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Chapter 4- BellaBellaBella

Bella stood and walked me to the door. "Do you have far to go?" she asked.

"Actually no," now I was embarrassed, "Only about fifty feet. I am staying just down the hall here."

The tension of the moment had relaxed and I pulled her in for a quick kiss good-night and released her before I could lose control.

"Good night Edward."

"Good night Bella. I will see you in the morning," I promised her as she closed her door and I headed back to my own room.


I sighed deeply as I closed and locked the door behind me. I took the few steps necessary and flopped down on the bed.

This night had taken an unexpected turn. I had really enjoyed spending time with Edward and not in a million years would I have thought that I would let my emotions and hormones take reign over my body as they had.

I could feel every nerve ending sparking and cracking under my skin. I had never felt so alive. I had left my stash of latex-free condoms at my apartment back home in Washington never expecting to let a race track romance happen and especially never progress this far.

Edward's kisses had ignited something within me that I had never felt before. Was this just rampant hormones? Passion? Dare I even think it…love? I think I need a good smack up side of my head from Rose so I could think straight.

This tender kisses he had trailed across my shoulders had made my toes curl. His breathy kisses across my breasts had sent a wild fire flowing over my skin. I had been kissed before, but never like this and I certainly had never had a reaction like this to a kiss. That must mean something, right? I told myself.

Regrettably I knew that tomorrow was another race day and I had responsibilities and a trip to a pharmacy to take care of. I hauled myself off the bed and moved to change into my night clothes. Tomorrow could not come soon enough.




Beep, beep, beep

Beep, beep, beep

My hand slammed down on the annoying alarm clock beside the bed. It had interrupted a wonderful dream that included me, Edward, and a hay loft. My nipples and girly bits were left aching. I couldn't remember ever having a dream that left me feeling like this.

I dragged my sorry ass out of bed and trudged to the shower. I thanked my lucky stars that the bath had a hand held massaging shower head and I would get some relief soon. The water was hot instantly and I climbed in and pulled the shower curtain shut. There was immediate relief as the pounding rhythm of the water pulsed against my skin, all of my skin. I shampooed and washed maybe taking a little extra time with my hands to make sure everything was clean. Sure right, keep telling yourself that.

Refreshed by the shower I was happier to get dressed and ready for my day. I made quick calls to both Alice and Rose and was told in no uncertain terms that I had woken them and they would meet me later at the track. Well, this was supposed to be a vacation for them so I couldn't fault them for wanting to sleep in longer even if it was nearly 9 o'clock.

I made my way downstairs to the breakfast bar the hotel had set up just off the lobby and grabbed a quick bite to eat. I nodded good mornings to some of the other owners and trainers I had begun to recognize. The hotel was obviously a popular location for those of us working the race circuit.

As I sat finishing off the last bite of my chocolate chocolate-chip muffin, my cell phone buzzed in my pocket. "Good morning Dad."

"Good morning Bella, did you sleep well? When are you going to get to the track?"

"I slept great thanks. And I should be there in about a half hour. I have a quick errand I need to run and I will meet you at the barn, okay?"

"That's fine, see you then." And the phone clicked off.

I threw away my breakfast trash and went to the concierge to call me a cab and tell me where I could find a Walgreen's or Rite-Aid nearby.

The taxi arrived shortly and waited for me while I ran into the Rite-Aid and then dropped me off close to the barn area. I went to our RV first to stash my purse with my purchase tucked safely away inside it. That was one thing Charlie definitely did not need to see.

I headed over to the barns assigned to Swan Stables to find Charlie. I passed by FasterHarder and ShezaComin' stopping a moment with each to scratch their foreheads. I found Charlie with BellaBellaBella who would be racing in the sixth race today. She had been slowly improving. She had finally placed in the money in her last race but still hadn't come in first. Hopefully today would be the day.

"Hey Dad!"

"Morning Bells."


