Lucas is now 16{I love this age so he's like 4-ever 16 in my
mind} it's his birthday and everyone forgot it. Bridger and the rest
try to make it up to him a week later when they finally remember. but
Lucas goes psycho killer on them and kills someone. Who did he kill?
Was the hatred from only his forgotten birthday or was there more?


Disclaimer- don't own them… if I did, I would be a very happy girl! But since I don't.
Guess I have to take all my anger on Lucas! I do not want to offend anyone by this story.
It just hit my head after reading this challenge. Sorry ok. Sort of deticated to an old
friend of mine. THANKS AYNE. = marks means that someone replied via computer screen.

WARNING!- deals with religious matters and drugs. A lot of cussing and heavy terms.
Do not read if you are uncomfortable.


The Broken Coven

By the Untalented JOxER

Chapter One.

Lucas Wolenczak was standing in front of the door to the captain's quarters. He was not
sure if he should talk to the captain or not. It was his 16th birthday and the day was
almost over. Lucas was hoping that someone in the ship remembered. He told himself so
many times to stop hoping, that there was no way people were going to care about a 16
year old kid on a military ship! But Lucas could not let that hope die, surely out of all
people, the captain must know something! Lucas remembered that not too long ago,
about threes weeks ago, he had mentioned that he wanted to get his license. Captain
Nathan Hale Bridger had told him that he couldn't until he was 16. Lucas had made the
comment that in three weeks can he get it. Lucas was sure that the captain had gotten the
hint because the captains response was 'alright, once your 16.' Lucas took in a deep
breath and knocked on the door. Captain Bridger instructed the visitor to come in and
was surprise that it was Lucas. The teen usually was stuck in the lab working with
Darwin or helping out the crew with computer problems. Usually it is the captain that
goes to the teen, not the other way around. Lucas came in quietly and took a seat on the
captain bunk.

"What is it Lucas?" the captain asked.

"Huh?" Lucas was taken back by the brunt question. He must have interrupted or
annoyed the captain. "Nothing, it can wait." Lucas said as he began to head for the door.

"You sure?"

"Yeah, see you later Captain." Lucas said as he bolted out the door. He heard the captain
yell something out to him but he ignored the comment and just ran to his quarters. He
had to get some privacy; he couldn't let anyone see him cry. Lucas ran towards his
quarters and locked the door. He couldn't believe that captain had forgotten. He knew it
was point less to cry, why would the captain of a military ship care for a stupid worthless
brat like himself. Lucas was so sure that the captain had some feeling towards him, there
had to be! The captain would invite Lucas to eat with him or help out with Darwin.
Once the captain came into his quarters just to talk about his life and if he was happy.
The Lucas said he was happy, obviously a lie but it showed that the captain cared for the
teen. BULL! Lucas thought. It was all just an act to help around here, to have everyone
be nice to the computer genius! They all pretended! His best friend Ben Krieg didn't
even talked to Lucas today. Not even Darwin, but that wasn't the dolphin's fault, he
didn't understand birthdays. But Lucas did! It was a day that he was born; a day that he
took his first breath of air, his first cry... but that didn't matter anymore. Nothing
mattered. Lucas looked at his calendar and crossed out the date. At the same time,
crossing out his soul.

Several weeks later, captain Bridger was looking for Lucas but couldn't find him. He
was just about to check the teen's quarters when the teen appeared coming down the hall.

"Lucas, I need to speak to you."

"What do you need sir." Lucas said in an emotionless tone. Nathan was taken back by
the lack of humor the teen used.

"I need to talk to you."


"Darwin said that you didn't feed him yesterday and I've gotten complaints about your

"What attitude!"

"That one! What's come over you Lucas?"

"Nothing, now if that was all on your mind, can I go now?"

"No you may not!"

"Oh well, I am leaving anyways." Lucas said as he passed the captain.

