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There were always more than twelve girls born with the mark every three hundred years. For most, the mark would fade with time, but for some, they would last. Only those who knew suffering, guilt, regret and pain would keep the mark from disappearing. The Himes were not chosen by destiny; instead destiny found them at the height of their pain and called them to take up arms in the fight for the future. Thus they danced the most deadly of waltzes in the Carnival of the Hime star.


It was a hot summer day. Not a cloud was in the sky, and the sun was bearing down on the inhabitants of the city. Mai walked around in search of something fun, but found herself burdened by the constant presence of her younger brother.

Tokiha Takumi was born a sickly young boy and was very attached to his sister. Mai hated his presence since it prevented her from having any real fun with her friends. Unfortunately, the duties of an elder sister never ended. Her mother told her to keep an eye on the younger boy and ensure his safety in absence of the adult's presence.

The girl kicked a can on the ground. "I hate Takumi." She muttered to herself.

"Onee-chan wait," cried the four-year-old boy as he desperately tried to keep up with his sister's ever increasing pace.

Mai sighed and wished she was an only child. She stopped and studied their surroundings while waiting for the younger boy. They were in a small shopping arcade, the one closest to their home. She spotted a friend from school and greeted her warmly. "Rin-chan" she yelled and waved her arms for attention.

"Mai-chan," the other girl screamed back. They walked towards each other and shared a hug. "Wanna come to my house and play?" offered the classmate.

Mai frowned, how could she play if she had a tagalong brother? She turned to face Takumi, who had finally caught up. He panted for breath while slowly moving his stubby legs towards the new friend.

"Onee-chan I'm tired." He complained.

"Okay, we'll find somewhere to sit." There went her chance at a fun day. "I'm sorry Rin-chan; I have to watch Takumi." Her classmate nodded with understanding.

She looked around for a nice place to sit. A bench was located outside the game arcade. Mai thought it was the perfect place to leave her brother. She gave him all the change she carried and told him to play in the store while she was with her friends. He would be fine. There was always a manager around to watch the kids.

The plan was perfect, except that Takumi really sucked at the games and didn't have enough coins. Depressed at the end of his fun, he began to wander the street in search of something more interesting. A striped cat crossed his path.

"Fun," he thought and began to chase it. The cat tried to escape Takumi's small and grubby hands.

It jumped up onto the railing of a bridge that crossed the river. The little boy wanted, no, needed to follow it, so he too climbed up onto the rail. The wind blew, he was unsteady. The cat ran off, but he was too scared to get down. The water below passed so quickly, and he was too high up.

"Onee-chan," he cried. A strong gust pushed through the air. He lost his balance and fell into the rushing water.

The Tokiha mother had been shopping in the nearby area when she heard screams about a little boy in the river. Out of curiosity she quickly rushed to the scene, only to see her little boy drowning in the rapids.

"Takumi!" she screamed and jumped in to save her son. It was a terrible idea. The water pushed her in directions she didn't want to go. It forced itself into her lungs and took away her strength.

She didn't give up. Her son needed her, and there was no way she would let him drown. The boy's head was beneath the rapids. She had to save him. Mrs. Tokiha dived down and fought against the cold, deadly water. Her hand grabbed his little one. His head came back up to the surface. Local people came out with ropes and nets to grab the two. They were saved.

Mai had gone back to the arcade in search of her brother. She had a lot of fun playing at Rin-chan's house, but it was time to go. She panicked when she couldn't find them. A local acquaintance recognized her and told her what happened.

They went home. Mai was punished for her severe mistake. There was nothing at that moment that could make her feel guiltier, that is, until two months later when her mother lay on her deathbed at the hospital.

Their family wasn't rich, so only Takumi was treated after the incident. Mrs. Tokiha claimed to be fine, but it wasn't true. The water had gotten into her lungs; she developed pneumonia. At first the family thought it was a cold, and let it go for too long. By the time they went to the doctor, all they could do was hope and pray that antibiotics would work.

"Take care of Takumi." Was the last words Mrs. Tokiha ever spoke to her eldest child.

Mai took it to heart. She blamed herself. If she hadn't been so selfish that day, her mother would still be around.

Mr. Tokiha took the death hard. In an effort to forget, he buried himself in work. He was the typical everyday salaryman who slaved for his company. It used to be that he put his family first, but after the death of his wife, everything changed. At home he drank a lot. He never hurt the kids, but ignored them. Every time he looked at his daughter, he blamed her. His eyes held for her a hidden glint of distaste and anger.

It hurt, but Mai kept silent, and did what she promised; she took care of Takumi. When his heart problem arose, she began working at part time jobs. She would do anything to keep her mother's last request.

Her father became more depressed as the news hit him. Bills weren't really that much of an issue. The family had saved a lot of money as he racked up overtime pay and they didn't spend much; it was just another issue that burdened on his soul. He loved his children, and though he blamed Mai, the guilt of feeling that way haunted him. Drinking away his agony seemed the only solution.

Mai woke up one morning to find him slumped over on the dinner table. She moved to wake him, but he wouldn't budge.

"Wake up dad. You're late for work." He always left early. He worked sixteen hour days on average. At home he would drink for two more then go to bed, though sometimes he would just sleep at the table. Usually on such days, it would take a little time for him to reorient himself to the world. Today, it took unusually long.

"Dad?" Mai called, she was getting desperate. Her arms desperately pulled his body up. She felt his skin; it was cold.

"No," she said. Her eyes welled up with tears. "Daddy?"

His skin had become a pale white. His lips were blue. He was dead.

She called for emergency services right away; maybe they could bring him back.

"Nee-chan?" a sleepy Takumi began to walk into the dining room. Mai screamed for him to stay out. He got scared. She didn't want him to see their father like this.

The paramedics declared him dead on site. Later she was told it was alcohol poisoning. Another death was on her shoulders. It was all because she left her brother alone just so she could play with a friend. Her mother died, because she saved her brother. Now her father drank himself to death, because he loved her mother.

Mai did her best to stay strong at the funeral. Her relatives could only look down on her with pity.

"Poor child," they all chanted over and over.

None of them wanted to care for the siblings, especially Takumi who came with a large medical bill. Mai managed to fight for guardianship. She was old enough to be on her own, and she proved she could care for her brother. Her father's life insurance and money from selling their house could pay for Takumi's expensive healthcare.

The only thing left was to graduate from high school. She looked at the fliers. Fuuka Academy offered her a full scholarship and housing. It was almost too good to be true.


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