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Plunging Swords

Chapter 1

By sakanascales876



"Shut up."


"I don't want to hear about it!"


"Don't care."

Luna rolled her eyes and stared up at her charge in agitation. Sometimes, this girl was just too much to handle, and all the stress from the enemy wasn't helping her either. Secretly, she was hoping that Usagi would just start to shape up or show some kind of improvement, but nothing of that sort had occurred as of yet.

"You need to study harder, Usagi-chan!" she scolded, eliciting a groan from the blond haired girl.

"What the heck does school work have to do with the Dark Kingdom?"

Luna sighed. "Usagi-chan, you must take this more seriously! And what do you mean, 'what does school have to do with the Dark Kingdom?' Just look at Ami-chan! Without her, we'd all be running out there like complete bakas, getting our butts kicked by youma!"

Usagi huffed and threw her long pigtail over her shoulder. "Gosh, Luna. I get this everyday from my mom, Rei-chan, my teacher, Rei-chan, my own brother, Rei-chan, and even Mamoru-baka! I sure as heck don't need it from you! So please get out of my business!"

"I'm going to put this simply," the space cat said, pacing on Usagi's bed. "You're business is my business, and I don't take business lightly. The only thing that I'm saying, is that this world needs a hero, and if you're the one who's going to do it, then you need to shape up!"

Usagi glared down at the cat before grabbing her purse and slipping on her shoes.

"Where do you think you're going?" Luna asked shrilly.

Usagi narrowed her eyes. "Out."


"You know me so well," Usagi said sarcastically, storming from the room and tossing a 'later!' over her shoulder.

Luna sighed and huddled into a comfortable position on the bed, shaking her head disapprovingly as the bold red '22' flashed back at her.

--(--)--(--)--(--)-- --(--)--(--)--(--)-- --(--)--(--)--(--)-- --(--)--(--)--(--)--

Usagi huffed angrily into the arcade, storming past all the bubbly children and all the giggling teenage girls to the counter. Motoki looked up from the counter he was cleaning, the dirty dish towel still hanging in his hand.

"Rough day?" he asked lightly.

Usagi nodded, banging her head onto the clean counter. Motoki bit his lip as he silently mourned about his once spotless table top, but quickly pushing those thoughts away as the comforting, older brother persona gently soared into him. He rubbed her back soothingly, putting his hand beneath her face to avoid a concussion due to the constant slamming of her head.

After a couple minutes, Usagi sighed, resting her chin on Motoki's hand.

"I'm sick of it," she mumbled.

"Care to elaborate?"


"Are you just going to sit here and mope?"


"Talking will make you feel better."

"Motoki-nii-san, no offense, but you'd make a terrible shrink."

Motoki prodded her gently. "Where's my cheerful Usagi? The sweet, smiling, innocent little girl whom is about to recieve a free milkshake on the house?"

"She packed her bags and moved to Spain, but the milkshake sounds lovely."

Motoki rolled his eyes although a grin was slapped onto his face. "Not until you tell me what's wrong."

Usagi raised an eyebrow. "Whip cream and cherries?"

"By the bucket load!" Motoki said theatrically, earning many strange glances from customers.

"Fine!" Usagi huffed. "I'm sick of everybody calling me stupid!" she cried, muffling her face into the counter once more.

Motoki immediately switched into brotherly comfort mode by walking quickly around the counter and engulfing her in a hug.

"Usagi-chan, you're not stupid."

"Yes I am! Motoki-nii-san, I haven't seen a score over a 65 in over nine months! I'm as usefull as a wet match in a dark cave!" she cried pathetically.

"Even so, that doesn't matter," he said. "You're the kindest most sweetest girl I've ever met and those qualities alone outshine any other bad ones that you could think of!"

"Tell that to Mamoru-baka and just about everybody else," she said sarcastically.

Motoki scoffed and waved his hand in the air. "What does that ol' Mamoru-baka know anyway?"

"Well geez Motoki-kun; didn't know you hated me that much."

Usagi groaned. "Go away Mamoru-baka."

Mamoru perched himself upon the stool next to him, earning a glare cast from Motoki. He shrugged at him innocently.

"No can do, Odango. I generally like to know what's going on when my name is tossed into a conversation when I'm not present."

