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Chapter 1 - FasterHarder


"Look at all the thoroughbreds."

"No Em, The horses not the girls." My brother exasperated me to no end.

"Aw Eddie, but that's the fun of racing in SoCal," Emmett moped.

We were midway through the summer season. Instead of staying up north at Santa Rosa my dad, Carlisle, was moving us up the ranks and we were here at Del Mar. Being just a few miles up the coast from San Diego the weather was perfect.

"But Eddie, all the bare skin is getting to me, the skimpy dresses and short shorts. What do you expect of me?"

I had to laugh, "I guess exactly what you are doing!"

It wasn't all the skin that I could see that had captured my attention. I had seen this girl, nope woman, who was almost completely covered. A short sleeve purple t-shirt hugged tightly to her torso. Her white riding pants, impossibly clean for where she was, showed off the curves of her hips and ass in a most delicious way. The pants disappeared into knee high boots. I wasn't imagining what was under the clothes (at least not much) it was the glorious chestnut hair that cascaded nearly to her waist in soft waves I wanted to wrap my hands into. I wondered if I would see her again???


"I'll meet you at the box when you are done," Charlie called out.

"I'll be right there." I just had to stow some gear. Our horse had left the paddock and was headed for the track. She had a good chance against of the field of seven other horses. After all, in a maiden race anything could happen.

I feel like such a shlump in my riding gear even if I had gotten to choose our stables colors. Our jockeys wore our purple silks with a white swan on the back and a purple cap. All the girls in this town with their golden tans, blonde hair, and clothes that used miniscule amounts of fabric, UGH!

I made my way to our box. Swan Stables was being represented today by my dad Charlie, me, and my two best friends who were visiting for the week, Alice and Rose.

When I got there Alice was true to form bouncing up and down with excitement. Rose on the other hand was just blasé. The three of us couldn't be more different and couldn't love each other more. None of us shared any physical characteristics. Alice tiny with short black hair, Rose tall and statuesque with long blonde hair, then there is me boring Bella just short of average height with mousy brown hair. We worked well together although inexplicably.

The horses had reached the starting gate and were being loaded into position.

"And they're off!" shouted the announcer.

We were on our feet screaming for our horse.



Even Rose joined in bouncing up and down screaming along.



The horses were coming around the final turn and into the home stretch. We were only half a length off the lead with less than a furlong to go.



The horses stampeded across the finish line.

"It's too close to call, we've got to wait for the photo folks," the announcement came.

"Let's get down front," Charlie said' "I think we got this one."


"FasterHarder!" I kept hearing being screamed from behind me.

Emmett was elbowing me hard. Jasper was pulling me to turn around.



Who in the right mind gave their horse that name?

As the three of us and now Carlisle too were no longer watching the race. We searched the boxes to find the source of the screaming.


There was my goddess jumping up and down for all she was worth. Her chestnut hair flying, her chocolate eyes sparkling and screaming, "FasterHarder!"

Lord I wanted her screaming that adding my name to the end as I thrust into her over and over again.

I was vaguely aware that the race had ended. My goddess, two other girls, and a man came racing down the stairs past us.

"The race results are official. Finishing first by a nose; FasterHarder, followed closely by Round the Bend and Felix's Fancy," the track announcer said.

The foursome that had run by us was now standing in the winner's circle with their horse taking pictures.

"Dad, I'm going to run down to the barn and check on our horses. I'll be back later."

Looking at me with a smirk he answered, "Why don't you take Jasper and Emmett with you too."

Well I could always use a pair of wingmen so I didn't disagree and we headed off in the same direction that my goddess had gone only moments before.


The four of us walked FasterHarder back to the barn area.

"Bella, why don't you and your friends have some fun? I'll have Seth warm-up Sheza Comin' for the last race."

"Thanks Dad!"

"Alice..Rose… come with me to RV while I get cleaned up."

The three of us made our way to the RV we used as we traveled from track to track. It was a nice place to retreat to. Rose and Alice sat down with a glass of wine in the sitting area while I made a dash through the shower. I really didn't want to spend the rest of the day carrying around 'eau de horse'. Not the most appealing fragrance. I slipped into a flirty floral print sundress and grabbed a light sweater. It was warm now but I knew that as the sun set the breeze off the Pacific would cool things down quickly.

Pouring myself a glass of wine I plopped myself down and asked, "What's on the agenda ladies?"

Alice in all her bouncy glory replied, "Finish your wine and then we are going on a scavenger hunt!"

"What are we 10 years old?" I moaned.

"No silly girl there is only one item on our scavenger hunt list…guess."

"You know I am no good at guessing games just tell me please."

"MEN," they both shouted.

Well there had to be some good looking boys … no MEN… for us to hunt down. After draining the last drop from the wine bottle we exited the RV and headed back to the track.

