Shadows twist,

In the dark of night.

Images show up,

Within the dimest light.

But it's here in the shadows,

That our minds wake,

And create the greatest things,

As impossible fears' shapes take.

In dark are minds wander,

Creating frightning thoughts,

This is where warmth and comfort,

Are usually to be sought.

I do not own Knowing.

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Hey guys, I'm finally a beta-reader. So, if you're looking for one here is what you do:


So hey all, if your searching for a BETA-READER I know how to find one.

1st - press at the top left corner of the page to head back to the home page.

2nd - press Beta Reader in the tan line at the top of the page.

3rd - choose a catagory

4th - pick your beta-reader (musicalfox)

(for a beta reader's discription and prefrences click on there name)