Motoki was about to mouth to him to get the hell away, but Usagi's head quickly zipped up, a glare of pure hatred on her face. Had this been any other mortal, they would have melted and died, withered and died, or any combination of the two. But this was no mere mortal. This was the intelligent, sexy, immune to Usagi antics, Chiba Mamoru. If anyone could survive her, it was him, although many would think of him as a fool for even attempting this dangerous stunt.

"Go away," she said in a shaky voice, the undertone of anger clear as day.

He raised his feet and rested them on the counter, showing all signs of relaxing into a place where he was easily ready to spend hours at. Motoki gave an uncharacteristic sqeal and covered his mouth with his hand.

"Dude," he hissed. "Feet off the counter!"

Mamoru took his feet down as Motoki began to scrub the table top vigorously, muttering God-knows-what beneath his breath.

Mamoru turned his attention back to the Odangoed one, noticing how her shoulders sagged, how her hair looked extremely frazzled, and how she wasn't smiling.

"What's your teenage crisis today, Odango?"

Couldn't you just tell how much he cared?

"Go away," she repeated, ignoring his sarcasm, his mocking grin, his...everything.

Mamoru played with a straw wrapper, twisting it in his hands and not looking at her.

"But you have my curiosity now, Odango. Why were you and Motoki-kun talking about 'that ol' Mamoru-baka'?" he asked.

"Why do you even care?" she replied.

He shrugged. "I really don't. It's just immensely amusing to annoy you."

"Well it isn't for me!" she cried.

"Which makes it all the more fun."

Usagi wanted to hit him. Hard. So hard, in fact, that he would fly all the way to Siberia from the impact. She grimiced. He could easily crush her, so her wishfull thinking was going to complete waste.

Usagi threw up her hands in agitation. "Listen, Mamoru-baka. In case you haven't noticed, today really has not been my day!"

"I noticed," he said, still twiddling with the straw wrapper.

"Well, then leave me alone!" she shouted, storming out of the arcade.

Motoki then turned to Mamoru angrily. "Whatever it is that you've done, you'd better quit it."

At Mamoru's questioning look, Motoki glared at him. "Don't look at me all innocently. Something iswrong and I know it for a fact because Tsukino Usagi just left without getting a free milkshake!"

Mamoru could only shrug.

--(--)--(--)--(--)-- --(--)--(--)--(--)-- --(--)--(--)--(--)-- --(--)--(--)--(--)--

*Mizuno residence*

Ami stared down at her textbook, but she wasn't even absorbing the words. Usually, the ever so wonderful world of knowledge interested her, but today it was different. It was one of those days. The days that you knew that it was inevitable for something bad to happen. Ami couldn't quite place it, but she knew that it wasn't just a feeling. She knew for sure that something terrible was going to happen at any moment, and she couldn't help but be paranoid at every little sound and jump that sounded through her apartment. The worst part was, her mother was on shift, so if anything did happen, no one could be there to help her.

Staring blankly down at her book, Ami decided to get up and grab a snack. Pulling out a bowl of last night's takeout, Ami walked back into her room, sighing as she went back to her books.

Reading about the Peripheral Nervous System, Ami heard the front door open. Her mom wasn't supposed to be off shift yet, and Ami knew that only their landlord had a spare key. Cautiously, she approached her living room, making sure to be as quiet as possible.

Upon entering the kitchen, Ami was shocked to see her mother standing there, rummaging through her purse. Suddenly, she looked up, making Ami jump.

"Ami, how was your day?" her mom said sweetly, smiling at her. It was eerie...her mom never smiled like that. Her mom smiled, but that was more along the lines of an Usagi smile.

"Fine," she said slowly. "And yours?"

"Fantastic," Dr. Mizuno spoke.

"What are you doing home so early, mom? Your shift isn't over for another two hours."

The smile disappeared off her mother's face. "They gave me the rest off since they didn't really need the extra help,"

Gave her the day off? Doctors didn't just get the day off...unless...

"Mom," Ami asked softly. "Did you get...fired?"

"No, of course not!" Dr. Mizuno cried, laughing. "What made you think that?"

Ami twiddled her fingers on the counter. "Nothing...I just think you're acting a bit...strange."

Dr. Mizuno waved her hand and rolled her eyes. "Nonsense, I'm fine."

Ami nodded, feeling extremely nervous. Something just wasn't right here...

"I had the door locked, so how'd you get in?" Ami asked, a small shadow of doubt in her mind.

"My key, of course," she giggled. Giggled? Her mom didn't ever giggle.

Ami raised an eyebrow. "Oh? Can I borrow it then; It would seem that I misplaced mine."

