Bonus Chapter

Bachelor Party in Vegas

Draco stood outside the ministry's entrance, waiting for Harry, and Ron to meet him. He felt a tinge of nervous excitement, in 24 hours he and Luna would be married. He had given in to Harry and Ron's insistence that he let them sent him out of his bachelorhood in style by giving him a truly awesome party. He agreed but wanted it to be in Las Vegas, Nevada in the United States, after hearing from his best man Patrick that it was truly the only place to hold such an epic event. He was disappointed Patrick couldn't attend, he and Chloe just having had their first child and Patrick finding it hard to get away. He was overjoyed by the fact that at least he could attend the wedding.

Draco now watched as Harry and Ron emerged from the ministry, carrying an old oil lamp, which he knew was the portkey they had just commissioned.

"Everything set," Draco asked hopefully as they walked up.

"Yeah, got the portkey, and I got these," Harry said extracting documents from his pockets, "these are Muggle so we can prove we're 21 which according to you, you have to be to have any fun there, and here are the permits to portkey into the city, just received them from the American Wizarding council. Tough to get considering, apparently they aren't to keen on foreign wizards visiting that particular city. And I've already visited Gringotts and exchanged galleons for American muggle money," Harry said flashing a large roll of crisp hundred dollar bills.

"Wonder why it's such a hassle for wizards to get permission to visit that city," Ron inquired.

"Don't know, from what Patrick's told me that city has a certain reputation," Draco answered.

"Well it's not like we're going to do anything out of line," Harry said a bit naively.

They apparted back to Harry's flat, where they meet Neville and changed to travel in style. Draco had shown them from magazines what sort of muggle styles were in at the moment and now they were all wearing very stylish new threads. Then they all placed a hand on the portkey and at once were transported through time and space and hit the ground hard in a small dark ally in the city of Las Vegas.

They stepped out and gauged the surrounds, at once four jaws hit the floor. Never had they seen such a place. They've visited muggle cities before but nothing that compared to this. They were stunned by the bright illumination that now assaulted their senses. They looked on as they stared at the massively huge casinos that begged to touch the sky. They were right on the edge of the strip, standing in front of the Stratosphere, with its sprawling form rising high into the air.

"Bloody hell and you say this is all muggle done, no magic what so ever" Ron asked in true disbelief.

"Yeah, you'd be surprised at some of the things muggles can do, it doesn't do well to underestimate them," Draco answered.

"So what should we do first," Harry asked in a state of giddy anticipation.

"Well from what I've heard I think we should check out Caesar's Palace, it's very popular, let me just flag down a cab," Draco said walking to the Stratosphere's entrance and finding a waiting cab easily.

They quickly made their way to the world famous casino of Caesar's Palace and were again stunned from the amazing beauty of the architecture. The marble statues, the brass fixtures, the beautiful fountains. They were awestruck by the overall effect. They quickly made their way inside and just stared at the gaming floor. Draco had explained a bit about muggle gambling but they still didn't know that much about it. They decided to first try their hand at the craps tables. They were at first confused with the concept of buying casino chips to play with but they caught on pretty quickly. Just as they settled in front of the table a cocktail waitress came around, "Cocktails," she cried as she passed.

"Yeah right here," Ron eagerly answered.

She walked over to the foursome and asked what they wanted. They thought for a moment, knowing they probably didn't have fire whiskey, luckily Draco spoke up, having seen a particular drink displayed in more than one muggle movie.

"Jagermeister all around," he ordered to the still waiting waitress.

Once she turned and walked away Harry began to inquire. "What was that, Jager what?"

"Meister, Jagermeister, I've heard of it before, it's a very popular drink," Draco answered brightly.

"Is it any good," Neville asked.

"Don't know, never tried it myself but it can't be that bad if it's so popular," Draco answered causing all to nod in agreement.

The waitress returned within a few minutes with a tray of Jager shots. They each took their drink and looked at it wearily, Ron being the first to try a sip, "Bloody hell, its sweet, is there even any alcohol in it?"

"There must be, but it's probably not that much, which is a good thing, we don't want to get that drunk," Harry said, ignorant of the true alcoholic measure of that potent drink.

Two hours and several shots later they were felling no pain. All now were happy and loose as Ron continued to shot the dice, all having picked up enough of the games rules to somewhat follow the action. Harry began to worry as it seemed Ron was winning a little too much, he suspected Ron was using magic for an advantage but he didn't say anything.

