This is the sequel to Rage of Angels that I promised and I really hope you enjoy - although the first few chapters will be challenging for various reasons. For new readers I will put a brief summary of events but suffice to say that this doesn't really follow the events of Series 2 or even what I expect to see in Series 3.

Acknowledgements: I do not own any of the characters from Ashes but ideas portrayed in this story are all my own. All chapter headings come from the works of Lewis Carroll.

Summary: In Rage of Angels Gene and Alex finally got together but not until dramatic events, including Alex being blown up and Gene being shot and then almost hanged, nearly tore them apart for good. SuperMac was as corrupt as ever and was determined to bring Gene down - luckily he failed and was murdered in a dramatic shoot out at the Met long service and bravery awards. Gene was promoted to Detective Superintendent and has taken over at the station. In my story Chris was not corrupt more importantly Gene did not shoot Alex. Gene and Alex were finally married in an impossibly fluffy and romantic pre-Christmas ceremony. Happy ever after? Possibly.

Now read on. . . . .

"One of the deep secrets of life is that all that is really worth the doing is what we do for others."
(Lewis Carroll)

Chapter 1

March 1983

Detective Superintendent Gene Hunt frowned as he put the telephone receiver back into its cradle. The phone call hadn't been long - but long enough to disturb Gene's carefully won sense of equilibrium. Since being promoted to Superintendent, Gene had passed on most of his faithful snouts to his successor in CID, DCI Reeves but there were still one or two he kept in reserve - and it was a phone call from one of these men that now had Gene thinking.

"You 'avn't got them all."

Gene recognised the voice immediately "Turpin? That you?"

"Yeah, but I've gotta make this quick. "Mackintosh's mates –you ain't got 'em all and someone's not very happy with you."

Gene nodded thoughtfully but wasn't exactly surprised by the news. "What 'ave you heard?"

"Nothing concrete yet Mr Hunt –just whispers. But they're getting louder so I thought I'd better tip you the wink. You should watch your back."

The conversation had ended with Turpin promising to update him on any new developments. He was a good snout and Gene had every confidence that Turpin would be back if he had anything to say – for the proper compensation of course. In the meantime, Gene grabbed a small bunch of keys and opened up a filing cabinet, extracting one thick file before settling back at his desk. He'd always known it would be virtually impossible to track down every single one of SuperMac's accomplices and contacts but he thought that the Met's internal investigation department had done a pretty good job.

He studied the file in detail once more, looking for clues, missing details, anomalies or anything that might give him a clue to the identify of the mystery bent coppers. He scribbled a couple of comments in the margins as thoughts occurred to him and made a mental note to follow these up tomorrow when he had more time. He glanced at the small clock on his desk and then at the small picture of his wife that stood next to it. His wife. Even now, three months after their wedding day, he still couldn't help a small, satisfied smile from creeping onto his face when he thought about Alex.

He gently touched the photograph with his finger. Taken on their wedding day, it showed Alex staring directly at the camera, smiling directly at him as though she knew exactly who was looking at her. It made Gene's heart just a little bit faster just looking at it, and that was without the knowledge that he got to see her every day, kiss her at every opportunity and wake up with her every morning. He'd never thought that Alex would eventually come to love him, let alone marry him and so he had no illusions at all – he was a very lucky bastard.


"…and I'm just sayin' that he's a lucky bastard, that's all."

Sitting at the bar in Luigi's, Alex turned her attention back to Ray, who seemed to be having an animated conversation with Chris. "Who's a lucky bastard?"

"That Viv," Ray said. "He's just won three hundred quid on a five horse accumulator."

"Really! I didn't know he played the horses?"

"He doesn't," Chris said with a smile, "think that's why Ray might be a bit upset."

"Bastard," Ray muttered.