Her mom looked worried for a moment, before plastering on a smile and saying, "I misplaced mine, too."

Ami crossed her arms over her chest, her eyes narrowing. "Then how'd you get in, mother?"

"You should go study, Ami. I have to go take a bath real quick," Dr. Mizuno said.

"Who are you?" Ami asked, her hand already reaching into her pocket.

Dr. Mizuno giggled nervously. "I'm your mother sill---"

"No," Ami interrupted. "My mom doesn't giggle, she doesn't smile like that, and her shift doesn't end for another two hours. She never skips work, and would never lose her key because she wears it around her neck and never takes it off. And also, you're not wearing the same outfit that she was this morning---"

Dr. Mizuno laughed nervously. "That's because a patient---"

"And last but not least," Ami said coldly. "My mother's eyes are not blue, they're hazel."

The woman standing across from her smiled evilly.

"Very good, little Mercury," she laughed coldly in a voice that was not at all her mother's. "We seemed to have pinned you correctly as being the smartest."

The room had suddenly gone very cold, and a swish of water went through the room, engulfing the woman and evaporating as quickly as it had come. Standing in Dr. Mizuno's place, was a slender woman. Her hair was white, with a tiny hint of powder blue in it, a braid covering part of her forehead. Beneath the braid, was an upside down, black, upside down, crescent moon, gleaming proudly on her pale, smiling face. She wore knee length shoes, the heels taller than all of the high heals that Ami owned together. She wore a blue swimsuit, although it was considered a bit too revealing to be called a that. Her hands were adorned with blue gloves, reaching elbow length. This woman was beautiful, but Ami knew that her intentions weren't.

"Who are you?" she asked, grasping her henshin stick firmly in her pocket.

"Does that really matter?"

Ami glared at her. "Yes, it does." Pulling her henshin stick out, she cried, "Mercury power, make---"

The stick was shot out of her hand, clattering to the floor. Her hand felt like it had been burnt, but when she looked at it, it was covered in ice. But the ice began to expand, and before she knew it, the ice began to spread around her, encasing her in some sort of shell.

"Who are you?" Ami cried, fear bubbling into her bones.

The woman gave her a toothy smile, walking up to her face. "I am Berthier, third daughter of the Ayakashi sisters, under the order of Crimson Rubeus."

She traced a finger along Ami's face as the ice covered her chin. As it covered the rest of her body entirely, Ami couldn't move, nor could she think anymore. Slipping into unconsciousness, she failed to hear Berthier's last words.

"And you, Sailor Mercury, are dead."

--(--)--(--)--(--)-- --(--)--(--)--(--)-- --(--)--(--)--(--)-- --(--)--(--)--(--)--

*Hikawa Jinja*

The fire swirled around her, reds and oranges cackling in the dark room. The dim light managed to barely illuminate her face, giving the aura of aloofness. Rei sat in the dark on her knees, praying to the sacred fire.










The fire exploded, but Rei did not move. She felt it. It was a strange aura; a bad one. Something bad was going to happen that day, but she did not know what it was. Sighing, she began to recite the prayer, hoping that this time that she would get some sort of vision as to what was going on.


She didn't move or blink an eye. "What is it, Yuuichirou?"

"I brought you some tea," he said meekly.

"I don't want any."

She still hadn't even turned around to acknowledge his presence.

"I brought bisquits, too."

Rei turned to him, the fire behind her immediately dying down. "I said that I don't want any, Yuuichirou!"

Cringing, he set down the tray by the door, muttering his apologies and exiting quickly. Rei turned back to the fire, feeling somewhat guilty. But she didn't have time for Yuuichirou then, something was happening, and she needed to know what it is. Silently, she began to pray to the fire again.










The fire roared to life, and this time, and image within it. It was a...woman. Rei leaned closer, trying to see who this was. The woman had long, purple hair, with what looked like two...cat ears on top. A purple jewel rested on top of her hair, reaching all the way down to the upside down black crescent moon shining brightly on her forehead. Her face was pale, covered with too much make up in her opinion. Around her neck, she wore a black corsage, the flower being purple while the tips of the petals being black. In a skin tight pink and purple striped suit, purple, fluffy skirt, and matching high heel, this woman looked extremely intimidating.

Rei sat back, her eyebrows scrunched in confusion. Was she this Queen Beryl that she head heard about? The aura around her definitely suggested evil, but this woman looked nothing like the Beryl that had been described to her. Sighing in frustration, she closed her eyes and rubbed her temples.

