The Innocence of Children

A/N – So, here I am, bored out of my mind on a rainy Thursday, and I sit and read PNN. Now, I want to try a sequel...again. This one will be totally different then, well, my first attempt. All though some of the information will be the same.

Summary – Children are innocent, and Rosalie and Emmett are learning new things each day. Things keep popping up and suddenly, life doesn't look so easy any more. Lily and Mattie are teaching their parent's some new tricks.

Random point of interest – This chapter was written while I drank Peach Tea.

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1. Starting the Day

Life is a race. The people bringing up the rear are the ones with families while the people in the front are the ones with riches.

Megan Geyer ( Yes, I made this quote up)

Rosalie's POV

Beep, beep, beep. I groaned and rolled over. Just another Monday. I slammed my fist into the alarm clock, bathing us in silence. I felt Emmett roll over and put an arm over my stomach.

"Are you awake?" he mumbled. It sounded like, "Are mu awake?"

I sighed, "I guess."

"You know, we have to get up." He said, his breath hot in my ear.

"I'll get up if you get up." I grinned.

"Fine." He huffed. I grinned again, pushed the covers out of the way and rubbed the sleep out of my eyes. I walked across the floor to our bathroom. I yanked my hair out of the ponytail and hopped into the shower stall. The water felt so good, but I had to pull myself out for work. When I walked back in the bedroom, Emmett was dressed for work.

"You know, I hate mornings." he said, yawning.

"No you don't." I pecked him on the lips, "Go make breakfast."


"Sure." I padded across the hallway into Lily's room. I flicked the light on in her princess style room. The four year old was curled under the blankets. "Come on , Lily. Time to get up." she fought and whined, but eventually, I had her standing up and fully dressed.

"Where's Daddy?" she asked.

"Downstairs. He's making pancakes!" Lily's face brightened up and she ran out of her room. I walked next door and repeated the process with Mattie. "Mattie! Daddy's making pancakes!"

He screamed at me. So I dragged him out of the bed and dressed him. Then he dragged me downstairs to the kitchen. Lily was already eating. There was a plate with Mattie's name on it. No, literally, in daycare, they made place mates as a project on Craft Day.

"Lily, use a napkin, not your pants." I poured apple juice for them and sat down myself. I was about to eat when Mattie threw food at Lily.

"Don't!!" Lily screeched.

"Mattie, knock it off!" Emmett said.

"No!" Mattie countered.

"Mattie, don't throw food. Do I need to take away a toy?" I said, wiping off his sticky fingers. That's our discipline. You want to knock it? Go ahead. All I know is that its very effective. They do something wrong, I take away a toy. It works, because they are very protective over their dolls and cars.

"No." he said. He ate more pancakes.

"What are we gonna do with him?" I asked Emmett.

"Send him to military camp." Emmett said.

"Ha. He's four." I smacked his knee. He smiled innocently.

After breakfast, I did the dishes, Emmett left, and the kids watched morning cartoons. I sighed to myself. I know what your thinking, right? We are the perfect family. Steady jobs, the perfect kids, big house, great family. To any outsider we are the ideal family.

I rinsed the last plate off and set it in the strainer. "Ok, kids, time to go!" I shouted. "Come on, get your shoes on, coats, backpacks. Lily, did you want to bring One-Eye?" One-Eye is a cocker spaniel stuffed puppy. Emmett won it for Lily at the fair. Two days later, Mattie tore one of the dogs eyes off. Lily appropriately named him One-Eye.

"Yeah!" Lily said.

"Alright, Mattie, come here, we gotta tie your shoes. Lily, where's your coat?" I tied both of Mattie's shoes and continued to tie Lily's.

"I don't wanna go!" Mattie said as I tired to buckle him in his car seat.

"Come on, Mattie. We're gonna go visit Aunty Alice. Don't you wanna visit Alice, and see Kimberla, and Darren, what about Elijah?" Alice had started a daycare center. She loves her job, and she has two helpers, because she was the only daycare in Forks! She has a lot of clients! Elijah is Edward and Bella's son, Darren was one of Mattie's friends. You know who Kimberla is!

Elijah only can crawl, he can't even talk. But, Mattie adores him, he calls Elijah his "Baby"! "No! No! NO! I wanna stay home!" Mattie screeched.