Well I exaggerated, it was only about thirty feet until I reached the door to my hotel room. Thirty measly feet. Two rooms separating us. It could have been an ocean or an inch, it was too much. It had been incredibly hard to walk away from Bella, but I knew in my heart of hearts that it was the right thing to do.

I know we could have satisfied each other without doing the 'deed' but I had my doubts about my level of resistance and Bella… well… I think she was doubting hers as well.

My need had thankfully subsided and I got myself ready for bed.




Who is calling me when I am buried deep in this goddess? Go away! She is crying out "faster harder". I plunge into her as hard as I am able and I don't think I can go any faster. My heart is beating wildly.

I can vaguely recognize my cell vibrating off the night stand and crashing to the floor before it stops.

Ring… Ring… the phone jangles in my brain.

Shit … it was all a dream. "Hello?" I mutter as I pick up the receiver.

"Son, wake up! I want you at the track in thirty minutes! Get a move on."

I mumbled something in return as I hung up the phone.

I dragged my sorry ass to the bathroom and turned on the shower. Hot or cold which will it be? Hot… I had a dream that had not reached its climax, so to speak, and I didn't want to suffer all day long.

When I walked past Bella's door I stopped and listened for movement to see if she might be up. Nothing. Silence. My hand brushed the door wistfully. As much as I had enjoyed my dream the reality was that I wanted Bella, but I wanted it to be slow and gentle. I wanted it to last and not be rushed.

Without realizing it I had gotten on the elevator and had reached the lobby. I grabbed two apples, one for me and one for Esme's Pride, and a banana nut muffin and trotted to my car. I didn't have any problem eating in a rental. I would never do that to my baby back home.

Arriving at the barn at the ungodly hour of 5 a.m. I found Carlisle speaking with Demetri in Esme's Pride's stall.

"Good Edward I'm glad you're here. Take Esme out and start warming her up. Then we'll take her out to run some."


Charlie had promised that I wouldn't need to work this weekend and he stayed true to his word. That didn't mean that I still wouldn't check in and see what's what with the horses. BellaBellaBella would be racing in the late maiden, the sixth race. Our only other horse racing today was GimmeMore in the eighth.

"Dad, I'm going so see where Rose and Alice are. I'll talk to you later."

"Bye Bells. If you don't sit in the box I'll see you in the paddock before the sixth race."

I took off for the RV to retrieve my cell and called up Alice. "Good morning."

It never failed. She was always chipper. "Did you have fun last night?"

She began to regale me on all things Jasper. When she paused to take a breath I interrupted with, "Have you seen Rose this morning?"

"She's right here with me."

"And where is here?"

"The bar overlooking the paddock."

"Having a morning cocktail?" I asked as I started walking in that direction.

"Nope. Just watching a trio of incredibly attractive men walk a horse in circles." Now I quicken my pace.

How could I have forgotten? Edward had said that they had a horse in the early maiden race. I arrived at the bar slightly winded from the brisk pace I had set.

"Hey girls."

They were sipping mimosas and had one there ready for me. We shared stories of how we had spent the evening after the concert. All the while we kept an eye on the paddock and the three gorgeous men who had captured our attention and dare I say hearts. At the very least our libidos.

When we saw the jockeys mount their horses we took that as our cue to head to the paddock.


Six hours! I knew this was a lot of work raising and caring and training horses to race, but having to be at the barn six hours before the race was ungodly. I think Carlisle was trying to show me what this life was like warts and all to confirm that this was truly the career I wanted to pursue. This was a second career for Carlisle so I hadn't grown up in this life, it was still relatively new to me. The rush you got when your horse won was intoxicating.

Shortly before it was time to head to the paddock with Esme's Pride I was able to sneak out for a quick shower and put on a change of clothes. Carlisle assured me that since Emmett and Jasper were here that I could have the rest of the day off. I sent of a text to Emmett and Jasper to meet me in the paddock in five minutes.

