think her name was Tanya. That's when I heard

"What the hell is going on here?!?".


Oh crap, I completely forgot that Tanya was still my girlfriend.

What am I going to do!?!

So, me being me introduced her to everyone.

Then Alice being very much unlike Alice went up and slapped her.


"Guess what, you fake blonde, Edward doesn't have feelings for you so get out!" said Alice. (Yes I know that she is strawberry blond, but there are no fake strawberry blondes that I have seen.).

Wow I was pretty shocked! Alice has never done that ever in her life before.

"But Eddie, I know you love me" said Tanya trying to be all seductive. But then Emmet being Emmet just picked her up and basically threw out of the door.

"Wow, you guys must really ate her." Said Rosalie

"Yeah, we do." Said Alice.

Yeah, so then Mom and Dad came home and it was a happy ending for all of us. But, especially for ME!!!



I know that was the most terrible ending of all times in this world but hey it's done, NOT!!


Everyone is getting married but me

Rose and Ali are making me feel worse by taking about their weddings all day long. Yes, I have gotten close enough to Edward to get him to marry me, but he just WON'T FREAKING ASK!!!!

Any who, right now we are getting ready for Ali and Jazz wedding. You know, I got to know Alice over the years ad she's a fashion freak! Her wedding is like yink (yellow and pink) galore! I mean there is yellow and pink all over the place! Heck, rose's dress is pink and mine is yellow! So yeah.

Kay so we did our speeches and all that gushy stuff. Then, Edward went up on stage and said

"Bella Swan, will you marry mw?"


That's my happy ending!

Was that terrible!?!

You like yink?

Yeah my cousin's wedding was yink it was actually really pretty