(A/N: Wicked project, "No Good Deed." I actually wrote this a while ago, just never got around to posting it. Enjoy!)

I'm Wicked Through and Through

Jacob thought he had been a pretty nice person.

Okay, so he had been mean to Leah when she didn't deserve it, but that was before. He hadn't made fun of her in months.

But as nice as he was, he hadn't saved Leah. He hadn't made it in time. By the time he found out, Leah was gone, and there was nothing anyone could do about it.

Jacob knew he could have saved Leah. He could have never been mean to her. He could have smiled at her. He could have told her he loved her.

But it was too late now.

Leah was gone forever.

And Jacob hadn't done anything to stop it.

Jacob thought he was a pretty nice person.

But none of that mattered, because he hadn't saved Leah.

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