"Oh no you don't!" The captain got a hold of his arm. Lucas swung the arm away and
continued to walk on by. "LUCAS!" Nathan yelled at the teen but this time, Lucas began
to run. Lucas was on the edge once more. The looked back to see if the captain was
following him and was glad that he wasn't. Lucas ran towards the safety of his quarters
and locked the door. He was sick of crying over everything. He felt like the biggest
wuss when he cried and felt even bigger after he stopped crying. Lucas clicked on his
computer and entered the internex. Lucas set up a safety web just in case someone was
tracking him, no one would know who he really was. Lucas looked for his usual friends
on the internex and found no one. Lucas started to surf the rooms when some room
caught his interest. Lucas clicked it open to find 10 people chatting away. Lucas typed
in a new handle- Jacob. He saw the other comments of the people chatting until one-
person say there was a new guest in the room.

=What brings you in here Jacob?= a person named Damien asked

=Life!= Lucas typed in bold letters.

=Same here= Damien replied. =My fucken mother bitched slapped me today and I
fought back.=

Lucas was shocked to read that comment. A total stranger had told him something that
private. He thought he could do the same.

=Sorry about that. I can drop dead to the world and no one here would notice me at all=
Lucas typed.

=What is fucken wrong in ya jungle?= Damien questioned.

=My birthday was last week and did anyone care! NO! I know it shouldn't matter to
anyone but it was something to me! But my needs are never important to anyone! No
one at all!=

=Where are you?"=

=At college.= Lucas nervously typed. His real friends knew who he really was but he
wasn't stupid around people he never meet before, was he about to reveal he is a genius
in a military sub? No, college student sounds much better.

=That is how the world is; no one could give a rat's ass for anyone! Glad to hear your
story Jacob.= Damien replied.

=That how it was with my mother, she could care less if I turned 18. It was just a
number, she wanted me out and now I live in a shelter cuz of that bitch!= another person
named Jezzle replied to 'Jacob'.

=No one cares, we are just his or her slaves!= Lucas replied

=Fuck yeah! Fucken world can just fucken die!= another person named Victor replied.

=Shut up victor! You know that is not true. HE would not want it that way.= Damien
shut him up.

=But it would be better if I just end it all...= Lucas typed,

=Don't fucken talk like that! Jacob! Your life is something not to waste!= Damien

=It feels that way!=

=Why not just get revenge?= Damien suggested.

=Like what?=

=turn on them! Fuck with all the people there at your college, your parents, and friends!
Fuck them all!=

=You right Damien.. you are so right!=

=Hey Jacob, do you ever just go out and scream?=


=Fucker, go out side and scream your head off! Scream all you want and get your angry
out of you!=

=No, what good will that do!=

=Your such an ass, shout it out!=

=I will give it a try!=

=Fuck Jacob, do you ever cuss?=


=We can all fucken read you know!=

=Fuck you!=

=That's it!=

=LOL! Or should I say FLOL! Look, I have to leave =

=Fine, we are here around this time. Maybe we all could have lunch sometime. You
near Florida?=

=Look, get back at you about that. I got to go.=

=Have a good fucken day!= Victor answered back.

=Ditto!=. Lucas said as he left the room and headed toward E deck. There was no one
down there and the engines were running. They were making a loud noise and Lucas
made sure that there was no one around. The place was empty and Lucas sighed. He was
going to do what Damien said. He took a deep breath and began to scream.

THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG!" Lucas took another deep breath and continued.
FUCK YOU ALL!!!" Lucas finally ended and fell to his knees. He was crying again but
he did feel a lot better shouting it out. Damien was right; it is the best fucken thing to do.
Lucas was startled when he heard a noise coming from entrance. Lucas stood up and saw
a very worried looking Lieutenant standing in the doorway.

"Lucas…" Ben Krieg began to ask. Ben had seen the teen go into e deck and wondered
what he was up to. He had heard everything the teen screamed out. Ben was surprised
that Lucas even felt that way. He felt ashamed for forgetting the teen's birthday.