Alex watched with amusement as Ray went back to his table and commiserated with other members of the team, and Chris found his way back to his wife . She smiled as Chris nuzzled Shaz's neck and held her hand – they were so obviously still in the honeymoon stage of their marriage that it really was rather sweet. The wedding itself had been a somewhat riotous affair held in Shaz's hometown of Billericay last month. No expense had been spared by Mr and Mrs Granger in order to give their eldest daughter the wedding she deserved and so the whole team had found themselves engulfed in the warmest of Essex welcomes, starting with the beautiful Catholic ceremony in Church of The Most Holy Redeemer and then in the boisterous reception held at a nearby golf and country club.

Alex smiled she sipped on her fizzy water and thought about the events of that weekend. Of course she had enjoyed the wedding on its own merits - Shaz and Chris finally happy together, the rest of the team throwing themselves into the festivities – and Gene. Gene had been his typically brash and forthright self, moaning about the expense and the time spent away from their new home but eventually coming around to appreciate the benefits of the occasion which included lots of food, lots of drink and subsequently, lots of sex. They had certainly made the most of the large four-poster bed in their cosy hotel room and now Alex had even more reason to feel sentimental about that particular wedding – she was pregnant…or at least she suspected that she was

She placed her hand discreetly over her stomach and smiled knowingly. Even if she was definitely pregnant, she had only missed one period and there as yet there was no obvious outer sign of her condition. She could afford to wait a while longer before telling Gene. In many ways, she hoped that he would guess before she actually had to announce the fact. Given his past history with his first wife Maggie and her abortion, she wasn't really sure what his reaction would be. Yes, he had wanted a child then - but did he want a child now? As for herself, Alex was becoming accustomed to the idea, weird and wonderful as it was. A boy would be nice, she had decided, although not necessarily for Gene's sake. She thought she could cope better with a boy, convince herself that she wasn't really trying to replace Molly – which she wasn't but….

"Deep in thought Bollinger Knickers?" a gruff voice whispered in her ear, "Anyone I know?"

She laughed as his breath tickled her neck. "I was thinking about our Super actually – he's quite a handsome rogue you know?"

"Heard he's a bit of a bastard an' all."

"Oh yes," Alex turned around on her stool to face him, "He has a reputation as a bit of a hard man."

Gene's lips twitched with amusement as he lowered his voice and leaned closer. "Well you keep up with fluttering those eyelashes love and you might find out exactly how hard he is."

"Talk is cheap," she said, her eyes flicking over his body before returning to his face. "Actions speak louder than words."

"You want actions? I can give you actions." He trailed on finger along her arm and up to her shoulder before finally leaning in to give her a fleeting but meaningful kiss. "Missed you Bols – it's been a bastard day."

"I missed you too - and I'm sorry I couldn't get away for lunch."

"Hmmf," Gene grumbled, "Jim keepin' you busy then?" He indicated a jovial looking middle-aged man with a receding hairline who was currently chatting to Viv.

"If you mean DCI Reeves then yes. Although I still don't understand why everyone calls him Jim when his name's Graham?"

Gene looked at her in astonishment. "Jim Reeves? Doesn't sound familiar at all?"

"Vaguely? Should it?"

"Distant Drums? Welcome to my World?"

Alex shook her head. "Sorry."

"Jim Reeves was only one of the greatest county and western singers ever known to man! Honestly Bols, I don't know where you've been hiding sometimes."

"In another century," she muttered. "Anyway I get it now – Jim Reeves."

"Is he settling down?"

"Why don't you ask him – you're his boss after all?"

"I will – but I'm asking you."

She pursed her lips thoughtfully. "Well, he's only been here a few weeks but I think the team like him."

"I don't care if they like him," he said sharply, "I wanna know if they respect him."

"Alright keep your hair on. They respect his authority of course, but real respect takes time to earn Gene – you should know that."

"Yeah." He grimaced and pressed one hand to his brow. "Just need to know the team's in safe hands that's all."

"They are Gene, trust me. And besides," she placed one hand on his arm, "you're still in overall command." Alex looked at him with concern. "Headache?"

Gene shook his head. "Just tired. Nothing a good night's sleep won't cure."