Ten minutes later they finally wandered over to me as I saddled up Esme's Pride. They were both wearing shit-eating grins but thankfully spared me the details of how they spent the night.

I had told Bella I would see her this morning but hadn't yet. But, after getting our jockey up in the saddle I noticed three extraordinary women headed our way. The grin that spread over my face alerted Emmett and Jasper and they turned to see Bella, Alice and Rose now leaning on the rail.

We said a quick goodbye to Carlisle and Demetri and made our way to join up with them.

In some ways it felt like we had known each other for a long time for when we reached them we paired off in embraces and kisses that I normally would have classified as too much PDA. But this felt right.

We made our way through the crowd and found some space at the rail near the finish line to await the start of the race. I held Bella to my chest as we watched the horses parade before they trotted off to the starting gate. She was wearing a dark navy blue tank and a white skirt that came nearly to her knees. Her bare arms were silky smooth under my hands. She felt divine in my arms.

"And they're off," the announcer's voice broke through my daze. We all began chanting, "Esme. Esme. Esme," as the horses flew around the track. Unfortunately today was not to be the day for Esme's Pride to break out of the maiden ranks although she did place second.

Bella turned to me, "I'm sorry Edward."

"Not a problem. We'll race her again next week, maybe in the longer maiden."

Turning to my friends, "What are your plans for today?"

"I think Rose and I are going to go wander around the Microbrew Festival."

Jasper had a blanket tucked in a bag over his shoulder and said, "Alice and I are gonna go hang out in the infield for awhile."

"Alice, Rose… how about we all meet at the paddock before the sixth race in about two hours?" We all agreed to meet then and went our separate ways. Bella and I decided to head to her box to sit and watch the races.


It was already getting hot in the sun and I was glad Edward agreed to go to the box and sit in the shaded seats. Charlie would be staying in the barn area until the sixth race so we had the space to ourselves if you don't count the hundreds of people surrounding us that is.

We picked horses for each race but never made a bet. Idle chit chat of no particular consequence was the order of the day. We did discover that we both went to the University of Washington. I was at the Seattle campus and Edward was at the Tacoma campus. Only 30 minutes away…hmmm…possibilities?

He had draped his arm over the back of my chair and was twirling my curls around his fingers. His eyes sparkled as we talked about following the racing circuit.

I had shifted in my seat recrossing my legs when Edward's free hand darted out, "What's this?" he asked as he reached for my knee. The bottom edge of one of my tattoos was peeking out from under the hemline of my skirt.

I stopped the progression of his hand and said, "A tattoo."

"What is it?" Edward kept fingering the edge of my skirt trying to get a look.

"A riding crop."

"Can I see it?"

"Maybe later if you are very good."

"Oh, I promise to be very good," he said with a smirk and I smirked right back. "Do you have any other tattoos?"


"Any I can see right now?"

I lifted the hair off my neck and turned slightly to show off the small horseshoe tattoo behind my right ear. "This was my first one."

"Any others?"

"I guess you will just have to wait and see," I said grinning mischievously.

Tattooing was a way to keep memories with me as we traveled around the country with our horses. I had been doing this most of my life and I had marked myself as reminders of the highlights as soon as I was able. I had always tried to spend a good part of the summer and some of my school breaks traveling with Charlie from track to track.

Before I knew it, it was nearly time for the sixth race and we headed to the paddock. I wanted to say hi to Charlie and see BellaBellaBella. We all converged on the paddock at the same time and I left the group standing on the grassy area in the middle and went to talk to Charlie.

"Hey Dad. How's it looking?"

"Pretty good but I am worried about SoundsGood. I caught her work out this morning and she is fast."

"I will keep my fingers crossed and I'll see you later." Giving him a quick peck on the cheek I rejoined my friends.

"Everything okay?"

"Yeah, Charlie is just worried about the competition. Let's go watch the race."

The bell clanged as the horses broke from the starting gate and barely a minute later it was over.

