The future is not something we enter. The future is something we create.


Usagi knocked on the door before letting herself in. "Mamo-chan?" She stepped through the foyer, and into the hall, "Mamo-chan?" She heard a noise from his bedroom, and so continued down the hall. She pushed on the door and it opened to reveal Mamoru in a white undershirt, dark blue boxers and black socks. He held a dark blue sweater in his left hand and a dark green sweater in his right. "Mamo-chan what are you doing?"

Mamoru looked up, seemingly startled to see his girlfriend standing in front of him. He was glad to see she was wearing the sweater and dress he'd picked out for her the first day they had lived together(since then he had repurchased his favorite outfits from their time together so that they fit the younger version of his girlfriend.) "You look really pretty."

Usagi grinned and twirled, "Thank you."

Mamoru looked lost again, "I'm not sure what to wear. I'm not sure this is even a good idea."

"Mamo-chan. We've been dating for two months, you have to meet my parents sometime. And since you put this," She held up her left hand and wiggled her ring finger, "On my hand last weekend, Mama insists that you meet her sooner instead of later."

"What about your father? What's he think?"

Usagi grimaced, "That's not important. What is, is that Mama wants to meet you. She's gone to big trouble to fix a special dinner, clean the house, and hide the shot gun shells-"

Mamoru's eyes bulged, "Hide the what?"

Usagi shook her head, "It's just Papa's scare tactic. But you don't have to worry, Mama hid everything! Just put on a sweater and some pants, be your charming self, and everything will be great."

Mamoru looked lost again, "I was trying to do that. But I don't know what they'd like. I think the green makes me look serious, but the blue makes me look respectable."

Usagi took the green sweater and headed towards his closet grabbing a few other articles he'd strewn across the floor, "I pick the blue. Now hurry up, we were supposed to leave when I got here."

Mamoru put the sweater on and went to his dresser to search for pants. "If I take back the promise ring, do I still have to go to dinner?" Usagi stepped from the closet to glare at him. "Not that I want it back! I want you to have it! I'm proud to show the world I love you! I'd love to give you more! When you're older it'll be an engagement ring! Not that you're young! I mean you are young but- but- but- And besides we're going to get married, I swea-"

Usagi held up her hand, her glare fading into a smile, "Fine. I get your point. But no. No matter what you still have to come to dinner. Mama has wanted to meet you ever since we started dating, and this was just the excuse she needed."

"But what about your dad?"

Usagi rolled her eyes, "I told you before, he's just a little over-protective. Don't worry, Mama will keep him in check and he'll get over it."

Mamoru sighed, "Ok. I suppose we should get this over with. You ready?"

Usagi suppressed a giggle, "As soon as your put on your pants."

Mamoru pressed the door bell and waited.

"What are we doing?"

Mamoru turned to the girl at his side, "Waiting to be let in?"

Usagi raised an eyebrow, "Mamo-chan this is my house."

"Oh. Right. Well," Mamoru was cut off from saying anything further as the door opened to reveal a sandy haired ten year old boy. "You must be Shingo."

The boy pushed past the couple, and stepped onto the porch, "No way! That cannot be!" he turned his gaze from the car on the street to Mamoru, "Is that a Porsche?"

Mamoru grinned, "Yeah, it's the Porsche Turbo." Shingo left the porch and began to circle the car with wide admiring eyes. "I can give you a ride in it sometime if you'd like." Shingo looked up and nodded excitedly.

Usagi leaned into Mamoru, "Ya know I don't care if the Fungus doesn't like you." Shingo pressed his face to the driver's side door to get a better look at the interior, "You did lock it right?"

A tsking from behind them caught Mamoru's attention, and he turned around to face a purple haired woman that appeared to be in her mid thirties. She gave Usagi a stern look, "You really should be nicer to your brother." The woman's gaze turned to Mamoru, "And you must be Mamoru."

His hand shot out in front of him for a handshake. "Please to meet you, Mrs. Tskunio."

Ikuko reached up, ignoring his hand, and pulled Mamoru into a hug. Stepping back she said,"Please, call me Ikuko. Mrs. Tskunio is my mother-in-law, and heaven's knows I don't want to be her."

