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The decision to kiss for the first time is the most crucial in any love story. It changes the relationship of two people much more strongly than even the final surrender; because this kiss already has within it that surrender.

Emil Ludwig

Crown Arcade ~ 3:45 PM ~ Wednesday

The tinkling sound of the bell on the doors signified the entrance of yet another person. Mamoru sighed to himself. Wondering why he returned to this bustling venue for the adolescence day after day, Mamoru took a sip of coffee before glancing over his shoulder to see whom had entered now. 'Her. Again. Damn.' He hadn't really needed to look over his shoulder to know who had entered the arcade because he'd felt the familiar surge of... something that he could not put a name to... as she entered. Like he always felt when she was near. He knew if he were entirely honest with himself that there were two reasons he came to the arcade everyday, neither one being the coffee. In fact both his reasons had something in common. They were both naturally blond- and in Japan that was saying something.

Reason number one, on a very long list of 'Why Does Mamoru...' tripped to a halt next to him, before clambering onto the stool beside him. "Ya know, Odango, you should really try wearing caution tape. As much as you trip down the street, it would be fair to give the pedestrians a warning that you're such an accident zone."

Immediately her face turned beet red. Mamoru smirked at his success. She was such a little hellion when she was arguing with him. If he was even more honest with himself, he'd admit that he enjoyed their arguments so much because it was one thing she never seemed to do with anyone else, at least not quite like she did with him. "Ugh! Shut it, Baka! I'm in too good a mood to let you ruin this day. I'm going to have Motoki-san bring me one of his delicious chocolate strawberry milkshakes, which are the most scrumptious thing in the world. And then I'm going to give him this declaration of love!" She held a worn and crinkled envelope up in her hand. Mamoru noted with disdain the little bunny careful carefully drawn and then surrounded by a heart.

His smirk became bitter. He listened to her rattle on about her future with Motoki and how they would have a million and a half kids and he would make her delicious food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. He had to cut her off. "Ha. You really think he likes you? Come on. You're a kid. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure you're special to him. Just like Unazuki." He stressed the last word, smiling triumphantly because he knew he'd hit a nerve as her rambling came to an abrupt halt.

She turned to look at him for the first time. Red faced anger gone. Tears brimming in her gentle blue orbs. "But, but, he-"

"He what? Has been waiting for this all along? Face it Odango, you're nothing but a kid to him. He's nineteen years old, and you're fourteen."

She set her chin with some resolve. "I'll be fifteen in three months."

Mamoru rolled his eyes. "Oh yes, that'll make all the difference. Especially in six months when Motoki turns twenty. Face it. You're too young to be anything more than a kid sister to him!"

"I- I- I-!" Something snapped in her. Her face took on a mischievous glint. As a dark look entered her eyes, Mamoru became afraid to see her next actions. "Older! I'll show you older!"

She leapt from her stool and went charging off toward the restroom. Mamoru was confused for a moment before yelling, "Odango, I didn't mean you should go stuff your bra!"

The arcade became instantly quiet, those who hadn't been paying attention to them before were avidly listening now. "Ugh!" She reached to the nearest table and grabbed a young boy's sundae. Mamoru was impressed when the ten year old brunette opened his mouth to protest, but one look at the wicked glint in Usagi's eyes kept him quiet.

"Odango what are-" Mamoru jumped to the side as the sundae dish went crashing into the wall behind the counter.

"Baka!" The door to the bathroom slammed closed before her final word finished echoing around the arcade.

Mamoru was stunned for a moment before turning to Motoki, "I'm surprised she has such good aim."

"You're paying for that."

"What the hell, Motoki? She threw it!"

"You started it."

"I did not."

"Yes, you did. You always start it. And don't try that 'Usagi came in' as another she started it argument."

"Some best friend you are."

"Yeah, some best friend who gives you free coffee everyday. Now, you can pay for the dish or you can start paying for coffee." Mamoru sighed in resignation. "Good. And why you're at it, you're buying that kid a new sundae." Mamoru opened his mouth in protest but Motoki's glare silenced him as he handed over the money. "Now why did she run off to the bathroom?"

In the Bathroom

Usagi opened the last of the stalls, triple checking that no one else was in the room, before rushing to the main entrance and locking it shut. Luna would kill her if she were to find out what Usagi was planning next. No reason to compound the trouble with something as silly and avoidable as a witness.

She stepped into the middle stall, and locked the door to be extra safe. She opened her subspace pocket, placed her book bag in, and pulled out the glittery pink pen with a large ruby on top. Casting a one final nervous glance around, she thrust the pen into the air, "Luna pen make me older so I can get a date with my future husband!"

