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Chapter 2

I woke up to the dawn's early light. It was a beautiful sight – I, however, could never describe it – it is beautiful. I noticed how magnificent I look when the sunlight is shinning on me. I almost "glow" a bright orangey-red. I yawned widely, my mouth agape. I fluffed out my feathers, which were covered from last night's dew.

Sure, our feathers look metallic and steely, but they really are not. They are soft with jagged edges. If a human touches us when we are scared, these feathers will jab into the victim and they are hard to remove.

I hated getting dew on my feathers. For one, it is makes me kind of cold; and two, it makes it hard to fly. I did my best to get every droplet off me. I sighed in relief. "There," I said, satisfied. I stretched a little and then took off. I wondered what I should eat for today.

Before I could figure it out, I noticed something odd. It looked like a dead Skarmory. "What the hell?" I mumbled, landing in front of it. It was definitely dead… it was not moving, and it smelled rank. I always hated smelling rotting meat. I sighed again. "Poor thing…" I do not even like to begin describing how it looked or smelt. Its eyes had shrunken in, and it looked as if it had a horrible death. I wondered what to do. I was a bit lost… a lost for words, too… "What a terrible way to die…," I noticed that it had huge peck marks on its neck. "A Honchkrow must have killed it…" I could tell by the shape.

"I should get out of here," I just thought aloud. I flew off, way far from the dead Skarmory. I accidentally flew too far… I ended up not even knowing where I was…

"Where am I…," I groaned. "I am parched… and starving." Turns out I was flying north… maybe a little bit too far north. It was getting dark, cold, so cloudy that it looked like fog. "Oh fuck…," I mumbled. Fuck was right – the fog hit me like a speeding train. It was cold enough to freeze my wings; they were as stiff as a board. I shrieked and started to fall to the earth. I couldn't move my wings, I couldn't do anything. I fell to the ground with a large thud. I just couldn't get out of the way in time…

My forehead was bleeding profusely. My whole body was stiff and cold. I thought I was dying. I could only move my eyes and I could see blood dripping off my head. I felt blood leaking from my belly. I was weak and nauseated. I felt as if I was going to vomit. I fainted.

I wasn't sure what happened between from when I fainted and when I woke up, mainly because I couldn't feel anything. I woke up slowly because I felt warm and cozy. I was wrapped in leaves and grass that were soft. It felt great, but I had no idea where I was. I felt a fire beside me and craned my neck over to see an Infernape sitting over a fire. She or he was falling asleep. I didn't question the fiery ape, so I decided to fall back asleep.

I woke up the next day to the smell of fresh fish. I drooled happily. I looked at the Infernape who happily cooked. He looked over at me and smiled. "Hey there, you're finally awake!" He grinned. "I'm Miltiades, what about you?"

"I'm Skywing… I don't know what to say but thank you so much for saving me, how did you find me?"

"I happened to see you falling from the sky while I was looking for things to eat," he replied. "I live around here but I don't see Skarmory very often…"

"I'm from Veilstone City; no area in particular, I fly around while trying to survive."

"Interesting way to live. By the way, my best friends, Aquarius the Empoleon and Sunniva the Torterra are coming by later. They're my best friends. We have been for years."

"Cool, I'd love to meet them," I grinned. I jumped out of the leafy nest and cocked my head. I never had any friends. "I don't have any friends except my family. They were all murdered in front of me…"

He gasped. "I'm-I'm so-so sorry to h-hear that… here…," he handed me a piece of fish. I was silent the whole time I was eating… I had no idea what to say the whole time.

"…Thank you…," I broke the silence.

"Skywing, there's no need to thank me. I'm just doing what I do with everyone – aka helping. I'm pleased to help you."

"No one has ever helped me before…" He looked at me with a scowl. "I have no one to rely on; I have no mate, no friends…"

"Skywing, you can live with me as long as you would like to, if you need a friend, ask me. It doesn't matter to me," he smiled slightly. "If you want a mate, I'll be your mate. If you want me to protect you, I will." I had no idea what to say. I winked at him. He smiled back.

He was my first friend I had ever had. I yawned widely and looked him again and then the ground. The fire felt nice against my sullied feathers. I stretched out my wings and lied down, falling asleep.