Keeping a secret

When Jordan gets arrested after attending a wild party while Audrey and Patrick are gone on a second honeymoon will the guilt overcome him find out

(Ruby, Jordan and Ben are sitting at the kitchen table eating there breakfast Patrick comes in with suit cases)

Patrick: We'll were getting ready to leave guys

( Audrey comes in the Kitchen)

Audrey: We'll I'm ready

Patrick: Great we'll see you guys in a week

Audrey: Be good and David will be by to check on ya'll on Wednesday

Jordan: Ok mom

Patrick: Come on Audrey the plane leaves at 1:00

Ruby: Have fun in Hawaii

Audrey: (walking out the door) thanks


(the scene changes to Tuesday evening Ruby is sitting on the couch Jordan walks in)

Jordan: Well I'm off to Kyle's

Ruby: Ok have fun

Jordan: Alright I should be back around 11

Ruby: Sounds good

(the scene changes to Ruby sitting on the couch with Ben who is watching TV Ruby has a concerned look on her face)

Ruby: It's 11:15 Jordan should have been home 15 minutes ago

Ben: I'm sure he's fine

Ruby: Really

Ben: I don't know I was just saying that to make you feel better

(the door bell rings Ruby walks over to the door and opens it to see Jordon)

Ruby: Jordon where were you at I was worried sick

(a police man steps in behind him)

Ben: (from the couch) Oh boy

Ruby: Is there something wrong officer

Police Officer: there sure is m'am I found this young man at a party that got out of hand now I am going to let it go this time but next I won't be so easy

Ruby: Thank you officer

(she drags Jordan in and closes the door)

Ruby: What were you thinking

Jordon: Well how was I supposed to know it was going to break out into a wild party (stumbles over to the couch)

Ruby: (walks over and sits on the couch she smells the beer on his breath) Have you been drinking

Jordon: No

Ben: (looks at his eyes) then why are your eyes dilated

Jordon: Look I am not drunk I feel perfectly fiiii…

(he passes out)

Ben: Oh yea his fiiii…

(Ruby gives him a look)

Ruby: Come on help me get him upstairs

( Ben grabs his Shoulder's and Ruby grabs his feet and the carry him up the stairs)

* this is my first Ruby and the Rockits story so comment and let me know what you think I will update it soon*