"What you want! You heard everything didn't you!" Lucas angrily said.

"Lucas.. I am so sorry… why.."

"Leave me alone Ben." Lucas said as he made his move to leave the area.

"Lucas.. please.. wait."

"Fuck! Don't you understand English Lieutenant! Leave _ me _ the _ fuck _ alone!!!"
Lucas shouted. Ben was surprised again and let the teen pass by. Lucas knew that Ben
was going to squeal about him to the captain and spread the news like wild fire around
the ship. It is by the way an underwater ship and the news travel… But Lucas didn't care
anymore…Damien was right! Fuck them all! Lucas began to run towards the safety of
his quarters. He locked the door and turned on his computer. Again, he put up a safety
around his computer and logged into the chat room he was on before. Only two people
were in the room, Damien and a person called Rachel. Lucas was about to leave when
Damien spoke to him.

=Back Jacob? Welcome.=

=Yeah. I did what you said…= Lucas answered.

=And did it work?=

=OF course it did. Some one heard me and I know that guy will.. will tell the dean and
you know what! I DON'T CARE! FUCK THEM!=

=Now there is a guy with a fucken backbone! Congratulations! Welcome to the club!
Rachel here is another member. She had her up and down too. She is deaf but a very
fucken great girl.=

=Shut up Damien! I can type for myself. Hello Jacob.= Rachel typed.

=Hello Rachel.=

=Rachel and I are going to the RAGE this weekend, you want to join us? That is if your
near Florida and all.= Damien asked.

=I will get back to you on that.=

=Come on Jacob. It will be fun.= Rachel pleaded.

=I don't know alright!=

=Wow… don't use your backbone against me!=

=LOL! Sorry Rachel.=

=Ok you guys, stop fighting!=

=Oh sure Damien, maybe I should get Jacob here and go against you!=

=Rac! What did I ever do to you!=

=Made me live!=

=LOL But it was worth it right?= Lucas asked.

=Unfortunately yes Jacob. It was worth it. Now everyone I knew regrets knowing me.
Tell me Jacob, do you believe in God?=

=I used to.. I cant say now.=

=What about the devil.= Damien asked. Lucas was taken back. He wasn't expected for
some one to ask that.

=Yo Jacob?=

=Sorry Damien, someone fucken bugged me but told him to get lost. Yeah, I believe.=

=Join us!=

=What are you talking about?=

=Our group Jacob. We are total against god and his ways!=

=are you satanic?=

=Stupid boy! We are not like sacrificing animals and drinking their bloods.= Rachel

=Yeah, just a bunch of fuck guys and gals that are sick and tired of people stepping on
us= Damien added

=Don't call me stupid alright. I get back to you on that. =Lucas replied with a smirk

=Fuck.. use that backbone on other people next time ok.= Damien replied

=LOL. Fine. Got to run. Let you know tomorrow.=

=Fine. Night Jacob.=

=Night Damien, Night Rachel.=

=Whatever.= Rachel replied

With that, Lucas shut his link to the chat room and sat down at his bunk. He was about to
get some sleep when his pal went off. 'Oh I wonder who it is' Lucas thought

"Yeah. What you want." Lucas answered the PAL.

"Watch your tone with me young man. I need your help over here at the Lab." Dr.
Kristen Westphalen replied.

"Can't anyone else help you out?"

"I am asking you! It is the voccoder. It is acting strange."

"What did you do!"

"Nothing! I tried turning it on but it is still not translating whatever Darwin is saying."

"Can't even turn it on with out me! Look, I am busy at the moment, I am trying to get
some sleep."

"Lucas! You know what. Never mind. Sorry to have interrupted you!"