They were really starting to enjoy themselves now, getting loud and having a great time. Harry then wanted to see what else the city had to offer, "Come on guys," he stammered slightly, now feeling more of the effects of the drinks, "Let's check out some other things."

They agreed, Ron begrudgingly so, he was having fun, being up nearly half a million dollars. They cashed out and slipped the money into the depths of their pockets, having to magically extend them to hold the large rolls. They began walking through the casino until they found their way into the forum shops. Harry was again stunned.

"Hey," he said more intoxicated now, having had three more shots before they left the gaming floor, "Lets pick something up for Ginny, yeah that would, hiccup, be nice."

"What do you think she'd like," Draco answered blurry eyed.

Harry looked around, "That," he said pointing to a statue of a tall Roman god that stood on the edge of a large fountain in the malls center.

They all just looked and then nodded, like it was the best idea Harry had ever had. They made their way to where the statue stood and tried to pick it up. As soon as they touched it seemed to come to life, speaking in a deep and frightening voice now.

"Bloody hell what did you do," Draco yelled at Harry.

"Nothing lets get the hell out of here," Harry answered hastily, causing them to give up their futile attempt to steal the statue. They didn't know the statue was if fact a programmed animatronic figure who was set to go off into a programmed speech as soon as anyone approached.

They quickly made their way outside and once there they just stared at each other for a moment and then at once broke out into a fit of wild laughter.

"Well, what now," Ron asked clutching his side.

"Well according to this," Draco said holding up a Vegas tour guide, "There's a muggle magic show about to start in twenty minutes, according to this he's very popular, his names Lance Burton."

"Lance Burton, is he a wizard," Harry asked.

"Don't know but his show sounds like fun, who's in," Draco asked.

"I am, I'd love to see what passes for magic in the muggle world," Neville said cheerfully.

They all agreed and flagged down another cab and quickly made their way to the Mirage hotel and casino, were the show was being held. They had to pull some strings, having to end up paying five thousand dollars to another foursome for their seats, which weren't bad, not far from center right in front of the massively large stage. They settled in as the lights dimmed and the illusionist made his grand appearance. Slowly as the show progressed Ron and Neville had to restrain hardy laughter at what was passing for true magic. Ron couldn't contain it any longer and he broke out into a ranchos fit at the end of a seemingly impressive illusion involving splitting a woman into four sections and rearranging their placement on the body. Ron's laughter began eliciting nasty stares from the people around him and Harry shot him a look that told him to knock it off. He did for a moment, but then a wicked idea struck his alcoholically addled brain.

Ron covertly pulled out his wand just as Burton began his metamorphosis trick. He shackled and blindfolded his assistant, and then placed her in a sack. After tying the bag firmly he lowered her into a small trunk and then he closed and locked her in. He stood high on the trunk and lifted a silky cloth that covered his whole body, he lifted it once, twice, and on the third let it fall, just at that moment Ron pointed his wand at the stage and commanded a different ending to the trick then the one Lance had in mind. At once Burton vanished and instead of his assistant appearing, which is what was supposed to happen, the large hulking form of a polar bear, fresh from the artic emerged. The bear stared at the stunned crowd, scratching his great head as they began to applaud, thinking it just part of the act. Ron once again broke into uproarious laughter, causing Neville and Draco to do the same. Harry however just looked at Ron with a somewhat amused expression, "What the hell Ron, do you want to get us in thick," He said through a chuckle or two of his own.

Harry then pointed his wand at the stage and the polar bear vanished at once, Burton returning a moment later, shaking severally while snowflakes fell from his head and shoulders. He wore a completely bewildered expression as he tried to figure out what the hell just happened.

Harry turned to the rest, "Come on, let's get out of here before this one," Harry said sticking his thumb out at Ron, "has anymore bright ideas."

They all silently agreed and rose to leave. Once outside they again began discussing what to do next.

"We have to check out this club Patrick told me about, it's called Rain, it's in the Palms," Draco insisted.

"I'm game," Ron said swaying a bit.

"Yeah, me too," Neville said.

"OK sounds like fun," Harry conceited.

They quickly found another cab and made their way to the Palms hotel and casino. Once inside they walked to the bar and ordered two more rounds before making their way to the entrance of the huge night club. There was a long line wrapped around the side of the entrance. This wouldn't do they thought as they slipped away to a secluded corner, where they all cast disillusionment charms. They now walked to the front doors and made their way in behind a group just entering, unseen by the doormen. Once inside they just stared at the sheer size of the room. It was massive, containing hundreds of cheerful clubbers, all dancing in time with the blasting music. It was dark with intricate lights weaving in and out of the crowd. Causing a somewhat strobing effect. Making it easy to cast off their charms unnoticed.