"Pity," Alex teased, "I was thinking of a much more interesting remedy."

"Now you're talking. Get your coat love – you've pulled."

Alex laughed. "Well I was thinking of getting some food here but…"

Gene grabbed her hand and headed towards the door. "Food can wait – I've got other appetites that need feeding."


Sex, Gene mused thoughtfully as he watched Alex begin to undress, could be very like food; sometimes a quick snack hit the spot just fine and yet there were other times when something more substantial was required – a feast or a banquet perhaps? As she smiled over her shoulder at him, Gene had the feeling that burger and chips wouldn't be enough to appease his hunger tonight - nothing less than a slap-up meal with all the trimmings would be enough.

"Enjoying the view?" Alex teased as she struggled with the buttons at the back of her neck.

Wearing only boxers and speaking from his prime position stretched out on the bed, Gene growled. "Not yet – need a hand?

"That would be nice."

Not one to shirk a clear invitation, Gene got up and walked slowly across the bedroom floor until he was positioned directly behind her. Slowly he wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed the side of her neck, inhaling her sweet scent and feeling the heat of her body as she leaned back against him. After untucking her blouse from her skirt, his fingers moved to the small pearl buttons at the back of her neck.

"Dunno why you 'ave to wear things with fiddly buttons," he complained.

"Because they look nice? And besides, I know you enjoy a challenge sometimes."

"Enough of a challenge keeping you happy without 'aving to do battle with yer clothes an' all." With an expression of triumph he defeated the final button and eased the silky material over her head.

Alex smiled as she turned in his arms to face him. "You do – keep me happy. Very much so."

"Good." His eyes darkened as he let his fingers wander over her neck and shoulders and then lightly touched the swell of her breasts encased in a white lacy bra.

Alex shivered under his touch even as she felt the spread of a familiar warmth throughout the rest of her body. It never ceased to amaze her that with just one touch, or one heated look he could set her body aflame like this. She let her own fingers start to wander in return, tracing patterns on his chest, flicking over nipples and skimming over his belly; he might not have the body of a young man but this was the body she wanted – confident and experienced.

She watched their reflection in the full-length mirror as he deftly turned her around unclasped the fastening of her skirt, making short work of the zip and then sliding the material down her thighs. She leaned on him for balance as she stepped out of the skirt but then gasped as he expertly flicked the catch on her bra. Slowly he slid each bra strap over her shoulder before flinging the offending item to one side.

"Nice undies love, but you know I prefer what's hidden underneath." His eyes roamed appreciatively over her body, now only concealed by knickers and stockings. He was overcome with a fierce welling of desire mingled with protectiveness. Standing behind her, he moved closer still, his hands firmly tracing her shapely hips and waist until he cupped her breasts, thumbs circling the nipple until they peaked under his touch.

Alex moaned softly as she brazenly thrust herself into his hands, needing to feel more of his touch against her tender flesh. She bit her lip as Gene's mouth latched onto the side of her neck, alternately nipping and kissing his way down to her collarbone, even as his fingers still kept up their wicked assault on her breasts. The sight of them together in the mirror, half naked and entwined, was enough to send another rush of warmth through her body, resolving in a liquid heat between her thighs. "Gene," she sighed breathlessly.


"I think I need to lie down for the next bit." She turned in his arms, taking the opportunity to relish the sensation of skin against skin, before pushing him down on the bed and straddling him.

"You modern women – always needing to be on top."

"I thought you liked me being on top?"

"Oh I do." Who wouldn't, he thought as he stroked her stocking covered thighs, mesmerised by the erotic sight before him. Moving quickly he pulled her towards him and then flipped her over until their positions were reversed. "Just that I think it's my turn – don't you?"

Alex licked her lips. "On one condition." She smiled wickedly as she cupped her breasts, moaning as she teased her nipples.

"Anything," he gasped.

"Lose the underwear…now."