Mamoru laughed. "I see where Usagi gets her heart and her humor."

"Well, come on in. No need for us to stand on the porch all night." Ikuko stepped into the house, but stopped to call back to Shingo. "Supper will be ready in ten minutes, I expect you in and your hands washed, young man." Usagi closed the front door, and Ikuko lead them to the living room. "Kenji, dear. I'd like you to meet Usagi's boyfriend."

The sandy-brown haired man looked to be a few years older than his wife as he sat scowling in an arm chair. "Huh."

Ikuko narrowed her gaze. "Kenji, we talked about this. Manners."

Kenji grunted, rolling his eyes before he rose to his feet right hand forward.

Mamoru took his hand for a quick shake, and was mildly amused by Kenji's subtle test of his strength. "I'm very pleased to make you acquaintance."

Kenji gave another grunt before narrowing his eyes sitting down, "Just how old are you?"

Ikuko narrowed her gaze, "Kenji!"

Mamoru shook his head, "It's alright, M'am. Usagi is a special girl, I understand his reluctance, and I'm happy to answer his questions. I'm eighteen."

Kenji jumped from his seat. "Eighteen! But that's four years-"

Ikuko rolled her eyes, "Kenji sit down." He hesitated, "Now. " He did. "You're acting like my father." Kenji opened his mouth, but she cut him off. "I will remind you that you are six years older than me."

"Well that's different."

Ikuko narrowed her gaze, "Kenji remember your manners. Now, excuse me I need to finish getting supper on the table."

Usagi turned to her mother, "Do you need any help, Mama?"

Ikuko nodded and gave Kenji a pointed look, "Yes. I need you to stay here and make sure your father remembers his manners."

Usagi grinned at her mother as she left the room, and then ushered Mamoru to the love seat that sat opposite her father's arm chair.

Kenji glared at Mamoru from his arm chair. "What school do you go to, Boy?"

Usagi gave her father a look, but Mamoru happily answered. "Tokyo University."

Kenji glared at Mamoru once more, "A bit young to be at University, aren't you?"

Mamoru nodded, "Yes, sir. Actually I graduated from high school two years early, and got a head start on my college."

Kenji nodded, still glaring, "And just what are you going to school for?"

"I am currently pre-med."

"Hmm. And how do you support yourself?"


Mamoru smiled at Usagi, "Its ok, Usako. He's just worried about you. He has a right to ask. And I am happy to answer. I currently live off the interest of my trust fund, and work part time for my father's corporation."

Kenji nodded, glare still in place. "And just who is your father?"

Mamoru's smile disappeared, his voice becoming stoic. "My father was Darien Shields." Kenji's jaw dropped slightly and Usagi gave him a questioning look. "I use my mother's maiden name, since my father's name is so widely known."

"You're that Chiba Mamoru?" Mamoru raised an eyebrow, "You're name has been in my paper a few times since I started writing there."

Ikuko came in, "Alright, supper is ready."

Kenji stood. "One last question."

Ikuko sighed. "Kenji."

"What are your intentions for my daughter?"

Mamoru stood from his seat, "Sir, I want nothing more than to love and care for your daughter as long as she will have me."

Usagi grinned as Mamoru slid into the driver's seat of his car. "That went well."

"You father never stopped glaring at me."

She waved a hand dismissively, "That's just cause you're my boyfriend. He liked you. And Mama loved you!"

He grinned at her, "I think Shingo liked me, too." Usagi made a face and Mamoru laughed, until he was cut off by a quiet beeping sound. Usagi groaned as she pulled the small pink calculator/communicator from her purse. "Moon here."

"We need you and Rose Boy at Juban Park, asap." The screen went blank as Sailor Jupiter cut off the transmission.

Mamoru turned the car over, and pulled into the road. "We'll have to take a rain check on that movie."

Usagi frowned, "I suppose."

Mamoru gave her a reassuring smile, "We have a life time of tomorrows. I promise we can spend each one doing whatever you wish, but tonight- We gotta save the world."