Lucas sat back down at his bunk and smiled. It felt so good to get his way for the first
time. It was a new feeling that got Lucas relaxed. In the back of his mind, he knew what
he did was wrong but Lucas have had it. He wanted to something for himself for a
change and this was only the beginning. He got up from bed and headed toward his


Ben Kreig was still shocked to what the teen he loved had said in and out of e deck. Ben
had thought that it was a good thing to tell the captain but at the same time, maybe he
should not tell the captain. It wasn't any of business that the teen wanted to get out and
be alone. But the way that Lucas was feeling, telling the captain has to be a good idea.
Ben went walking towards the captain quarters thinking on how he was going to explain
Lucas' behavior. 'Come out and say it- the old man would blow a vein. If not? Then he
would still blow a vein..' Ben thought as he knocked on the captain quarters. Ben
knocked again and put on a smile when the captain answered the door.

"Ben, it is rather late.." A sleepy Captain said as he tighten the rope that was around his

"Sir, it cant wait... it is about Lucas." Nathan nodded and let the Lieutenant inside. "Sir, I
think I know what has been bothering Lucas in the last weeks."

"You've notice too." Nathan said, more like a statement than a question.

"Sir, just a while ago, I heard Lucas yelling in e deck."

"Is he alright!"

"Everything fine... well.. he was screaming in anger." Nathan was now confused. "Sir,
last week was his birthday. We completely forgot all about it!" Ben went on to tell the
captain the way Lucas thought people viewed him. Nathan was kicking himself every
second. He remembered Lucas turning 16 in a couple of weeks, never knowing that that
week passed. He didn't forget, he had a nice present hidden from Lucas to give him.
Nathan ran his hand through his hair in frustration.

"Sir?" Ben said to the captain. He had long stopped from talking yet the captain was lost
in his own little world. Nathan Looked up to his lieutenant. "Sir, if you don't mind, on
the supply run this week, do you want to do something for the kid? We have two days
off remember.. well, you do.. I have to work."

Nathan was about to reply to Ben when an angrily looking Dr. Westphalen came into the
room with out knocking.

"Captain, I need to have a word with you." Dr. Westphalen insisted. Ben saw the way
Kristen was looking and decided to leave.

"Talk to you later captain." Ben said as he left the room.

"What's on your mind Kris?"

"Lucas! He has a major attitude problem. I asked for his help a short time ago and he
practical told me to bug off."

"I think I know the reason Kris. I forgot his birthday last week."

"Oh.. but that still doesn't give him the reason to act the way he did! Captain, he is not
feeding Darwin or helping out like he used to. You have to talk to him."

"Nathan rubbed his tired eyes. "A captains job is never done." Nathan said as he reached
for Lucas present and exited the room and headed towards Lucas quarters. Nathan
knocked softly at the teen's door and by the third knock, he tried to open it. He was
shocked to find the door lock.

"Lucas." Nathan yelled. "Lucas." Nathan yelled again not getting a reply to that call
either. Nathan was about to yell once more when Lucas replied.

"What you want now!" Lucas said over the door.

"Lucas, open the door, we need to talk."

"I don't want to. It is late Captain, talk tomorrow. Good night."

"Lucas, open the door. I need to talk to you tonight."

"Fine, wait a minute." Lucas said as he went to his computer and turned it from the
captain's view. He typed something real quick and shut the monitor down. Lucas went
back to the door and opened it for the captain. Lucas stood in the doorway, not inviting
the captain in.

"Lucas, I am sorry it is late but I have to talk to you." Nathan said, hiding the present
behind his back.

"So talk."

"Can I come in?"

"Your the captain." Lucas said as Nathan entered the room. Lucas sat in front of his
computer and the captain in his bunk. Nathan didn't say a word and just handed Lucas
the present.

"What's this?" Lucas asked as reached for the present.

"A belated birthday present. I am very sorry I forgot all about it Lucas."

"Ben told you didn't he?" Lucas said as he began to unwrap the present.

"Yes he did. That is the reason I am here to talk to you. I also got a visit from Dr.

"Leave it for her to screw up my world."