The door slid open once more, and Rei didn't turn around.

"I don't want any tea, Yuuichirou."

"No, Rei-san, someone is here to see you."

She still didn't look at him. "Send them in."

Rei only heard what sounded like high heals clicking on the floor behind her.

"That'll be all, Yuuichirou-san." Woman's voice. High pitched.

Rei didn't turn around, and the woman didn't come any closer to her.

"Are you Hino Rei?" the woman asked.


"I came all the way down here to ask you to read my fortune. You don't mind, do you?" she asked in a sultry voice.

Rei didn't like this woman. She was just like all the other snooty politics that her father was associated with. And heck, she didn't even know what this woman looked like!

"Where did you come from?" Rei asked.

She could tell that the woman was casually looking at her nails. "Oh, just from Kyoto. I heard that the Shinto priestess here was...psychic."

Rei peeked one eye open. "What did you say your name was?"

She could feel the woman grinning into her back. "I didn't."

Slowly, Rei began to stand up, not turning around. "You have a strange aura. I don't like it."

"Care to turn around and talk to me? Or are you going to continue to turn away from me like a coward?"

Rei's blood began boiling. "I suggest you leave, or your future will not end well."

"I'm working to change it."

Rei turned around in confusion, only to see the woman from the fire, looking exactly the same as she had seen her.

"You!" Rei exclaimed.


"Who are you?"

The woman smiled, walking forward slowly. "Does that really matter?"

Rei grabbed her henshin wand from her robes, raising it in the air. "Mars power, make---"

A blue fire surrounded her, and Rei found that it was difficult to breathe. She grasped her neck, choking for any amount of air she could get, but to no avail. The fire didn't even touch her, but she felt as though she was burning.

Sinking to her knees, Rei looked up at the woman through tearful eyes.

"Who are you?" she spat.

The woman grinned down at Rei. "The name's Koan, youngest of the four Ayakashi sisters. I am under the command of Crimson Rubeus, and his order is to get you."

Rei's eyes widened in shock. "What do you want from us?"

Koan walked forward the fire disappearing as she walked up to Rei. Stepping one of her stilettos on Rei's hand, she grasped the henshin stick and ripped it away from her hand. Rei reached for it, but Koan kicked her in the face, smiling as she heard a crack sound throughout the room.

The miko lay silent on the floor.

"To take back the future that's ours."

--(--)--(--)--(--)-- --(--)--(--)--(--)-- --(--)--(--)--(--)-- --(--)--(--)--(--)--

*Kino residence*

Makoto examined the long blade, her reflection gleaming back at her. Slowly, she began to chop the carrots, making sure that her fingers were out of harms way. Usually cooking assured her, made her feel happy, but today was different. Something was about to go horribly wrong, and Makoto was sure that she was prepared for it.

Looking out the window in her apartament, she noticed how the clouds now twisted and rumbled, promising that there was definately going to be rain soon.


Makoto nearly chopped her finger off! Catching her breath, she walked over to the phone.

"Hello, Kino residence."

She didn't hear anything, no answer, no hello, nothing.

"Hello?" she asked again.


Sighing, she put the phone back into the receiver, returning to the kitchen. But she noted how she wasn't alone.

Someone was standing at the counter with their back turned...chopping the carrots for her.

"Um...who are you?"

The stranger turned around, a huge smile on her face. Her green hair was tied back into a bun, not a hair out of place. She wore elbow lengthed black gloves, a dark energy eminating from the tips of her fingers. Her low cut dress was also black, a dark leather belt hanging loosely around her slim waist. With black tights and black boots, Makoto noticed oe much taller this woman was than her. She smiled evilly down at Makoto, a black, upside down crescent moon adorning her pale forehead.

"Who are you?" she repeated.

The woman smiled, setting the knife down (much to Makoto's relief) and clasped her hands together.

"You are Kino Makoto, correct?" she asked in a low, threatening voice.

Makoto nodded her head slowly. "Yeah...why?"

The woman didn't answer, but a ball of black energy suddenly formed in her hands. Makoto's eyes widened, but she immediately raised her fists, ready to fight.

"Now, you can come with me, or I will make you come with me."

Makoto shuddered at the coldness of her voice, but she didn't step down.

"Who are you?"

The woman grinned, and suddenly the ball of energy wasn't in her hand any more; it was hurdling straight at Makoto.