They spent some time dancing and moving with they music, all have a great time. They even caught the eye or two of some of the young women it the club. They began to get a little hot as Harry said, "Merlin I need a cold drink," he said pulling at the collar of his shirt.

"Yeah me too, I'll come help you bring them back," Draco said.

They turned and began to make their way through the crowd to the bar. Once they were gone Ron pulled Neville close and whispered loudly, "Well now that the wet blankets are gone what's say we kick this party up a notch?"

"What do you mean," Neville answered.

"I mean this," Ron said while slyly taking a small vial out of his pocket.

"What's that," Neville asked now intrigued.

"Euphoria, want a nip," Ron answered, uncorking the vial now, turning it up slightly to let the potion slide easily down his throat.

Neville nodded as he took the bottle from Ron's hand, downing what was left. They began to feel the effects at once. Mixed with intoxicating effects of liquor they began to feel very good. Moving slowly and swaying in place. They were in love with everything, the whole world. Neville swore he could actually see the music floating in a serenely gracefully motion through the air. Ron began walking away, leaving Neville feeling great, but much hotter than he had been.

Harry and Draco returned a few minutes later, carrying four icy daiquiris, liking the idea of the drinks frosty nature.

"Where's Ron," Harry asked at once.

Neville just shrugged as he still swayed back and forth. Harry looked around the club, it was hard with so many people but he finally managed to locate Ron, who was now standing right in front of the far wall. Harry was mortified to see what he was now doing. He was knelling and in one fluid motion he began to lick the wall up and down.

Harry rushed to where Ron was, he was in the process of giving the wall a good coat of salvia with his tongue, rubbing his chest with his hands while he did. Harry clasped his shoulder and spun him around.

"Bloody hell Ron what are you doing?"

"Harry," Ron cried loudly rushing forward to hug his best friend, "I don't know if I've ever told you but I love you mate, I really really do" Ron stammered, smiling widely as he began rubbing Harry's back. Harry began to feel very uncomfortable.

"Get off me, what the hell Ron, what's the matter with you" Harry asked irately while pushing Ron away.

"Nothing Mate, I feel greatttttttttt," he said slowly, drawing out each syllable.

"Did you take something Ron, tell me the truth," Harry demanded.

"No, no, no, no, well yes, a bit, yeah" he said laughing lightly now while attempting to take his shirt off.

Harry stopped him and demanded once again, "what was it Ron, tell me."

"Just a little euphoria, no big deal," Ron answered serenely.

"Bloody hell, did Neville take some too," Harry asked exhuaserbated.

Ron nodded and Harry took his arm to direct them through the crowd to find Draco and Neville.

Meanwhile Draco also noticed Neville acting strangely, dancing in place and sweating profusely. It was hot in the club, but not that hot.

"Whew, it's so freaking hot in here," Neville said loudly as he took his wand out and pointed it straight up. At once black clouds began to form in the club, alive with thunder and lighting. They broke open and poured a deluge of freezing rain on the now stunned crowd.

"Neville what the hell are you doing man," Draco cried as he hastily pulled his own wand out and also pointed it to the sky, causing the rain to cease at once.

Harry quickly made his way over to where they stood, still clutching onto Ron. Harry and Draco agreed it was a good idea to leave and make their way back to the ally to portkey home, least these two do any more damage.

They walked hastily up the strip with their highly intoxicated friends in tow. They just made it to the MGM Grand when Ron exclaimed, "Bloody hell, check it out," now pointing to the large stone loin that was the casino's signature landmark.

"What better steed for a true Gryffindor," he cried as he ran to the statues back, and before Harry could stop him he leapt up in surprising agility onto the stone creatures back.

Once there he began to make like his wand was a riding crop, pretending to whip the beast along as he cried into the night, "Come on boy, off, into battle, come on giddy up," he said laughing and getting more into it. Before Harry could get him off Ron got a little to enthusiastic and he accidentally let his wand hit the lion's hindquarter. Ron's expression then changed in a heartbeat. He felt it, the great stone beast stir and then spring to life. Rearing its front legs high into the air and letting a deafening roar escape its mouth. It wasn't a true lion, it was still made of stone but the figure was still terrifying. The now stunned trio looked on in horror as the beast leapt from its pedestal, at once bounding away, tearing up the sidewalk leaving a swath of destruction in its wake. Hundreds of muggles screamed in terror as they hastily got out of the lion's destructive path.