"Come on, Mattie. Darren will miss you! And Jessica and Angela!" he calmed down enough to where I could strap him in. "Now, if Alice tells me you behaved, we can get McDonalds or Pizza for supper."

Jessica got married to Mike, had a kid, sobered up, and stopped talking to Lauren. In that order. Her little boy, Caleb Newton, is a menace. He was at Mattie's fourth birthday and he ate two piece's of cake before the cake was even served. I guess Jessica considers herself the perfect little mommy now.

"Yeah!" they said. I shut the door. Angela had married Ben, they now live in Forks. They said something about not being able to leave the place they love. Cynthia finished Med school and is now an intern, as a matter of fact, she's Carlisle's Intern! Cynthia is still with Jacob. They are serious, but not ready for marriage.

So, everyone's happy, right? Right?

"E I E I O!!" Mattie yelled, "AND ON THE FARM, THERE'S A KITTY! E I E I O!"

"Mattie, inside voices, please."

"Kay! With a meow, meow there! And a meow, meow here! There's a meow! Another meow! Everywhere a meow, meow! E I E I O!" he finished.

We pulled up to the building. "Little Tiggers Daycare!" They had built their own building to have the daycare in. I turned the car off and pushed the door open. I grabbed Lily and Mattie held on to my hand as we made our way in. Alice opened the door, her usual perky self bouncy around.

"Hi, guys!" she said. Lily and Mattie took turns hugging her, then they ran off to reek havoc on the Daycare.

"Alright, Bye guys!" They came racing over to hug me, then I left. Bella and I work at a publishing company on the newspaper in Seattle. She love's her job and I love mine. While she goes out and writes the stories, I sit in a fancy office and edit the final drafts. Jasper and Edward went into medical. Edward is a resident, like Carlisle. Jasper is a children's psychologist. He deals with screwed up kids. Emmett ended up going into law enforcement. Charlie retired and Emmett ended up replacing the guy who promoted into Charlie's old spot. Whatever, it pays. He enjoys his work. His children enjoy flipping the lights on in his cop car.

So, we're all happy.

Work was long, tedious, and I wanted to shoot myself. The final edit's were heading over to the printing house today, and they'd be sitting on our porches in two days. Hurrah. Although, I get to get my kids.

I drove to Alice's Daycare, following behind Bella. I dialed speed dial number 2.

"Hey, Emmett." I said, balancing the phone between my shoulder and my ear.

"Hey, Sweetheart." he said. He was driving too.

"I'm gonna pick up Supper, okay?" I said, "So, don't worry about cooking."

"Mmkay. Sounds good, I'll talk to you when you get home. Love you." he said.

"Kay. Bye, love you too!" I hung up. I big smile stretched across my face as I stopped at Little Tiggers Daycare.

"Mommy!" Lily said. She ran up and hug me. Followed by Mattie.

"Okay. Don't crush me." I said, laughing. "You guys got everything?" I asked.

"Hi!" Alice said, she was carrying Kimberla.

"Hi, Kimber! Hi Alice." I said.

"I took the liberty of tying their shoes for you. One-Eye is in Lily's backpack, and there coats are in their cubbies." Alice said. Bella zipped up Elijah's baby blue coat.

"Hi Elijah." I said.

"That's my baby!" Mattie said. We laughed.

We stood around talking, but Elijah got impatient, Mattie and Lily were having a contest to see who could grab my attention, and Kimberla was playing with Alice's Blackberry.

"Ok, Bye!" I said, Bella pulled out, and I waved.

"Bye!" Alice called. "Kimberla, don't press that!" I laughed to myself.

"RACE YA!" Lily declared. Mattie and Lily raced towards the car, running.

"Careful!" I called. I strapped them in their car seats while they argued over who won. Mattie claims he won, Lily says it was a tie. "Okay guys," I said as we pulled into town. "Let's put it to a vote, Pizza or McDonalds?"

"What kind of pizza?" Lily asked.

"Godfathers." I said, "Any kind of topping you want."

"Pizza!" Mattie declared.


"Pizza." And so we went to Godfathers and got sausage and cheese. When we got home, we sat down in the living room with our pizza slices.

"Okay, we have Bedtime Stories, Bee Movie, and Bolt. Your pick!" Emmett said. That was a mistake. Instantly, the kids got into a heated argument about the movies. The fight ended with Lily crying and Mattie stomping his feet.