She jumped out of the way quickly, running towards the woman. She threw a fist at her, only to have it caught in one of the woman's hands. Twisting it painfully behind her back, the woman whispered in Makoto's ear.

"Want to rethink that answer?"

Makoto winced in pain before kicking the woman's legs from beneath her, landing a punch in her stomach. Just as she was about to run for help, the woman seized her ankles pulling Makoto to the floor. Grunting from the impact, Makoto kicked the woman in the face, struggling to stand up. But before she could move, the woman grabbed her ankle again, but this time, some sort of electrical energy surged through it, and Makoto's body began to jolt violently.

Falling to the floor, Makoto sputtered for air.

"Are you done yet?" the woman asked.

"Who--are--you?" Makoto wheezed.

"Petz. Eldest Ayakashi sister. Follower of Crimson Rubeus, and your enemy."

With one hand, she jolted more energy into Makoto, and the Amazoness lay still on the floor.

--(--)--(--)--(--)-- --(--)--(--)--(--)-- --(--)--(--)--(--)-- --(--)--(--)--(--)--

Minako wandered aimlessly down the sidewalk, arms laden with many shopping bags. Ah...allowance day. In her opinion, one of the greatest days of the year, beside her birthday of course.

Walking slowly in her yellow sundress, Minako stopped. She felt...something. It wasn't exactly a good thing either. Shrugging the feeling off, she continued to walk home, the sun slowly setting as she stepped through her front door.

Ignoring her mother and father, Minako hopped quickly up to her room, surprised to not see an angry Artemis laying on her bed. Pulling all the new clothes out of her bag, she stuffed them into her already over flowing closet, satisfied that she was still able to push it shut.

Lying on her bed, Minako stared at the ceiling, trying to count the all the splattered dots that she saw.

Huffing angrily after losing count, she rolled over and turned to the window. Being a Sailor Senshi was tough, and Minako had absolutely no idea how long it would take for them to defeat the Dark Kingdom. Heck, she didn't even know much about who the enemy was.

Absentmindedly, she reached up to touch the necklace she had bought earlier that day. In the corner of the mall, a lone woman stood and sold jewelry, her brown hair pulled back into a bun with a bow at the end, and she wore way too much make up. The woman screamed creepy in all sorts of twisted ways, but Minako was Minako, and she just couldn't resist a good piece of quality jewelry when it cam hurdling her way.

She played with the necklace again. Was it getting tighter? Almost like it was...choking her or something. She reached up to the clasp, trying to pull it off, but it was stuck. The golden necklace tightened and tightened, and Minako didn't have enough breath left in her to even scream. She sank to the floor, tears in her eyes as she knew that she wasn't breathing anymore.

A surge of light entered the room, and standing in the center of the floor was the woman from the mall earlier. Except this time she was in a different outfit. It looked like a...gold plated dress with a tiny red skirt. Her heavy golden boots looked like they weighed more than Minako, and the black crescent moon planted upside down on her forehead slightly reminded her of Luna and Artemis.

Minako felt rope tightening around her as she gasped for air. The woman was smiling evilly at her, her pearly white teeth gleaming. She tried to call for help, but no sound came out of her throat, only more gasping and choking.

"Say goodnight, Venus," the woman said mockingly, sneering as Minako's eyes began to slowly shut.

At the moment, unconciousness seemed welcoming, and Minako was glad to take it.

--(--)--(--)--(--)-- --(--)--(--)--(--)-- --(--)--(--)--(--)-- --(--)--(--)--(--)--

The wine swished back and forth in the glass as he silently toasted the air. A sickening smile was on his face, and the feeling of victory nearly over whelmed him. They had done it. The future that they had strived for was finally within their grasp, and he was going to enjoy every moment of it.

"Prince Demand?"

He turned in his seat to the woman with flowing, green hair.

"Esmeraude, what is it?" he asked, looking boredly at the glass in his hand.

"I was just wondering how far we've gotten," she replied. "Have the Senshi been...disposed of?"

He gave her a toothy smile. "Past and future. The last obstacle in my way of taking the Earth has been destroyed."

Esmeraude raised an eyebrow. "What about Serenity and Endymion? I know that they survived the attack."

The glass in Prince Demand's hand shattered, the jagged edges cutting into his hands. He trembled in fury, and Esmeraude did not move in fear that she would be the next outlet of his rage.

"Why do you think that we're in the past? If we eliminate Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Kamen, then Serenity and Endymion are finished!"

