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A/N: I don't know whether Hungary's human name is Elizabeta or Elizaveta, but her wiki profile said Elizabeta, so I'm going with that!

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Elizabeta Héderváry only sped up slightly as it started to rain, despite the fact that she had forgotten to bring an umbrella with her. She should have known better, seeing as how it is almost always raining in England.

For that was where she found herself at the moment, in a rush to get back to the motel so that she could be well rested for the train ride to Austria the next morning. She had given up her horseback riding career for this job, and there was no way in hell she was going t-

Her thoughts were suddenly cut off when she bumped into someone, which is usually what happens when you don't watch where you're walking.

"E-Excuse me!" She started to stutter, but her voice came to a halt when she noticed his….strange, (for there seemed to be no other word for it) appearance. He was shrouded in a dark blue cloak, and although she hadn't heard his voice yet, Elizabeta was sure that it was indeed a boy, because she had never seen a girl with such…abnormally, large eyebrows.

A strong gust of wind blew his hood off, and when he looked up, it seemed a flicker of recognization flickered in those bright green orbs, but maybe she had only been imagining that, for it quickly vanished and she noticed he had been speaking.

"-so, as you can understand, I have no other choice but to do this. It'll sting a bit, but it's for your own good." What was he talking about??? She wondered frantically, as he procured a brown book with a strange symbol on the front, from the folds of his cloak, flipped through it until he found the page he was looking for, and started to chant in a strange language.

"Dzwonię Dvasios Vėjas… Sūkurinės Mokėjimo…. Sužadinimo…" He murmured, and although every fiber of Hungary's being was telling her to run, she just stood there and watched like a complete blonde as his palm started to glow with a bright purple light, and the light seemed to grow, almost like it was reaching for her…..

It was quite cheesy, really. Almost like a bad Harry Potter remake. The light didn't even come close to touching her, sure, her vision blurred for a minute, but that was it. And to make it worse, now he was laughing at her. That's when she came to a brilliant conclusion: "You're crazy!" She cried, throwing her hands up in the air and pushing past him, breaking into a run so she wouldn't have to deal with him any longer.

When she finally burst through the door of the small hotel room, she was sopping wet. Luka quickly greeted her with a dry towel, not bothering to ask any questions, because even though Elizabeta would never hit her with a frying pan, she knew better than to make the Hungarian mad.

"Are you hungry, Eliza-chan? I made dinner, so-" Luka began, but Hungary shook her head. She was feeling really nauseous all of a sudden…

"I'm….I'm going to bed…okay?" Maybe I'll feel better in the morning… she thought to herself as she waved Luka goodnight and flopped down on the bed without even bothering to change into her nightgown. She fell asleep practically as soon as her head hit the pillow.

"Eliza-chan, are you sure you don't wa-" Luka began as she walked into the room a few moments later, only to find Hungary already fast asleep. "Out like a light…" She murmured, laughing softly as she pulled the sheets over her and turned off the lamp. Apparently, she would be sleeping on the couch. Not that she was complaining, she always preferred futons to beds. "Good night, Eliza-chan.." She whispered, and left the room, making sure to close the door behind her.

Hooray! It's finally done! I really don't like the way it ended, but…oh well! It works! Next chapter is from Austria's POV! And if England's little 'chant', seems a little sloppy, that's because it is! All I really did was google 'magic chants', and then I translated it to Lithuanian :3

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