"Let the hunt begin!" We shouted in unison a little giddy from the wine.


We headed for our barn first trying to be inconspicuous while tailing the girls. Our horse would be in the race after next and should be nearly ready. We found our trainer Demetri and he seemed very confident that She's A Vamp would do well.

Leaving the area that Cullen Farms was using we went in search of Swan Stables' barn.


"Stop calling me Eddie… geez Emmie .. how many times do I have to ask?"

"Probably about a million more... as I was saying… Eddie… did you see that tall blonde? Her long legs and the curves… aww man she looks delicious."

"I hadn't noticed."

Jasper piped in, "What about that tiny little thing with the short black hair? She looks like she is a spirited one."

"Nope," I replied popping the p.

They were both staring at me. "What?"

They both starting talking at once wanting to know how I could have been so blind to the women they seemed to be enthralled by. I had my eye on the prize, at least figuratively. The woman I was seeking was nowhere in sight.

I noticed Demetri walking She's A Vamp out of the barn area.

"Hey we gotta get back to the track. Our next horse is headed for the paddock and I need to be there."

All three of us were disappointed that we had not been able to find the girls who had been screaming FasterHarder earlier.


"Let's stop by the paddock first. I want to check out the horses. We might be racing against one of them later in the meet."

We wandered over to the paddock area and were able to find space at the rail to watch as the horses paraded around. Owners and their friends and family were allowed inside the paddock area but since we didn't have a horse in this race we had to stay with the rest of the crowd to watch the goings on.

"Look at that fine stallion," murmured Rose softly in my ear.

"Rose, you know these are all fillies. Do you need an anatomy lesson?"

"No look over there." I followed her gaze and saw a group of men surrounding the number 5 horse.

"Which one?"

"Tall, broad shoulders, slim waist, curly dark hair… do you see him?"


"Bella.. look at that tall blonde."

"Alice… which blonde guy? There are dozens here."

"The one by the number 5 horse. Do you see him? Oooo I just want to dig my fingers into those curls or maybe that tight bum." She grinned evilly.

Now don't get me wrong the objects of their desires were good looking but as I watched the action near the 5 horse I saw the man of my fantasies step into view. He looked to be a little over six feet and put together with just the right amount of muscle. He had a grace that matched the race horses. His golden brown mane seemed to fly in all directions as if refusing to be tamed. Please let me try to tame it.

I reached in my bag and pulled out my racing program. Quickly flipping to the seventh race I ran my finger down the listing to number 5.

"That's a Cullen Farms horse… She's A Vamp."

"So Alice does this mean our scavenger hunt is over?"

"Not by a long shot. We need to get up close and personal."


We followed Demetri to the paddock and watched as She's A Vamp was paraded around the small circle. I left Jasper and Emmett to their own devices in the grassy area in the middle of the paddock and went to help saddle She's A Vamp and talk to our jockey for this race. Reynaldo Bustos was on a winning streak and I had high hopes for it to continue today. Now that She's A Vamp was all saddled up and I talked strategy with Rey and Demetri I rejoined Jasper and Emmett.

"Hey guys, I'm all done here. Let's get to our seats."

As we walked back I was keeping a watchful eye out for the 'FasterHarder' girls. I knew we all were.

Emmett had practically been drooling as he raved about the blonde. Jasper got all girly and dreamy eyed over the smallest of the trio.

"There you guys are," called Carlisle as we reached the Cullen Farms box. "The horses are on the track."

I know we have a horse in this race but I just couldn't focus on the track. I kept glancing over my shoulder hoping, NO praying, that they would be back in their seats. I kept looking for the purple shirt wrapped tightly around those magnificent curves and the brown pony tail that had swayed as she moved. I found the other two girls but the object of my desires was no where to be seen. I was scanning the stands when I saw her skipping down the steps. She had changed clothes and was in a sundress that just skimmed the tops of her knees, her shoulders were bare and the neckline revealed a hint of cleavage.


"I'm back and I've got the winning ticket!" I waved it over my head as I came down the last of the stairs. Now Swan Stables didn't have a horse in this race but Alice said she had a feeling and just knew that She's A Vamp was a winner. There is no way I'll bet against one of Alice's feelings so I had run up to the ticket window and made the bet.

As I got back to our box I noticed someone staring at me. When I reached Rose and Alice I pulled them close to me.

I whispered, "I think we have a fan club cuz there are those three guys we saw at the paddock and they are staring this way."

Alice started to turn but I quickly grabbed her and hissed, "Don't look!"

"Do you know who they are?" questioned Rose.

"I think they are with Cullen Farms. They own the horse She's A Vamp that I just bet on!"

"Bella, can we turn around now? This is starting to feel a little childish."

I released my grip on Rose and Alice and we casually took our seats. Taking a deep breath to steady myself I looked directly at the man who had captured my attention and mouthed a silent 'Hello."

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