He didn't need telling twice and in a matter of seconds he was stark bollock naked and lying next to her, moaning encouragement as she took him in hand.

"Yes…oh…Christ yes." He closed his eyes as Alex's hand worked its magic, grasping his cock firmly as she teased and tortured him to the brink. Their mouths met as she continued her ministrations, tongues circling and tangling in a heated mating ritual. They broke apart gasping for air as Gene rolled her onto her back. He stilled her protests with his mouth as once more his lips wandered downwards over her body, seeking out the most sensitive spots and giving them his full attention.

The only sounds in the room were her soft sighs of delight as he proceeded to worship her body in earnest. He tried to show her by his actions all the things he couldn't put into words; how much he loved the feel of her skin against his lips as he kissed her body, the smell of hair as he nuzzled her neck and the touch of her hands as she held onto his body. He never knew that love could feel this way – both the physical and the emotional. It was scary, overwhelming and sometimes downright frightening how he felt about her – that she felt the same way about him was an out-and-out miracle.

Slowly and with painstaking attention, he removed her suspenders and rolled each stocking delicately down each long leg, letting his fingers skim her flesh as he did so, kissing her thighs, her knee, her ankles and finally each toe before returning to settle himself between her legs.

She opened herself fully to him, wrapping her legs around him as he entered her body and they seamlessly joined together, her body accommodating his like no other he had known before or wished to know again. He held her hips firmly and began to rock forward, watching as her mouth formed into a perfect 'O ' of delight and pleasure, her breasts shaking with the force of each thrust he made.

"Yes…yes..." Alex writhed with pleasure under his touch. She could feel her quickening heartbeat, the slow build of tension and the ecstasy that lay just tantalisingly out of reach. She watched him from under heavy lidded eyes – her lover…her husband. She loved the touch of his hands, hands that could be used to such devastating effect in his work, and yet used so gently with her, coaxing her body to heights of pleasure she simply hadn't realised existed before. As the tension resolved into a tingle, she called his name, throwing her head back with abandon, her body convulsing under the waves of incredible rapture.

"Alex…" Gene finally gave into the demands of his own body as he felt her clench around him. There was a flash of brilliant white light as he threw his head back, his hips slamming forward erratically now as the overwhelming pleasure coursed through his body, finally leaving him dizzy and spent as he collapsed into her arms.

"Love you Mrs Hunt," he murmured drowsily, as he tried to resist the post-coital lure of sleep, still loving the novelty of her having his name.

Alex pulled him closer, drawing up the duvet to protect them both from the chill. "And I love you Mr Hunt." Nothing could change that now.


"Where's the Guv?" Alex said, as she finally made to her desk, coffee in one hand and files in the other.

"Well you should know that shouldn't you ma'am?" Ray smirked.

"Ha, ha. Very funny. I mean the new Guv – Reeves?"

"He's on a training course today ma'am," Shaz supplied helpfully, "don't you remember?"

Ah yes, 'Managing Diversity'. Alex had known about it but for some reason it had slipped her mind. That seemed to happen a lot lately. She sat down behind her desk and quickly became engrossed in paperwork. She was hopeful that with DCI Reeves absent, the day would be a quiet one – not that you could rely on the local villains taking a day off of course. Although CID's current workload wasn't onerous by any means - a couple of robberies, an assault case outstanding and a potential new drug ring they were investigating, nothing was so urgent that she couldn't afford to spend some time on her new project.

As part of Gene's shake up of CID and the station, he had persuaded the new Chief Super that Alex's particular brand of psychological profiling was a useful new tool in the arsenal against the scum of London. Incredibly Chief Superintendent Lovat had agreed and has asked Alex to draw up a plan to introduce profiling across the five stations in his command. He reiterated that this would be an initial trial only but if successful he would certainly be recommending profiling to his fellow borough commanders.

