That's right guys and gals! This a preview for the possible sequel I might start making in a few months. I hope you enjoy it!


Preview for Next Story


(Note: Narrator and Characters who say things that are from the scene and story are in bold print. While the scenes are in normal print.)

Narrator: Join in on this all New Adventure!

Scene shows Ash and Dawn in the mysterious reverse world slowly falling to the ground with worried expressions on their faces.

Narrator: To save the reverse world!

Scene shows a ship using it's bottom wing thing to cut away ice-like pilliars in the reverse world.

Narrator: Old Friends…

Scene shows Timmy Turner and his Faires in the reverse world with awe expressions. Except for Wanda who has worry mixed into hers.

Timmy: What is this place?

Cosmo: It kinda looks like the inside of my ear.

Scene shows Danny starting to take flight in the reverse world.

Danny: Where am I? Am I still in the Ghost Zone?

Scene shows Joshua and someone else who is still mostly out of view riding on a train.

Joshua: I wonder where this train's going?

Scene shows Ash's group at a pinic table watching their Pokemon eating some Pokefood.

Ash: Man I'm getting hungry just by watching them chow down.

Narrator: New Friends….

Scene shows Sonic the Hedgehog and Shadow the Hedgehog walking around in the reverse world.

Sonic: (Simirking) I'm always willing to explore new places!

Shadow: (Rolls his eyes annoyed) That is SO you!

Scene changes back to Joshua and his friend sitting on that train. But this time the mysterious friend is shown.

Nathan: I don't know Joshua.

Scene shows a Shaymin in a Pokemon center on a nurse bed that can move around.

Shaymin: (Telephaty) I have to get to the flower garden right away!

Narrator: New Powers….

Scene shows Girantina firing a fireball at Dialga in the reverse world

Scene then changes to show Joshua giving off electrical charges and/or currents in a car frying it in the process.

Scene then shows Sonic and Shadow fighting Girantina.

Shadow: (Attacks Girantina with yellow energy spears) Chaos Spear!

Narrator: New Dangers….

Scene shows Girantina charging up a blue ball of fire at Ash, Dawn, Piplup, and Pikachu but suddenly a man appears with a Sheldon.

Man: Stop it! All of you! You can't upset Girantina!

Sonic: (Annoyed) I beg to differ!

Scene shows Ash, Dawn, Brock, Piplup, the mysterious man, Sheldon, and Nathan trapped by Zero's Magnimite.

Scene then changes to show Girantina trapped in a red electrical cage screaming out in pain while Zero watches.

Zero: All of your powers are mine now!

Sonic and Shadow: (Surprised) Whoa! Did'nt see that coming.

Danny: (Firing a ghost ray) Less talk more shooting!

Scene then shows Zero inside a small ship in the reverse world.

Zero: Look at you and your pathetic world. Dissappear all of you!

Zero then uses his ship to pop a bubble-like thing in the reverse world that creates a small shockwave In the real world where Ash's group is along with Girantina.

Joshua: (Cocky) Ha! You missed!

Zero: Why don't you people understand that I am protecting this place!

Timmy: Well your not doing a very good job!

Narrator: New, more powerful attacks….

Shadow causes a huge blast of energy all around him.

Shadow: Chaos Blast!

Joshua: (While charging up a huge amount of electricity) Let's see how you like this!

Joshua then bombards Zero's ship with strong current's of electricity.

Narrator: This is a crossover story you don't want to miss

Scene then changes to inside a train.

Ash: By the way I'm Ash and this is my buddy Pikachu.

Pikachu: (Happy) Pikachu!

Dawn: I'm Dawn.

Brock: And I'm Brock.

Dawn: So What's your name?

Timmy: Timmy Turner!

Scene then changes to a boat deck with Joshua and Nathan introducing themselves.

Joshua: Well I'm Joshua and this is Nathan.

Ash: It's nice to meet you two.

Narrator: Danny Phantom….

Danny: (While dodging a fireball) Whoa!

Narrator: Sonic the Hedgehog….

Sonic: (Grins as he lands after tackling some Magnimite with a homing attack) Too easy!

Shadow: (Attacks Maganzone with spears of guiding energy) Chaos Spear!

Narrator: Laserstorm….

Joshua: (Shoots a laser at Girantina) Let's see what you got!

Nathan: (Grunting as he holds back a glacial wall with Reggigis and some wildebeest-like Pokemon)

Narrator: Pokemon….

Scene shows Ash's group surrounded by Magnemite and Pikachu lauches a thunderbolt attack against Magnezone's attack.

Narrator: The Fairly Odd Parents….

Timmy: (As Cleft as he freezes Mangemite with a Freeze Ray from his utility cleft) Eat this metal heads!

Cosmo: (Hysterically) Congraluations Timmy! You said the worst line in history!

Timmy and Wanda: (Groan)

Narrator: In….

Flashes of all the character's faces are seen.

Narrator: The Demensional Guardians

Ash: The real world and the reverse world support each other!

Joshua: Okay?

Zero: You can't stop me!

Sonic: I'm always up for a challenge!

Narrator: Coming soon to a computer near you.

Cosmo: (Hysterically) The fun just never ends!

Danny: (Depressed) How do I get myself into these situations?

First possible update for this story: Spring 2010


Sorry if you didn't like the title but it was the best I could come up with to fit that story's ploy. Well anyway see you next time. This entire story is now done you can leave now……Seriously that's it……Why do you keep looking at me like that?……It's OVER!!! Get it! O-V-E-R Over!…..I'm outta here. (Leaves)