"Lucas. I know you are mad since we all forgot your birthday but that give you no right
to be acting this way." Lucas stopped unwrapping the gift and set it down.

"I have no right! I have all the right to get angry if I want! To not do what I don't want
to do! Just because I am here in this stinking ship, doesn't mean that I have no feelings
too! I respect your life, why can't you respect mine!"


"Don't even say a word captain. I know what you are going to say- don't think that way
Lucas. Don't act this way Lucas. I have been told all my life how to listen and obey. I
don't want to anymore! If that is all you are going to say Captain, I believe you should
leave. I heard it all and I don't want it to be repeated back to me! Just leave!" Lucas
yelled, biting back tears. Nathan was all in shock to what Lucas had said. He couldn't
think of a reasonable reply, he was too angry and sad to think of one. Nathan had to cool
down before he could think straight. Nathan sat up and began to leave Lucas' quarters.
Lucas followed closely behind and once Nathan was out the door, Lucas quickly shut it.

Nathan began to walk back to his room, thinking that the teen needed to get off the ship
and have a good weekend.

Lucas was on the edge of crying all over again like before. He bit it back and decided to
open the gift the captain had got him. Lucas unwrap the gift and opened the little box. It
was a silver blue watch with his name engraved in the back of the watch. Lucas smiled
and put the watch on. He completely forgot about his computer and quickly turned it
back on.

=I am back= Lucas typed as he sat down.

=What happened?= Damien asked. Lucas began to think of a lie...

=My dad came by the dorm. He wished me a belated birthday.=

=A little too late isn't he.= Damien typed.

=He must have completely forgot.=

=What! How could he forget a son's birthday! Did he give you anything?=

=Yeah, a watch=

=the oldest trick in the book, he is trying to buy you back Jacob.=

=I dont know.=

=Trust me, I know. He gives you a nice little present so you would behave and once he
screws up again, he will just give you another present and it repeats again and again. Let
me guess, he gave you it and then left right? Something more important to do right?
They love to use you Jacob. After what they have what they want, they drop you!=

=I still don't know.= Lucas knew that Damien was right, maybe the watch was a pity gift
for him not to be mad at the captain anymore.

=think what you want. So are you on for this weekend?=

=I have to get back to you=

=Fuck, dont give me that! We all want to know!=


=Yeah, everyone here, the last time we chatted, it was me and Rachel. The first time, it
was the whole group listening to your sorry ass. We all like you Jacob.=

=I said I have to get back to you.=

=Don't fuck with me, I need an answer today!=

=Fine, I meet you at the RAGE=

=Good, we will all be there.=

=Its late, I have to go and wake up early for class=

=School boy!=

=I really do!=

=Fucker, ditch it!= Lucas thought. He had to help out dr. Westphalen early in the
morning. She could wait.

=Fine. Now what am I going to do=

=Stay awhile, maybe someone else will have insomnia and join us.=

=Very well..=


Early the next morning, Kristen looked at her watch for what seemed the millionth time.
Lucas was to help her out on some samples and experiments she thought the teen would
be joy to help. Her watch read 8:30. 'He should have been here half an hour ago! That's
it.' Kristen said as she marched toward Lucas' quarters. She took a breath to calm herself
down and knocked on the door.

"Yes, who is it!"

"Its me Lucas, Kristen, did you forget about today?"


"Then why are you not coming!"

"I'm busy!"

"Look young man, I want you out here and ready to help me."

"I don't have to do that. I am not part of your team."

"Oh yes you are, now get out here before I order Crocker to break it down and drag you
out of that room!"

"Fine, let me change!"


"Fine!" Lucas said and went to his computer.

=Sorry guys, got to go.=

=Hey, well at least you are going late to your class… that's the first step to ditching!=
Damien typed.

=No you can't leave, I just go on two hours ago= Jezzie replied.

=Sorry girl, I have to run. Catch ya guys later.= Lucas typed and shut down his
computer. Lucas quickly straightened his day old clothes and unlocked the door. A very
annoyed Kristen Westphalen was waiting for the teen.

