My Grain

So long my love.

So long my heart.

So long my spirit.

So long my comfort.

So long my dreams and all the other pieces of me you unknowingly took with you.

Hello darkness.

Hello pain.

Hello nightmares.

Hello tears.

Hello distractions.

Please help me stay afloat, for I know I can not do it alone.

I need you to give me one last glimmer of true happiness.

Just one.

I promise I will try.

I dragged my empty, dull shell along and discovered it was not completely empty.

I found one grain of hope.

A grain I would like to turn into a pearl.

A hope that my shell will be filled again.

A hope that I will once again shine.

Now if I can find a grain of luck with my grain of hope, I may manage my brightest luster yet.