Inspired by nothing, here's shot number four.

Starfy: The entertainment value of your life sucks.

Moe: (frowns) Really? I think I'm pretty decent, actually.

Starfy: No offense, pal, but there's more to life than fish and treasure.

Moe: If by 'fish' you mean Ruby, I guess you gotta point.

Starfy: (grins) I usually do. But our last adventure told me something.

Moe: And that is--?

Starfy: Well, first, 'Terrible Trio' is a bad substitute for 'Dire Pirate Squad'. I mean, really? But any-way, you need some action in your life.

Moe: (looks about thoughtfully, then snickers) Bahaha! Action..

Starfy: (stares) Sick!

Moe: Joke much?'ve given me a great idea.. (jumps up and runs)

Starfy: I did?


High in the sky, above the ocean, lived a handsome clam. This clam's name was Moe. Moe wasn't like other clams: he was undeniably gorgeous. One day, a bumbling and confused puffball fell through the top of Moe's mansion.

Bunston: OW!

Moe: WTF?!?!

Moe couldn't believe it! The creature got fur on his cashmere sheets!

Moe: (glares) My sheets...

Bunston: (blinks) Uhh...who am I? Wha..

Suddenly, three fugly goons ran into the room (luckily, they didn't crash through the wall: it cost a lotta money!) and began dragging the puffball bunny away!

Papes: Uh..hey, who's that?

Snips: WOAH, he's...kinda hot..

Ronk: (slaps Snips upside the head) HE'S MUCH HOTTER THAN JUST 'HOT'!

Snips: (smiles) Yepp..

As much as Moe was annoyed at the newcomer and honored by the three goon's comments, he couldn't let take away the puffball! That was up to him! He needed to avenge his sheets! So Moe used his quick wit and charming good looks to trick them into handing over the puffball.

Ronk: Oh, Moe, we are sorry. Here is the putrid cashmere-ruining puffball.

Moe: YES!

The goons politely left, not breaking anything or scuffing the gold floor, when Moe heard somebody wailing his name.

Starfy: MOEEE!

It was Moe's not-as-hot friend, Starfy.

Starfy: Hey who were those ugly fellows? They just left!

Moe: They were gonna punish the fuzzball before I did!

Starfy: (notices Moe's bed and gasps) THE SHEETS!


Who was that bunny rabbit that destroyed Moe's cashmere sheets? Why won't those goons try makeup? Why doesn't Starfy try harder to be the hero? It was up to Moe to answer the questions, destroy the HIDEOUS Mashtooth, win the glamourous Ruby's heart, and save the galaxy once again..


Starfy: (throws Nintendo DS down) THAT WAS AWFUL!

Moe: (shrugs) you said my life quality sucks. So there. Oh, and check this out.. (holds out DS)


The Bunnerans had their powers back, Mashtooth was dead, the trio was undergoing a huge makeover, Starfy was trying harder, and Moe had Ruby as his own personal fangirl. And Bunston? He was handmaking new sheets.


Moe: So, whaddya think? A big hit or not?

The whole thing was a parody of the beginning of the Legendary Starfy.