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He looked down at Hidan, taking in the sight of the man he was in love with. His eyes raking over him with love and lust clouding his vision. He locked eyes with him, his gaze almost unsure. The man under him looked so breakable- so fragile. A small smile etched onto his face when he realized the difference between 'normal-outgoing Hidan' and 'bedroom almost shy Hidan' ;

" Stop looking at me like I'm some kinda girl" The bright emerald eyes didn't move. The pale man shifted uncomfortably underneath the stare. Blushing lightly, when Kakuzu leaned down an kissed him lightly on his neck. Hidan took a chance, with Kakuzu's unbalance, he flipped the man over and climbed on top of him. Grinding, his groin into the older ones. A grin fully on porcelain features. A Hidan grin. The Jashinist playfully kissed the stitches, the silver necklace almost stingingly cold on his heated skin. Leaving a trace tingling sensations all over the bankers body. He started from the neck and made his way down to his chest, and landing on the pelvis bone; kissing through the cloth of the tanned mans boxers; lightly kissing every place except his destination. He Kakuzu grunted, he knew Hidan was doing it on purpose. Kissing every the small hairs that fell out of place on Hidans head grazed his skin and lightly tickled. Hidan bit his lip, looking up and frowning his brow. In a moment the angelic man snaked his arms around Kakuzu's neck, pulling them as close as he could possibly get to his lover. Kakuzu grunted at the friction and the ever growing tightness in his pants. He could tell that grinding their hips would soon be insufficient. Kakuzu slowly unzipped Hidans pants, and for the Jashinists, it was an agonizing pace. all the while the pale boy tried to hold himself back from leaning into Kakuzu's touch so eagerly. "Damnit!" Hidan had practically taken his and Kakuzu's clothing off in a blink of in eye. Throwing them into a disheveled pile, joining their other articles of clothing that were ripped off. Hidan, none-the-less was still Hidan. They both subconsciously hissed at the new cold that wasn't exactly welcome. " Impatient." Kakuzu stated cockily. "Oh, fuck you" Hidan halfheartedly retaliated.

Kakuzu slowly lifted his hand, he had felt obligated to ask, but before he could he was taken by surprise. Hidan seemed to know exactly what to do. He sucked on the fingers, wrapping his tongue around them, not leaving a digit neglected. The green eyes closed, Hidan noticed, and nipped ever-so-lightly on the fingers.

Kakuzu said something Hidan couldn't quite hear through a groan. He took out his fingers, tracing them lightly down the pale chest and to his entrance. Slowly inserting the first one, Kakuzu was constantly watching his lover under him, taking note of every movement, every gesture, facial expression. The slim pale face contorted, "Relax" Kakuzu cooed in Hidan's ear. There was no doubt he was uncomfortable, but soon after his face eased and he relaxed. Kakuzu took this as a cue to add another digit. The second in and just like the first Hidan became accustomed to the intruder. Kakuzu scissored his fingers, stretching, the elder of the two focused on Hidan's breathing, and soon enough small quiet pants and moans made their way to his ears. Another tanned finger was added and Hidan began to meet Kakuzu's thrusts.

"Ka-kuzu" the bigger on the two stopped immediately. Violet eyes stared at him , lust clouding over. A moment went with nothing but small pants breaking the silence.

"You ready?" Kakuzu asked and a quick glare was his response, "You're huge, I haven't this in a while and this is gonna hurt like a bitch, but yea I'm ready."

Hidan's pink lips slightly swollen spoke sarcastically.

This wasn't just some fling or some one night stand, this wasn't just some guy he had met at a club and made himself believe it was Hidan. This wasn't a dream, it was real. This was taking it slow, not just lust, this was them, this was genuine, this was more than words, passion, this was love. The words rang in his ears like a melody stuck in his head. He wanted. He wanted to make Hidan Happy, he wanted to make Hidan scream, he wanted to make his beg, the only one he loved, he wanted only his name to escape the angels mouth.

He adjusted himself above Hidan, hands on either side the silver head, supporting his weight above Hidan. He slowly entered. Porcelain arms pulled Kakuzu down. The Jashinist's hands gripped the midnight locks, Kakuzu placed his head in the crook of Hidan's neck. It took everything Kakuzu had to keep his control. Once he was fully in he stopped, tilting his head slightly so he could see Hidan. The crimson eyes teared in the corners for a moment, as he bit his lip to the point of drawing blood, still gripping tightly. A bigger mouth captured his, Kakuzu's skillful tongue, massaging and sucking the spot where liquid threatened to trickle down. They broke apart for air,

"Hidan…relax…-mum" His voice was low and husky. To put it bluntly, it was pure bliss; a horribly tight bliss. It took a few minutes but soon ; "Move.." Kakuzu had no objections, but a small laugh escaped his mouth.

" You're in quite the position to be giving orders." , but none the less he picked up a steady rhythm. "Damn right I am-" was all he said before he broke out into a small shout "F-faster! For the love of Jashin-" Hidan's voice was demanding, lust completely overtaking his voice as he gripped the sheets tightly as possible without tearing them. The tattooed man complied and without hesitation quickened the speed. Tanned hands gripped The pale hips and lifter them up for better access. Allowing Pale legs to wrap around his waist. There. He hit it.

"-KUZU!" Hidan practically screamed, his moan echoing off the room walls. "There-do that again-" He swore he saw stars, making sure that he would meet with Kakuzu's rhythm. Stitches curved up, " What was that?" He made sure he didn't go as deep. He wanted to hear his name again-that alone could drive him up the wall.

" FUCK-Please-KAKUZU!" A shiver went down his spine and that was all he needed. HE intended to aim for that spot with every thrust. Hidan scratched at the tattooed back, leaving red markings that would have hurt if it were not for the position (A/N: no pun intended XD) they were in now. Kakuzu took Hidan's nearly neglected member and began to pump. Hidan gasped, it was almost too much. He felt the warm pool in the pit of his stomach intensify. With one final hit,

"Shit…Kakuzu-I-I'm gonna-AH-!" hitting the Jashinist's prostate, Hidan released, the milky salty fluid landing on Hidan's chest. That was the final thing. That was it to push Kakuzu over the edge. He came right after, filling Hidan completely. They spent a moment catching their breath. Panting. Until finally Kakuzu pulled out and rolled onto his back.

" Not bad for an old man" Hidan smirked and kissed the stitches on his cheek. Kakuzu would have argued but at the moment he was too happy, too tired, and too in love to care. He just pulled Hidan on top of him, pulling the blankets over them. He kissed him lightly, he thought about ending it with an "I love you." but it was unnecessary, redundant, cheesy even. He just lay, spooning with the smaller man, tracing circles on Hidan's back, listening to the calm breathing of the sleeping Hidan. Damn he sure slept fast. No more excuses.

Well...maybe just one...An excuse to never have this end.

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