Alex sipped on her rapidly cooling coffee and had to admit that her feet hadn't really touched the ground since her marriage to Gene; new responsibilities at work, moving into a new home – even if it was a stone's throw from Gene's old place and now the possibility of a baby. She also had the slight nagging worry over the occasional nightmares that Gene suffered. Physically there was no cause – she had persuaded an extremely reluctant Gene to undergo a thorough medical – which only left one other course of action and he had already told her in no uncertain terms that he would not be talking to any 'namby-pamby, psycho-whatsit witchdoctor'. So that was that. Didn't stop her worrying though.

"Right you lot" Gene burst through the door as if on cue, "Tasty tip-off. Drugs shipment down at Shadwell. Lovely." He rubbed his hands together in anticipation.

Alex frowned. "But we've been waiting for news for days now – why did you get the tip off?"

"I dunno – must be me aftershave?" He looked around the unmoving room." Come on then you lazy layabouts. Mush!"

With a shuffling of chairs and a chorus of 'Yes Guv's' CID sprang into life. Alex smiled. The Guv was back.

"You comin' then DI Mrs Hunt?" Gene said.

She grabbed her oversized cardigan and prepared to follow. "Oh, I wouldn't miss this for the world."


"You sure they weren't pulling your leg Guv?"

Gene turned around and scowled at Ray in the backseat of the Quattro. "Do you know what happened to the last person who pulled my leg?"

"No Guv?" Chris said innocently.

"Well let's just say he now sings treble in the choir."

Chris sniggered. "I'm walking on the air…" he trilled in falsetto.

Alex shook her head and continued to survey the area through the window. It was a pretty depressing picture to be quite honest; although the area had now been taken over the by development company and plans had been made, it still looked much the same as before – empty abandoned warehouses and run down housing stock with areas of bare wasteland to complete the scene of desolation.

She looked up at the forbidding and greying skies just in time to see the first drops of rain. "Great."

"Oh stop whinging woman," Gene chivvied, "You'd only be stuck behind yer desk."

She could think of worse places to be right now. She shivered and wrapped the bulky cardigan she wore tighter around her body. There was something unsettling about this place, something strange and unnerving that she couldn't put her finger on.

The radio sprang to live. "Guv?"

"Yes Viv?" Gene didn't correct him – today he was the Guv.

"Two vehicles approaching."

"Uniform in position?"

"Yes Guv."

"No one moves until I say so. Chris, Ray – take your teams and cover off the exits. Me and Bolly 'ere are up front." Gene waited until Chris and Ray had left the vehicle before turning to Alex. "You okay?" He said as he double-checked his gun.

"Me? Oh…fine. Just cold."

Gene smirked. "Talk to me nicely an' I might consider warming you up later."

"I'm going to hold you to that Mr Hunt."

They were silent as they approached the derelict warehouse, ears keenly attuned to the low murmur of voices as they approached. Nervous anticipation flared making her stomach do a back flip as she checked her weapon and took a deep breath. She felt a pressure on her right arm as Gene gave her a quick squeeze of reassurance. She flashed him a brief smile through the murky drizzle; she knew the drill. Let them do the exchange and catch the bastard's red handed.

Gene could feel his heart pounding loudly as he listened intently to the drug dealers inside the warehouse, but he wasn't nervous. This was where he belonged. This was his kingdom and he was the master of it, not the thieving scum who came to town peddling their crap along with promises and lies. He glanced quickly at Alex as he waited for the moment he knew would come. Had he told he loved her today? He couldn't remember off hand. He turned his head slightly as the conversation inside seemed to shift. No time. Have to tell her later. He nodded at Alex.

She clicked the radio. "Go. Go. Go."

For the next few minutes, absolute chaos reigned as both uniform and plain-clothes police officers moved into place, Alex and Gene at the forefront of the assault.

"Stop and put your hands in the air. You are surrounded by armed bastards."

Alex raised her eyebrows but kept her weapon pointed at one of the drug dealers, as Ray and Chris moved in to disarm them. They were soon backed up by uniform who started to bundle the men in to the waiting Black Maria. There was a brief scuffle but Ray soon had the man back under control with a swift kidney punch. "Scum."