The announcement came, "Finishing first by a nose is Pixie Dust followed by SoundsGood and BellaBellaBella."

Crap. I know we can't win them all but it was still a disappointment.

Since each of our boxes only sat four we headed back to the bar overlooking the paddock and were luck enough to snag a table under an umbrella. The day was surprisingly warm.

"So Bella, what's our wager going to be on the eighth race?"

The rest of our group focused on Edward's question. "Cullen Farms and Swan Stables are both in the eighth race. We thought a little friendly wager was in order."

Everyone threw out there suggestions no matter how ludicrous. And some of them were hilarious. And some possibly illegal. But settled on the tame—loser buys the winner dinner.

My GimmeMore would be racing against Edward's MeadowDream and five other horses.

Before I knew it the race was over and I was doing my little happy dance around Edward. GimmeMore didn't win but she had beat MeadowDream across the finish line.

"Bella, Emmett and I going to head back to the hotel now and clean up. We are going into San Diego to go to a night club I read about. Do you want to join us?"

I looked at Edward and he was shaking his head and I had no problem declining their offer. Alice and Jasper were going to the Wild Animal Park which was open late for the summer. The two couples left us to our own devices.

"So any idea where you would like to go for dinner tonight?"

"Actually there is a little deli I found that will make up picnic baskets. How about we do that and take it to the beach?"


"That sounds perfect." I was pretty tired having to be at the barn so early this morning. I had Jaspers blanket so we left the track and went to the deli.

After placing our dinner order at the deli I dragged Bella next door to a bakery I had spied when we drove up. We picked out dark chocolate truffles for our dessert before returning to the deli.

Picnic dinner, dessert, and a nice bottle of wine in hand we drove the short distance to the beach.

People were packing up and leaving the beach as we arrived so it was peaceful there. I laid out the blanket for us to sit on and in all honesty we dove into the food since we had never eaten lunch today. We sat drinking the wine in silence as the sun set over the Pacific.

Bella was watching the sunset. I was watching Bella. The light was tinting her hair with reds and golds as the light breeze lifted strands to flutter around her face. I reached up to brush a strand from her face. She turned to face me and I leaned in to kiss her. It was even better than I remembered from last night. She shuddered slightly and I realized that her arms were covered in goose bumps.

"Shall we head back to the car?"

She nodded and I helped her to her feet gathering the remains of our meal and the blanket in one hand and wrapping my other arm around her shoulders. I rubbed her arm trying to chase away the cold as we walked.

"Where to now?"

"How about we go back to the hotel and watch a movie. I brought a lot of DVDs with me or we can choose something off the pay-per-view."

That sounded just right and I told her so.

When we got back to her room she showed me her collection of movies and I told her to pick. I really hoped that we wouldn't actually be watching the movie. She handed me The Holiday and asked me to get it set up before she disappeared into the bathroom.

"I'll be right back."

I got the movie all ready to play. I kicked off my shoes and climbed onto the bed to await her return. Thank God it was a brief wait. She came out in a pair of extremely short shorts and the same tank sans bra. She was a sight to behold.

Bella scooted up onto the bed next to me and curled into my side. I hit play on the remote and not once did I look at the screen.

I thought I may burst into flames from the heat of her body pressed alongside mine. Remembering from earlier the peek I had at the tattoo on her inner thigh I ventured another look. Brazenly I trailed a finger from the inside of her knee up her thigh. Up the length of the tattooed riding crop.

"Where does it end," I whispered.

"I suppose you will have to figure that out for yourself," was her cheeky reply.

I took her challenge to heart and sliding my fingertips inside the waistband of her shorts lowered them off of her lithe figure. After passing them off over her feet and tossing them aside I went back to my explorations. The flogger end of the riding crop ended at the crease at the top most point of her inner thigh. As I stroked the ink on her skin I could feel her heart rate accelerating. Her breathing was shallow and erratic as if she were forgetting to breathe. The heat radiating off her just centimeters away was like putting you hand on a cook top that had been turned off recently, no flames but plenty of heat.