Ron began crying in sheer horror from the beasts back, "Get me off this thing, you guys help, HELPPPPPPPPPPPP" Ron screamed at the top of his lungs.

Harry and Draco at once both pointed their wands at the lion's back and it instantly stopped in its track, falling and crashing into a lamp post in the process. Ron leapt from its back just before impact. He stood up shaking as he looked back at the path of destruction his actions had caused. His mouth fell open as he saw cars turned over, bus stops destroyed. Gates and stone walls completely brought to rumble. Harry, Draco and Neville now rushed up, all equally stunned.

"Oh shit, we did it now," Harry said deflated.

"You did at that gentlemen, you did at that," said a high voice at their backs.

They turned to see what was obviously a wizard, he had his wand pointed at the stunned foursome. He was tall and broad and wore a dark grey uniform that had what Harry recognized to be the American council of wizarding law enforcement officer's badge secured on his large chest.

"I'll have to ask you all to come with me, please do not resist, it will only make this worse," the officer said motioning them to follow. They watched as many more began to materialize out of nowhere. Working hastily to repair the damage they had caused.

Once they were out of sight the officer held out his arm which they all took, he spun with them all in tow and vanished. They appeared a moment later at what appeared to be a wizarding confinement center. Cells were seen at the end of a long hall and there were several desks and rooms as more officers walked to and fro, engaged in their various tasks.

The tall officer steered them into a waiting interrogation room and told them to wait. They all took a seat at the same side of the table that stood in the room. Once he left they all just stared at each other in disbelief.

They didn't have to wait long as the officer returned, holding a folder. He sat across from them and slowly began going over the folders contents.

The scared foursome looked on, wearing worried expressions as the officer began to speak.

"Well gentlemen it seems you've had yourselves quite a night. Lets see, using magic to defraud a casino, using magic in front of civilians, causing a popular entertainer to disappear, leaving a polar bear it his place. Causing it to rain inside a night club which is ironically named Rain, and causing a familiar Vegas landmark to spring to life and cut a path of destruction. Thank heavens no one was hurt. Have I left anything out?"

"We tried to steal a statue as well," Harry said before he could stop himself.

The officer just shook his head, "Do you see now why we are so weary of foreign wizards visiting this particular city," he asked through a long sigh, eliciting nods from the downcast crew.

"Look I know that places like this can be overwhelming, and if not enjoyed in moderation can be over stimulating, I would have expected more from you Mr. Potter, and Mr. Wealsy, yes we know who you are, your fame has made it even here, and you two as well Mr. Malfoy, and Mr. Longbottom."

They all just looked down, it was Draco who spoke first, "Sir we are very sorry, we didn't mean to cause such damage."

"Well you have Mr. Malfoy, and now my men are going to have to work hard into the night to repair everything, not to mention the fact that there are hundreds of memories that now need to be modified," the officer said sternly.

"Uh Sir, what's going to happen to us, I'm getting married tomorrow" Draco asked, a small hint of fear heard in his voice.

"Bachelor parties, why is it always bachelor parties, well Mr. Malfoy, seeing as it is all of yours first offenses I think we can work something out. Firstly if you'd please return all the money you've won tonight, I'll see that its gets back to where it belongs. Second you will have to make bail and pay a hefty fine. And third if any of you ever wish to visit this city again you will come here first and surrender you wands to ensure the events of tonight are not repeated," the officer finished in a tone of authority.

They all agreed and returned the money. Harry agreed to be the unlucky one to use the centers grates to contact Ginny and Hermione so they could come bail them out.

The girls showed up within the hour, and entered the room after having paid the fifty thousand galleons fine. They just shot the men evil stares as they shook their heads.

"Honestly, we can't let you guys out of our sights for a minute without you getting into trouble," Hermione said in that prudish tone she always so good at, "I'm not surprised at you Ron, you're always getting into the thick of it when you've been drinking, why do you think I hate it when you do, but you Harry, I expected more from you," she finished shaking her head.

Harry caught Ginny's eye and she shot him a wicked stare, one that spoke to the understanding she felt. Knowing herself how out of hand things like this could get.

"Come on, lets get this sorry lot home before Luna finds out and it ruins her day," Ginny said, Hermione nodded and the boys rose to their feet to follow the girls out of the room, making their way to one of the centers fireplaces where they each one at a time flooed home.

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