Hello Aaron Stone lovers. :) I am addicted to this show, lol, so I decided to write a fanfic about it. :) Hope you enjoy it!

SUMMARY: Charlie is falling behind in school, his grades are dropping, and he's always being called out for a mission. He's pretty much fed up of it. And when he is told a secret that could change everything, will he quit on Mr. Hall, and the world?

XD okay, NOT the BEST summary ever, but hey! It gets ya wondering!!

Chapter One


Charlie Landers opened his eyes, and raised his head from his desk. S.T.A.N. was looking at him. "Are you alright?"

Charlie nodded. "Yeah, fine." He looked up as S.T.A.N. continued to teach, and sighed as the time caught his eye. There was only five minutes left in class, and he'd missed almost all of it by sleeping.

He blinked, and leaned farther back in his chair. Great. Another night of fighting, another class I'm asleep in.

Almost every night now, he was needed somewhere in the world as Aaron Stone to fight off one of the Omega Defiance jerks, save a city, and everything in between. And the nights he didn't, he was up untill morning studying for a test, even though he knew he'd never get everything he needed in. To make things worse, he'd fallen asleep in almost every class.

His grades were beginning to drop, and he was nearly fed up with being tired every day. But it's not like I can quit… Charlie thought. He couldn't. Mr. Hall was counting on him, and to top that off, so was the world.

However, sometimes he did want to quit, so he could actually study for everything, and still have time to rest.

Charlie placed his hand on his cheek, listening to whatever he could of the class.

"Class is dimissed." S.T.A.N. stated, adding, "except for Charlie Landers."

Charlie groaned softly, hoping the android just wanted to tell him not to fall asleep in class.

"Charlie," S.T.A.N. started when everyone else had left, "are you alright?"

"Yes, S.T.A.N., I'm fine! Just tired…" Charlie answered, running a hand through his hair.

S.T.A.N. seemed like he wanted to say something more about it, but he didn't, and said, "Hold for Mr. Hall, please."

Aw, man! Charlie moaned.

"Aaron," Mr. Hall's voice came out of the andriod's mouth. "Powers has been sighted in New York City, and I need you to find out what he's up too. S.T.A.N. will be coming with you, and make sure you keep a distance. Do not let his mind tricks get the best of you, you've already given out some of your information. If you give him anymore, it could be the end of you, and your family."

Charlie cringed, and said, "Will do, Mr. Hall. But do you…uhh…know…how long this will take? I've kinda…got a test to study for…" He rubbed the back of his neck, hoping Mr. Hall didn't think he'd didn't care.

"I don't know Aaron, if you don't mess around it won't take long." There was a click, and S.T.A.N. blinked. "Ah. What did Mr. Hall have to say?" He asked.

Charlie shoved his hands in his pockets, annoyed. "That I have to spend another night out late and not studying. What else is new?" He said sarcasticly, grabbing his bookbag and walking out the door.

S.T.A.N. stood still for a moment, confused. Then shrugged, following Charlie to the S.S.J.

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