"If you don't agree on something, I'll pick the movie!" I warned. In the end, we watched Bedtime Stories. The ending credits started rolling around eight o'clock.

"Alright, Daddy's gonna give you a bath and I'm gonna get ice cream sundae's ready." Their faces lit up and they raced up the stairs.

"No! Lily, I'm gonna make mine firstest! You can't, DADDY!"

Emmett lingered at the bottom of the stairs. "These kids are gonna kill me!" I joked.

"We should have ten more!" Emmett joked back.

"Okay. You can give birth to five and I can give birth to five. How does that sound?"

"Yeah, yeah. Your hilarious."

"Thank you. Now go supervise that before Mattie drowns Lily." I laughed as he jogged up the stairs. It wasn't long before there was four bowls of vanilla ice cream on the table with various syrups and sprinkles.

It was part of this little thing called family time. Once a week, the whole family get's together in one of our houses, we take turns, and has dinner together. Usually, someone's in tears by the end, mainly pointing at Elijah. And, me and Emmett try to do things with the kids every night, wether it's a movie or a slumber party in the living room or a trip to the zoo.

I could tell the kids were getting sleepy by the time they were half way into their bowls. The phone rang, jolting Lily awake. I glanced at the caller ID. Bella.

"Hello?" I answered.

"Hey Rose. So, I just got called by Esme and she says that dinner this Saturday at her house would work with everyone's schedule."

"You make us sound like a bunch of factory workers, 'let's get right on schedule!' or something, and not a family." I reprimanded. Emmett looked up. "Who is it?" he mouthed.

"Bella." I mouthed back. He grinned.

"Rose, be serious. You know its getting harder and harder to get together. Soon we'll be one of those families who'll only get together on Christmas and Easter and Birthdays."

"Bella," I chastised, "We live in a town of about three thousand some odd people. We all do. It' not like Alice lives in Alaska and you live in Olympia and I live in Montana."

"Mommy, where's Montana?" Lily asked.

"Hold on a second, honey." I answered.

"Yeah, well, all I know is that my house looks like three tornadoes went through it, I have laundry up to my neck and, hell, sometimes I lose Elijah in the living room."

"Where's Edward in all of this?"

"Working nights again. He's got the ER and there's been, like, three car accidents in the past two days. Not including the cars involved."

"How much has he lost?"

"A three year old died in the first one and the other ones weren't that bad, just cuts and scrapes and yeah. You should have seen him after the three year old. He looked Eli in the eye and said, 'Son, never take off your seatbelt. Ever.'"

We laughed. "And what did Elijah think of that?" I laughed.

"He pulled Edward's nose. I was like, 'Well. That worked.' It was comical."

"Yeah, well, I'll let ya go. I've got twins falling asleep at their ice cream."

"Alright, see you tomorrow." We hung up.

"You grab Mattie and I get Lily, she's lighter." I teased. Emmett stuck his tongue out at me. After wiping the sticky off their fingers and carrying them upstairs, we collapsed onto the bed.

"Another day, another family moment, right?" Emmett said.

"Yeah, sure. Can you believe they're four? It seems long. It's just four years.... but."

"I know."

I waited. This was a big question I was about to ask, and the last thing I wanted was to blow it. How would he feel? He was such a good dad, and he loved his children, but.... I'll never know until I ask him. I'll just have to ask.

"Em. How do you feel about more kids."

He rolled over and looked at me. "Are you sure?"

"Em, we've been married two years and have two four year olds. How does that work?"

"We were irresponsible and drunk then happened to fall in love." I grinned at his response. "Now, about kids, I would love to have more. But. Are you sure that now is the right time."

I got up and walked into the bathroom, closing the door. I striped down and changed into a pair of his boxers and a loose t shirt that smelled like him. "Em," I started, leaving the bathroom. "When we conceived the twin, it wasn't the right time or even place. So, lets stick to going with the flow."

He laughed. "Do you have any idea how crazy you drive me when you were my clothes?"

"I've got a good idea." I bounced on the bed.

"Well, then. I hear by dedicate this night to baby making." Emmett stated.

I burst out laughing. "You are so strange sometimes."

"And that's what makes me lovable. Normal people tick me off." He grinned.

I yanked the shirt over my head, revealing my entire upper body to be naked.. "Sitting here talking about normal people isn't making a kid any faster."


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