Esmeraude raised an eyebrow. "I thought that you didn't want Serenity to be killed."

His shoulders shook once more. "I don't!" he spat. "But the only way to get rid of him is to get rid of her!"

Relief spread through Esmeraude. It was something that she had longed for for a very long time. The privilege to watch Serenity be killed. She wouldn't miss it for the world. And then, once the brat was gone, Esmeraude would have Demand all to herself.

"It isn't going to work, brother."

Saphir appeared in the room, sitting across from Demand at the table. He looked past his brother at Esmeraude with piercing blue eyes. Almost as if he had known what she had been thinking.

Demand looked away from his brother calmly.

"I have heard your views and taken them into account, little brother. But believe me when I say that I will take you down the moment you get in my way."

Saphir didn't look the least bit surprised. "As to be expected. But are you really willing to kill the woman you love just so your enemy will fall. The price is heavy, and the consequences are...severe."

Prince Demand raised his glass, a look of pride on his face.

"'Tis the price of power."

Saphir raised his glass gravely.

"'Tis the price of insanity."

--(--)--(--)--(--)-- --(--)--(--)--(--)-- --(--)--(--)--(--)-- --(--)--(--)--(--)--

Usagi laid upside down on a park bench, silently giggling over the antics of Sailor V in her manga. Why couldn't being a Senshi actually be like this? The manga seemed much more fun than the real deal...and she briefly wondered how Minako must have felt about this.

Sighing, she packed up her stuff, noticing that the sun was going down and her mother would blow a gasket if she wasn't home in time for dinner. But what was the point? She had already failed her test, so she knew that her mother was going to kick her out anyway as her family sat down and ate a nice meal.

Slowly, she began to walk out of the park, wondering which delightful dish that her mother was going to make her sit out of...again.


She groaned, turning to face the annoying man.

"How many times have I told you not to call me---"

She stopped when she noticed his profile. It was Mamoru, but he looked different. His black hair was a bit longer, a stuble of five o' clock shadow covering his cheeks. He was more tan, and more muscular, if possible. Before, Mamoru towered over her, but now, her was a skyscraper! Usagi gulped and unconciously took a step back, drawing a baffled expression from him.

"What?" he asked.

"Nothing! You, erm...just look...older."

He smirked. "Maybe you just haven't been looking closely," he purred. Purred? And, he wasn't even in the same outfit he had been in at the Arcade!

"Are you feeling alright, Mamoru-baka?" she asked nervously.

He nodded quickly, looking at the sky. "Come on Odango, let's go."

He grabbed her arm, pulling her with him. She squealed and tried to free herself of the manacle that was his hand.

"Where the heck are you taking me baka!" she cried.

He didn't look back. "Erm...back to the Arcade."

She looked at him incredulously. "Why the heck are we going there! I just want to go home!"

"Motoki needs you," he said.

"What for?"

He hesitated for a moment. "Because you...forgot your milkshake."

"Are you on crack? I don't want the milkshake!"

"It's not safe out here," he muttered.


"Because of me."

They both turned around, Mamoru immediately pushing Usagi behind his back. She gulped as she noted the muscular arm in front of her. Peeking around the stone man in front of her, she saw a man with fiery red hair, a black, upside down crescent moon on his forehead. With the camouflage outfit he was wearing, he looked like an army soldier, except much more intimidating.

"Who are you?" she asked, receiving a warning glare from Mamoru.

"My name is Crimson Rubeus, and I'm here only to kill you."

Usagi gasped in shock, reaching into her pocket for her broach when Mamoru grabbed her arm, pulling it away. She looked up at him curiously, wondering what he was doing.

"Go ahead and do it," he said.

Usagi swatted his arm. "Are you insane, Mamoru-baka?" she cried.

His icy glare silenced her. "Trust me," he muttered.

Rubeus did not look at them, but tiny little spheres of black and pink energy appeared in his hands.

"Ready?" he asked, an evil smirk on his face.

Mamoru didn't answer as the energy was hurled at them. He covered his arms around Usagi who was shrieking, and soon they were covered in blinding pink light. Rubeus laughed at the minor explosion he had caused, people around them screaming and running.

When the power ceded, the only thing left of them was a crater. Inside, a dirty white, masquerade mask gleamed back up at them, showing that the Earth's two heroes were gone.

And at that moment, every child, parent, grandmother, and grandfather found that on every channel, every television, and every radio relayed the same message.

Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Kamen are dead.


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