"Fine, lets go." Lucas said as he walked around the doctor. Kristen was still mad but glad
that the teen agreed to get out of his room. The samples and experiments were taking
longer than what Kristen thought but Lucas was enjoying himself. The true scientist that
was hidden behind the moody teen had come out. Lucas laughed as Darwin came in and
splashed around the area. Kristen leaned over to see what Lucas had found and was
surprise that the teen was talking to her, explaining everything he had come up with.
What seems like minutes, 4 hours had passed and ended the experiments. Kristen invited
Lucas to get something to eat and Lucas didn't hesitated. They both entered the mess and
found themselves with Ben and Nathan having a lunch break too. Lucas stiffened in sight
of Ben but tried to act normal. 'Like Damien said, keep them your friends then turn.'
Lucas reminded himself from the last chat the teen had with Damien. Lucas and Kristen
both grabed their Lunch trays and sat with the Captain and Lieutenant.

"Hiya Lucas." Ben said. "I got some new videos to show you, they… well… they are
something kid."

"Knowing you, they included naked women on the beach or inside a house." Lucas

"Hey… not all…"

"Sure…" Lucas said as he laughed.

"So you like the watch Lucas?" Nathan asked as he eyed the watch on Lucas' wrist.

"Oh, yeah. Um.. you guys, I am sorry for the way I was acting the past week. I was just
angry and upset.."

"We understand Lucas. We are so sorry we forgot about your birthday. I know it means
a lot to everyone but I do not know where to start on how sorry we are."

"Forget it Captain, I am over it. So, we have two days leave coming up right?"

"Yeah! You all will have fun while I am stuck here doing work!" Ben complained.

"Hey, you signed up for the job!" Lucas shot back.

"Hey kid, whose side are you on!"

"Not yours!" Lucas played. "So what do you have planed captain for this leave?"

"I don't know yet. But I know, whatever it is, it will be better than being stuck here!"
Nathan joked looking at Ben.

"Haha ha… don't make fun of the supply officer, maybe this time, I will not order new
underwear for all you!" The four began to laugh.

"Unless you want them all our old and sticky ones in your room Ben, you better order
them!" Lucas said.

"So Lucas, what are you planning to do this leave?" The captain changed the subject.

"I don't know, maybe go to a hotel and enjoy the peace and quiet."

"Do you want to get a room together? I mean, so you wont be alone."

"Gee.." Lucas thought that it would ruin his plans but he had to act like mister
gentleman.. "That would be great." Lucas lied. 'Oh shit now' Lucas thought.

"Alright then"

"Well, if Dr. Westphalen doesn't need me anymore, I will go to my room." Lucas said as
he looked at Kristen. Kristen nodded for him to leave and Lucas did.

"I think whatever you said yesterday really helped him out" Ben said to Nathan.

"To be honest, he did all the talking. But it worked out and he seems to be his old self."

"I hope so." Kristen said as they all continued to eat their lunches.

Lucas ran towards his quarters, hoping that Damien was online for him to chat with. For
some reason, talking to someone who understands his own problems helps. Lucas
learned that almost everyone in the room were around 19 years old. So they say. Lucas
knew the dangers of chat rooms and how it was easy to lie to everyone. He is even doing
it himself, calling himself Jacob and pretending he was 18 and also a freshman in college.
What next Lucas, a tattoo?' Lucas thought as he entered his room. He didn't bother to
lock his quarters and sat in front of his computer. Lucas slipped on some earphones so he
can chat and listen to music at the same time. Lucas was happy to see that Damien and
Victor and some others he never knew- Ayne, Skidbucket, and Steve were also chatting

=Hey fuckers, ppl- welcome Jacob to the group.= Damien typed.

=Hey Sugar.= Ayne replied

=Yeah, sup hombre= Skid replied

=Know this guy already but fucken hello to you= Victor replied.

