Hidan was sprawled on the couch in the living room as he watched Animal Planet with disgust. His roommate sitting in the recliner; doing everything but relaxing. Hidan hated the Animal Planet unless the animals were fighting for survival or someone's limb got ripped off violently by a rabid animal; it was exciting, but watching a bunch of prissy dogs walk around in a circle and being felt up on by some old lady wasn't his idea of entertainment. He sat staring at the television blankly. After they had moved on to the "Toy" dogs Hidan had enough.

" Those things look like oversized rats." He mumbled. Annoyed by the show he moved his body to a more comfortable position. He glanced at his roommate,

" Hey Kakuzu, pass me the remote." Kakuzu ignored the silver headed. He didn't make an effort to give hidan the remote. The tan man glanced up at hidan from the coffee table and simply continued with his checks, balances, and paperwork on the wooden coffee table. The faded oak table was covered in bills, bank statements, receipts, any piece of paper that had a dollar sign on it.

Hidans eye twitched in aggravation and demanded once more, his voice engulfed in annoyance . " PASS-THE-REMOTE! Understand?" Kakuzu didn't take his eyes off the paperwork. Hidan stared at the man. " What the hell?!" Hidan picked up on of the decorative couch pillows and in fluid motion the pillow was connected with Kakuzu's head.

The violet eyed man chuckled . Kakuzu; interrupted by Hidan's childish ways, stood up from the chair and glared at Hidan. The emerald eyed man picked up the universal remote. The other man chuckled and waited expectantly with his hand in the air ready to receive the remote. Kakuzu did not move nor did his piercing glare. Hidan grew impatient, " What the hell are you waiting for?" Finally the tan one moved but not the one Hidan was expecting. Kakuzu moved his arm swiftly and the remote went flying towards skull. " SHIT! That Hurt, Kakuzu you ass!" hidan shouted.

That remote must have shook his brain , but for some reason he started to think about when they first met.

It was when I first moved here and went to the shit-hole college. Damn- I was so close to becoming an author, but the people here are assholes if your not like them. Especially if you're a Jashinist….Stupid kids want to fight all the time. With the school board making up shit to get you kicked out, the everyday threats and getting fired at every job; dropping out was best for everyone's health and better for me to get rid of all of it. Then with no job I lived out of my car for about nine months. Dating people and taking showers every time I'd go over their house. Thank Jashin that I had been saving my money up! The morning of I think June 9th was like any other, then I saw a small piece of bright green paper. I thought I was a ticket but I was a offer. I still have the paper …. " Rent! A roommate and money up front! Bills and Rent split in half! Call : -----

His thoughts were stopped by the 'Deadliest Catch'; some dude fell overboard. " Dumb ass.." The porcelain skinned man started to think again. I called, I remember the most awkward conversation of my life.



"Who is this""

"Uh yea Hidan, I'm calling about the rent thing…"

" um hm."

"How much do you want up front ?"

"Well how much do you have?"

" Uh only two hundred"

It was quiet for a while

" Damn…..no one else will , the address is on the back."

" Shit ! Hell yea!"

Then he hung up and I drove to the house. Then the moment of truth came and my lips twitched upon trying to give my roommate the most bull-shitting smile but as soon as the door open it fell as fast as it came. His appearance and glare thwarted my actions of playing or pretending to be a cheery prep. His tan arms had stitches adorning the skin, and behind his mask that obscured his facial features electric green eyes bore into mine.

" What?"

" Hidan….I just talked to you like twenty minutes ago."

" hmm Where is the money?"

" Damn , chill - seriously."

I gave him the money….That was how I met the ass hole Kakuzu

If I learned anything about him its that he LOVES money, He needs to relax , most of all he is 100% douche bag!

Hidan chuckled about his last thought. " What do you want?" The words were whispered into hidan's ear, but had irritation lacing them. Hidan jumped and turned around to see Kakuzu. " What the Hell?!" Hidan stuttered out.

" I asked you five times what in gods name" Kakuzu was stopped by hidan clearing his throat

" Jashins name. Hidan corrected.

" That doesn't matter! What do you want to eat?!" Kakuzu's voice was husky and aggravation swallowed his words. Hidan looked at Kakuzu's harsh eyes. " Your gettin' all upset over food ? Seriously~?" hidan mocked.

Kakuzu stood of straight.

" I'm not hungry…I'm goin' to sleep" Hidan got up ,passed Kakuzu and went to his room. He put in his iPod and rolled on his bed. The angelic man closed his eyes. The song was just to ironic, 'Pain' by Three Days Grace. He had this weird feeling and it made him think ,

"What the hell? what's going on?!" I've been thinking about him WAY more than I should…Well you see the man everyday. " That's my excuse, for now…" The Jashinist mumbled. He put the song on repeat and stared blankly at the wall.