She felt the familiar wash of magic run over her skin and flow into every pour. She had a strange sensation as her skin and muscles tightened and stretched, making her limbs longer and firmer, her breasts fuller, her hips wider. She felt her locks twist and grow, and reform her style. There was burning sensation in the middle of her forehead, as she felt the baby cheeks slim, and her lips become fuller.

Released from the magic, she took a moment to catch her breath. She noted with some glee that she was wearing a short red cocktail dress, with matching high heel red sandals and a small silver clutch purse in her left hand while the the Luna Pen remained in her right. She twirled for a moment feeling the way it flowed, and thats when she noticed her hair and screamed.

Almost instantly there was a knocking on the door as it rattled to be opened. "Usagi-chan are you alright?"

Usagi could hear the concern in his voice, and wondered if Mamoru's earlier statements were true, or if perhaps Motoki was concerned because he liked her. She thought for a moment about the way he ruffled her hair or gave her snacks to keep her from crying. 'No. I don't think I've been to rash. Motoki-san is gonna be mine!' "Usagi-chan is everything ok?"

"Yes, Motoki-san." She gasped and a hand flew to cover her mouth. 'Oh my goodness! I sound so old! I sound like Mama! Gray hair and this voice? The Luna Pen better have not made me like ninety.'

"Uh, Miss? Is Usagi-chan alright?"

Usagi panicked for a moment, 'Miss? Did I miss a witness?' She waited for the response, before she realized she even sounded different to Motoki! 'This is gonna rock! I am gonna have the best date ever! Aw shoot! But Usagi has to get out of here without the entire arcade having seen her leave...' And then the brilliant thought came to her. "She's fine, Motoki-san. She just left through the window. I'm sure I heard a muffled, 'I'm ok', from her. I'm almost finished in here, I'll make sure to unlock the door on my way out."

"Um, ok. If you're sure she's alright."

Taking a deep breath, she decided to see the damage before simply undoing the rest. After all, the Luna Pen had never failed her before, and the dress was just so cute...

She unlocked the stall and made her way to the full length mirror on the back of the main door. She looked up and gasped at the woman before her. She brought a delicate hand to cover her slackened jaw, and was almost startled when the delicate gray haired woman in the mirror did the same. She twirled for the mirror, trying her best to get a full view of the adult she would become. "Gosh! I'm pretty! But this gray hair- I bet that's Mamoru-baka's fault! Only he could make me go gray so young!"

Being extra careful, cautious and slow, not to trip in the heels, she unlocked the door, took a deep breath, and stepped out into the arcade.

Back At the Counter

" I refuse to take responsibility for Odango cause she was stupid enough to climb out a window. Further more-" He looked up from his cup of coffee and noticed Motoki's attention being drawn toward the bathroom doors once more. "Are you even-" Mamoru stopped as his gaze landed on the object of Motoki's attention. He felt a peculiarly familiar twinge of... something... but he pushed it aside and his mind ran rampant. 'It's her. How did I miss her coming in?' He gulped nervously as the creature from his dreams slowly glided towards him. 'It's her.' Mamoru stood from his stool, walking confidently to her, he stopped in front of her, smiling nervously, desperate to find a way to prove this was creature was finally more than a dream. " It's you." And before she could answer, he wrapped his arms around her and swooped down to kiss her fully on the lips, his left hand gently cupping her cheek in a soft caress, while his right arm kept a firm hold on her delicate waste keeping her locked in place.

Usagi was stunned. She had been ready to retort, "Of course its me, Baka." But before she could respond, before she could remember she wasn't quite herself, he'd kissed her. Mamoru- baka was in fact still kissing her. Her brain caught up with the pitter of her heart as it was swarmed with a rush of warm delicious emotions. Pushing her heart and emotions aside, she listened, for probably the first time in her young life, to her brain and she smacked him on the arm with the silver purse in her left hand while her right still tightly clutched the Luna Pen. He seemed to take no notice, and she found her self gasping in surprise as his tongue flitted across her bottom lip. The gasp left her mouth open and Mamoru's heart jumped at the invitation for more, and his tongue slipped into a tango.

At that precise moment Usagi's brain vacated her body, her heart began to race, and her eyes slid closed. Usagi shifted her head to the left to allow Mamoru better access. She melted into his touch and found her right hand releasing something to run through his silky ebony locks, while something slipped from her left hand while it played with the muscles of his lower back keeping her as close as possible.