=Yeah. I am back. Had do some work and all in class.=

=What class?= Victor typed.

=Chemistry.= Lucas lied.

=Shit, that is hard, you some kind of genius?=

=Fucker, I wish I was! I am pulling a C= Lucas lied again. Relieved that he could lie so

=You are smart man! I got an F!= Victor replied.

=You fail everything Vic!. So Jacob, Damien said that you will join us at the RAGE
right?= Ayne asked.

=I will try Ayne, my dad wants to do something that day and I might have to cancel=

=No this shit again Jacob! What does he have planned?=

=I don't know yet Damien; he just going to be around all day. I don't know…=

=See, you don't know, ditch him. Tell him you have plans, tell him that. What are you
suppose to ditch you plans since he has his own?=

=Preach on Damien!= Ayne replied.

=I don't know.=

=You never know Jacob. Look, we will be there around 9pm Saturday. That gives you
two days to ditch your dad and hang with us!= Damien asked.

=Yeah, if you like, you can tell that you have a big date with me and I will come and pick
you up!= Ayne asked.

=lol. I think me having a date is over the line. No one will believe that!=

=What? You too ugly to have a date?=

=Ayne, it is not that, it is that it is unbelievable.=

=Look, just meet us there ok.= Damien replied.

=Yeah, and I will meet you outside.= Ayne asked again.

=Girl, you are desperate!= Victor typed.

=Not that desperate, I haven't asked you yet!=

=Don't go there fucker.=

=Fucker, shut up Vic!= Skid replied.

=Thanks skid.=

=You're my girl Ayne, no problem!=

=Shut up! Jacob, don't listen to them, they are nuts, I will gladly meet you out front.
You are 18 right?=


=Good, it is an 18 and over club. So meet you there?=

=Sure Ayne, how will I know it is you?=

=Look for the girl that looks like a slut!= Victor but in.

=Shut up Vic and let Ayne answer.= Lucas typed.

=wow kid,, thought you didn't have it in you, you have my respect!= Victor replied.

=Thanks Jacob, and I will know you.. I know everyone at this club, I know a stranger
when I see one.= Ayne replied.

=Really though.= Lucas questioned.

=Fine, I have black hair with red/neon blue highlights. I have a tattoo with fire heart on
my chest, just in case you are looking there.=

=LOL. Ok, will look for the heart then= Lucas laughed.

=Smart ass. So how do you look like?=

=I guess you have to wait.=



=Hey, like you already!=

=Ok you too, I have to leave. Continue the fight without me.= Victor replied and left the

Lucas continued to type away and listening to his music. He never heard the knock on
his door or the opening of it. Ben stepped into Lucas room and had some viddisks to
show the teen. Ben walked in and was not surprise to find Lucas typing away in his
computer. Ben neared the teen and looked what he was doing. He was chatting and to
bens surprise, Lucas was being a foul mouth guy. Ben began to read the screen- all he got
was RAGE and 9pm before Lucas notice that he was being watched. Lucas turned
around quickly, shutting him computer down, and faced his intruder.

"What the hell are you doing in here!"

"I wanted to see if you wanted to see these disks with me, didn't know you were going to
bite my head off."

"I am sorry Ben, I was in the middle of something and you sacred me. I cant right now,
maybe later. I have to get this done." Lucas apologized.

"Sure kid, the disks will be in my quarters incase you want to see them."

"Whatever." Lucas said as he waited for Ben to leave his room. Ben quietly shut the
door and stood outside thinking. Lucas was chatting away in a room Ben didn't like the
sound of chat room Lucas was talking in- Coven. Ben thought if he should tell the
captain this time. But Ben shot that idea down, Lucas knew what he was doing and by the
way, he needs his privacy too. Ben left the hall and walked towards his quarters, he only
had two days to organized the supply run.


Ok, tell me what ya people think. Honest. I really like what's going on here but I don't
know if I should continue it…. Maybe, who knows.