Gene smiled as he leaned towards her. "I love it when a plan comes together." She watched him closely as he went over to talk to Viv. He was right – he really was in his element out here. Seeing that everything was under control she edged closer to the perimeter of the building to get some fresh air – or at least what fresh air could be got without actually getting wet. One day, this would all be redeveloped, she mused. Quite a trendy place to live from all accounts and….

"Arhhhh!" she shrieked, as a strong arm grabbed her around the neck and dragged her backwards, out into the rain.

"Bolly!" Gene turned at the sound of her voice, just in time to see her boots dragging in the dirt as she was pulled forcibly back out of the warehouse. Where the fuck did that bastard come from? Without pausing to think he drew his gun once more and ran towards the exit.

"Stay back or she gets it copper." The voice was young but he couldn't see who it belonged to, effectively masked as he was.

"Let her go." Gene cocked his weapon and pointed it at the man who was now holding Gene's whole life in his grubby hands. "I will shoot."

The man cocked the weapon he was holding close to Alex's head. "No you won't. Now put the gun down and walk towards me nicely and you can 'ave 'er back."

Shit. Gene lowered his weapon and threw it to the ground.

"And tell yer mates to stay back."

Gene took a deep breath and gestured for the rest of CID to stay back. He would have to sort this one out himself – if he could. He could feel the rain soaking his hair and trickling down the back of his neck. He was going to kill this bastard once he got out of this.

"Hiding behind a woman?" Gene said. "Not very manly is it?"

"Good try Hunt but…."

The unexpected sound of a van backfiring startled them all and Alex knew this would be her only opportunity. She brought her heeled boot down heavily onto her assailant's foot, simultaneously bringing her elbow back into his stomach and ran towards Gene.

"No Alex…get down."

Gene watched with horror as the man recovered quickly and aimed his gun at Alex. Without thinking he ran forward and launched himself towards her, knocking her off her feet and onto the ground as the sound of two shots, one after the other, split the air.

For a few moments there was an unearthly silence and then just as suddenly normal sound resumed.

"Ooof." Alex lay on her back, winded as nearly sixteen stone of Manc Lion threatened to suffocate her. She lay gasping and waited for Gene to move. And waited. She gently pushed at him. "Gene?" She could feel something wet and sticky on her skin, the familiar metallic smell of blood now reaching her nostrils. "Gene!"

Using all of her strength she finally managed to roll him over onto his back, only to be confronted by the sight of a red stain rapidly spreading over his chest. "Oh my god…no…no." She applied pressure to the wound but it was useless, blood pouring through her fingers. She became aware of the welcome sound of footsteps running towards her. "Ray! Get an ambulance. He's been shot."

"Alex…" Gene murmured and opened his eyes. He was starting to feel cold and he tried to reach for her hand.

"Shhh my love. Try not to speak. Ambulance will soon be here." She smoothed his hair and kissed his forehead as Ray attempted to stem the flow of blood that seeped from his body with every beat of his heart. "You'll be fine."

Gene smiled wanly and looked into her eyes. "Liar." He paused and took a shuddering breath. "I'm not afraid."

"I know," Alex said, tears now flowing down her face and mingling with the rain.

"Just don't wanna leave you…not like this." He gasped as a fresh wave of pain washed over him. "Alex…you there?"

"I'm here." She dragged his body closer until he was resting on her lap. "Don't go Gene…please…" She leaned closer and whispered into his ear. "I'm pregnant Gene. A baby…our baby."

He smiled and look of sheer joy briefly transformed his face. With Herculean effort he reached and touched her face. "Sorry…love you…so much…so…"

Alex held her breath as she waited for his next words. But they never came and as she stared down onto the rugged face she loved so well, she realised that they never would. She would never hear him speak again. She turned her face to the leaden sky as the rain continued to pour down in sympathy.


To be continued. . . .

I promise I will try to update quickly but you know I wouldn't leave Gene there right?