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Welcome Home, Draco Malfoy.

Chapter 1

WAM. The sound of the slamming door echoed through the rich and lavish manor. Lucius Malfoy tore furiously through the hall followed solemnly by his wife and son. Lucious turned the corner and entered the den, throwing a chair across the room in the process. He paced frantically up and down the room, stewing in his fury. He finally broke the silence.

"I cannot believe this," he said in a tone that denoted his anger, "I just can't, I can't believe we are here again, the very same place we found ourselves all those years ago. Now we have to once again struggle to regain our position in this world, we have to regain our honor. Now we have to convince the new regime that we were unwilling participants in the dark lord's plans."

Narcissa simply looked at her husband, silently communicating her understanding. Draco just stood gazing out the window. A look of deep thought etched on his pale face.

"Well we did it once before, we can do it again," said Lucius calming a bit now, "First I'll have to use my oldest contacts to sway our hearing, there will be a lot of favors and bribes involved but if I play it just right we should be fine, and of course like the rest we have to suck up to Potter," the words left his mouth leaving a look of utter disgust on his face, as if they had tasted awful in his mouth.

"I can't stomach the idea but it will be necessary, now that he's the 'great hero', he said the last part in a tone of complete mockery, "great hero, ha, don't make me laugh, he's just a foolish boy who got lucky,"

"Lucius he saved Draco, we should be" Narcissa began but was hastily cut off by her husband.

"What grateful, you think we should be grateful to Potter, have you forgotten yourself, we owe him nothing," Lucius said in contempt.

"Yes we do," said Draco quietly from the window, surprising his parents who seemed to have forgotten he was there.

"What do you mean we do, you don't know what your saying Draco," Lucius said.

"Yes I do, I know exactly what I'm saying, we owe Harry Potter a lot, and not just my life but all of ours, really father what would our lives have been had the dark lord won, would he have rewarded us, would he have shared his power or given us the status you've always naively believed we deserve," Draco began as his parents just stared dumbfounded, as if unable to believe what they were hearing.

"No father, he would have taken all he could from us, used us up completely until there was nothing left, and then once we were no longer useful he would have disposed of us like so many before. I mean come on, he took your wand, basically saying you no longer a wizard, no longer a man, he might have just as well have just cut your nuts off, is that how you would really want to live, as Voldemort's neutered pet."

"Draco," cried Narcissa in shock, "don't speak to your father that way."

"Why not because it's the truth, can't you handle that," said Draco his voice rising in anger now, "No mother I wont be silent about this, I see things much clearer now, things I should have realized years ago, but it took the events of tonight to finally drive it in, I see what our, no not our, your ideals get you. All that nonsense about the nobility of pure blood, how dirty and low so called mud bloods and muggles are."

"How dare you," Lucius began in cold fury.

"How dare I father, why not, weren't you there, didn't you see, didn't you see how a ramble of so called mud bloods defeated his elite force of purebloods, what did their blood status get them, a cell in Azkaban or a shallow grave. No father I see now, I see through all that bullshit. This nobility of pure blood nonsense is just another form of hate, and do you know what hate is," Draco asked.

"Please enlighten us," Lucius answered mockingly.

"Hate is like that fire I saw last night, the fire that killed Crabbe; it's an insatiable force of destruction, consuming everything in its path, burning the entire world until there's nothing left. Leaving only a scorched earth full of pain and misery in its wake. How can you still want to live like that, how can you still want to live in hate. There's more to life, I know there is, there's joy, and peace, and mindless fun, and love father, love, a concept that is completely alien to you." Draco finished in a defiant tone.

Lucius rage burned onto his face, "You will not speak to me like that, remember yourself boy."

"I remember, I remember the person you've always wanted me to be, you've driven these damn emotions into me since the cradle. You know there was a time father when I would have done anything for you, anything for a kind word, a hug any sort of affection from you. I would have held the world on my shoulders if it would have made you smile. But no matter what I did it wasn't good enough, not for the great Lucius Malfoy, who gained his fortune and status through lies and deceit, "said Draco fully screaming now.

"You better mind your tongue boy before I completely lose my temper," Lucius said in a frighteningly menacing tone.

There was a time once, when this was all it took for Draco to slink away, but not anymore, something had changed in him. Something had awoken deep inside, and he no longer feared his father, for once he had a desire deep inside. And the feeling surprised him. For the first time he wished he were more like Harry Potter.

Draco simply stood, staring his father down, knowing what was soon to come. He prepared himself, he'd been through it many times before but this was the first time he faced it without fear.

"I won't live like this anymore father, I won't live in hate," Draco said through his teeth.

Lucius quickly tore across the room and with one swift motion struck Draco hard on the cheek, "silence, you will respect and obey me, do you understand," Lucius screamed in an uncontrollable rage.

Draco recomposed himself, and looked his father squarely in the eyes, "like hell I will".

Lucius struck him again, harder, nearly knocking Draco off his feet. But Draco stood firm and once again stared his father in the eyes, "You make sure your finished, because I swear this is the last time you will ever touch me you son of a bitch," Draco said coldly.

This sent Lucius over the edge and he grabbed Draco, tackling him to the ground and he began to fully strike his son with all his fury through clenched fists. Again and again the blows came, leaving Draco's face bruised and bloody. He hadn't received a beaten this serve in a while now, not since Potter had beaten him in Quidditch in their second year, and as always, his mother healed his wounds so that nobody ever knew the truth.

Lucius began to lose control and wound his hands around his sons throat, cutting off his air supply. At this threat to her sons life Narcissa could no longer stand idle, she threw herself on her husbands back and with all her strength tried to pull him of Draco. Lucius threw her off with a powerful thrust, sending her flying to the ground. Her intrusion had mad him forget Draco for the moment as he lunged on her now, raising his fist to deliver her a devastating blow.

This was too much for Draco, he had seen his father to this to his mother to many times, he lost it. He quickly sprang on his father and with surprising strength born of adrenaline he forced him on his back, and with a clenched fist he began pummeling his father over, and over again. He put all of his fury, his rage at being made to live his whole life in fear and misery in each blow. He kept punching his father until his knuckles began to bleed. Finally his mother regained herself and pulled him off of his fathers bloody convulsing form.

Draco rose and strode across the room breathing heavily. He stared at his father and finally realized if he stayed he would become like him. He would become a man like his father. The thought sent his soul reeling as it screamed loudly inside him, yearning for freedom. He made up his mind in that moment and made his way to the door.

His father recovered enough to see his son's intent. "If you leave this house never come back, you are no longer my son," Lucius said in a hateful tone.

"That's the best gift I've ever received from you, to no longer be your son, are you coming," he added to his mother.

She simply looked at him while still knelling over his father, trying to help him to his feet. Draco saw her answer written on her defeated face. He turned and stormed from the room; making his way to the front door and tearing it open walked out into the brightness of the new day. He walked quickly away from the large manor house, never wanting to see it again. He was hurt by his mother's decision to stay, hurt but not surprised; he knew she would never leave him, no matter what he'd done. Draco never understood this; he never knew how his mother could endure such torment at his father's brutal hands.

He was alone now, but he resolved not to let it destroy him. He would succeed in finding a better life, a life better than the one he was leaving. There was a place for him in this world, he knew it. A place he could call home.