The movie droned on but neither of us were paying it any attention.

I turned her face to mine and captured her lips. "Breathe Bella" And she did. Our lips were feather light touches until she put one hand at the nape of my neck and pulled me in deepening the kiss. Her tongue stroked my lips and I opened to her and we met each taking turns to discover more.


Thank goodness Edward reminded me to breathe. His finger tip stroking up and down my thigh was sending my heart into overdrive. Pulling his lips to mine deepening the kiss was just …uungh! Wonderful lips! Marvelous tongue! I couldn't get close enough.

His stroking fingers had moved to where I had been itching for more friction. Pushing my panties aside, he stroked up and down across my slit. I couldn't be bothered to be embarrassed by how wet I was. He plunged two fingers into me with no warning and I moaned deeply at the feel as they twisted and turned within me. Exploring my depths. The heel of his hand rubbed relentlessly on my clit sending me over the edge.

My hands on his still clothed chest grappled with the buttons of his shirt pushing it back to expose the chiseled planes of his chest that had a dusting of soft curls. He released his hand from me and shrugged off his shirt. Then he reached for the hem of my shirt inching it up my chest exposing me to him. He leaned down and took one nipple into his mouth scraping his teeth over my already hardened peak and sending shock waves down to my heated core. His hand massaged my neglected breast until he switched sides. I thought all my bones had turned to mush in this sensory overload I was experiencing.

I tugged on his belt, "Too much … too many clothes."

Breaking contact he removed his trousers and nestled back between my thighs. His hands roamed my body not knowing where to begin or where to stop.

His kisses trailed across my jaw and up and down my throat. He whispered, "Did you have a chance to get to a pharmacy?"

In response I reached down between us and creeping my hand into his boxer briefs I grabbed hold of his impressive manhood and softly stroked the length dragging my thumb over the tip spreading the moisture already evident, "Yes."

"Bella, please let me be inside you," came his pleading voice.

Who was I to deny his need. Mine was just as great. We each stripped of our last remaining garments.

I had set my purse on the nightstand when we had come into the room earlier. I reached in and pulled out my very important purchase. Latex-Free condoms. In my haste I sent condoms flying several landing on the bed and I could only giggle at the absurdity.

I grabbed the one that had landed closest and gingerly tore open the pack. Edward had sat back on his heels kneeling between my thighs as I had made of mess of things but he let out a soft moan when I stroked him twice and rolled the condom over him.

We were both ready for this. I cradled him between my thighs as he slowly pressed into me. Too slowly, I dug my heels into his ass driving him forward.

I gasped at the sensation of him filling me so completely. Slowly he rocked in and out of me. The sensations were driving me insane. "Faster…harder," I urged. Edward threw back his head and laughed and I joined him. The motion was different and delicious. His speed increased as I was once again pushed over the precipice.

I pressed against Edward's shoulders all while keeping us firmly connected and flipped him onto his back. Straddling him I lifted nearly off him and then quickly sank down upon him. He pressed deeper into me in this position. The feeling was decadent. His hands on my hips let him control my pace until I leaned forward and his hands moved up my torso as I continued to rock. He took my breast into his mouth suckling tenderly. I quickened my pace. "Edward, cum with me," I begged. He had already given me such enormous pleasure that I wanted him to have the same. As our movements reached a fevered pitch Edward's climax was evident on his face, the tendons of his neck straining against the force of it, then the relaxing of his whole self. His light thrusts as he came down from his high pushed me to my third orgasm of the evening. We stayed connected until our breathing and hearts slowed to a more normal pace. We broke our hold on each other to let Edward dispose of the used condom then wrapped ourselves in each others embrace. I had never had a sexual experience such as this. I now understood the meaning of post-coital bliss.

The ending credits were playing on the television screen. Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet had gotten their happily ever afters, maybe I was getting one too.


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