The Innocence of Children

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Summary – Children are innocent, and Rosalie and Emmett are learning new things each day. Things keep popping up and suddenly, life doesn't look so easy any more. Lily and Mattie are teaching their parent's some new tricks.

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3. Bad Stuff Happens in Threes

Life lives, life dies. Life laughs, life cries. Life gives up and life tries. But life looks different through everyone's eyes.


Rosalie's POV

"What?" I whispered into the phone piece, not caring if he heard me or not.

"I'm very sorry." He repeated. "We believe that he consumed a large amount of alcohol, passed out, and just didn't wake up." Anger flashed through me. I always told him that his drinking habits would kill him. Looks like he didn't listen.

"You mean alcohol poisoning?" I asked, in a cold tone.

"Possibly, most likely. We won't know until the autopsy comes back"

"Oh. Well. Thank you." I guess. "Goodbye."

"Bye." I closed the phone mechanically.

Why do these things always happen to me? This will be my third funeral in four years. Most people don't go to a lot of funerals. Not me. Death loves to tease me.

I sank down in my chair at the table softly. "Who was that?" Alice asked curiously. I sighed. I didn't want to admit it out loud. That just makes it too real. I was angry too, and I didn't want to yell in front of the kids.

"Chief Landon. My Uncle just died." I busied my hands by straightening my fork and spoon. I sipped the soda.

"Oh, Rose. I'm sorry." They all repeated.

I shied away from their concern and sympathy. "It's fine." I repeated, ignoring the sympathetic glances. "I'm not unhappy."

"What happened?" Bella asked lowly. Lily was looking at me funny.

"They think its alcohol poisoning. In which, I don't care." I said firmly.

"Now, Rose. No matter how angry you may seem, losing a family member is not something to take lightly."

"Aunt Rose, where did you fambily member go? Why can't you find him?" Kimberla asked. Her face was covered in the remains of her meal.

"Kimberla, you always make such a mess out of food." Alice said, a defeated look on her face. "I swear, I'll just dress you in a garbage bag when it comes to meals. That way, your sweater stays half-ways decent."

Kimberla smiled and Esme showed up with a washcloth to clean up the children. Later that evening, Esme cornered me about my feelings. "Are you sure you're okay?"

"I'm fine. I always told him to stop drinking, and that it would kill him. He never cared. He told me 'Shut it, blondie' in which made my Aunt growl at him." I sighed. "He was never happy about having me and Justin and Nikki there. They never planned on having kids. Oh, well. Now he's in Heaven with Aunt Tabby." I paused. "Or Hell."

Mattie froze. "Mommy said a bad word!" He shouted. I laughed.

"I was referring to the place where bad people go." I explained.

"Don't make me put you in a time out." Emmett teased.

"Uh oh!" Lily declared.

Mattie ran after the car he pushed and Elijah came toddling after. He didn't make it very far before he tripped and fell, pausing for a second before screaming. Edward beat Bella there. "Alright, Little Man, come on." Elijah buried his face in Edward's shoulder.

I always loved watching Edward "play" daddy. The only time you ever really see emotion come over his face is when he's with Bella and Elijah.

After playing a couple of rounds of Monopoly, having adult conversation time, and watching some useless TV, I could finally escape home. Goodbyes, hugs, kisses, and all that jazz went down, and then Emmett pulled out of the long driveway.

I was angry, but beyond anger came hurt. Never before have I actually stopped and thought about my Aunt and uncle like this before. I used to hate them. But I had never thought about how they saved my life. They took this horrible event in my life, this moment when I lost my parents, and they took three kids in and they spent money on us and….

"Rosalie? We're leaving." I blinked. Emmett was looking at me concerned with a sleeping Lily in his arms.

"Right," I stood up. "Sorry, I guess I spaced out." We finally left after everybody apologized about my uncle and hugged me. The car ride was silent and seemed too short. When we finally arrived, Emmett took care of the kids. I walked into the kitchen and hit caller ID number 9. "Hello?" Nikki answered breathlessly. "Hey, Nik. Listen… Uncle Rodney died."

There was quiet on the other line, and then she said, "We told him the alcohol would get him."

"I don't think he really cared." I replied coolly. We caught up with one another, and we chatted about anything but our uncle's death.

"Rosa?" She said, saying the nickname that I hadn't been called in years. "Are you sad about it?"

I thought about this for awhile. "No." I answered. She dropped the subject, wished me luck on getting pregnant, and then hung up, claiming she was exhausted. Emmett stepped into the room, a guilty look on his face.

"How long were you standing there?" I accused.

"Long enough." He answered, and then he turned his lecturing voice on. "Rose, you really should be a little sad, he was your uncle and your father figure for the latter of your life."

"Em. I'll be sad later; I'm too busy right now."

He let the subject go and we went upstairs to our bedroom. I was laying in the dark when he spoke next. "They say bad things happen in threes. Maybe Miley Cyrus will die."

We laughed.

The funeral was short, and wasn't very ornate. It was easy to get through, but at the same time I was stressed by the whole thing. Lily and Mattie didn't get who my uncle was or why we had to look at his body. The one thing that really kept me calm and organized was Emmett's hand on my arm.

Nikki cried. Justin looked stoic. This was when I realized I was alone. My Grandparents died long ago. I had no parents. My Aunt and Uncle both died. I didn't even have cousins. It was just us.

I suddenly wanted to hug Carlisle and Esme. They were my parent's, as of today. I struggled with accepting that my entire family, my entire past was wiped away.

Bad things happen in threes…

I knew Emmett was kidding, but the statement haunted me. What else could I bear to lose? Who would death target? Surely not Emmett or my children.

I couldn't even focus on happiness.

I still managed to function through the whole thing. Emmett seemed to notice I was distant, but that shouldn't surprise me. He had been able to read my mind since day one.

I love him.

Lily and Mattie slept on the way home. "Rose, it'll be okay." Em said at a red light.

I wanted to get the hell out of the dress and crawl into bed. "I know." I insisted. "I'm tired, that's all."

"Still hoping Cyrus will die." He joked.

"Don't joke about that. What if bad things do happen in threes! What if you die?"

"Rosalie, relax. I'll be fine, I'm a careful; always am."

I stayed quiet. The light turned green. Emmett crossed the intersection and I held my breath, waiting for a logging truck to have a brake failure and ram right into us. But nothing happened.

We arrived home and I carried Lily, the lighter of the two upstairs to her room. I walked into our bedroom and striped. My mind was deprived of sleep and various worries have been nagging at my mind for the last twelve hours.

Now that I think about it, there has been plenty of times when someone close to me should have died. We could have gotten in a car accident, for example, when crossing that intersection.

Work, play, Disney on Ice, family get togethers and much more crossed my path in the nect month, then it my birthday.

I'm 25. I complain I'm old but Esme laughs at me and says, "I'm nearly sixty!" I know, it sounds unbelievable. Esme and Carlisle are timeless and still look forty. There was cake and gifts. There was laughs and happiness.

"So, when will you know? If you're pregnant?" Alice asked when we were all alone.

I froze. I realized I could find out now. I had ignored this though. "I don't know, I kinda forgot."

Alice started laughing. "Blonde moment?"

I glared in mock anger.

Later that evening, I pulled out the pregnancy tests that I had bought but didn't really bother to use. I studied the box, the opened one. All I have to do is pee for fifteen seconds. I can manage that, right?

I waited for 30 seconds after that. Then my breath caught. A positive little plus sign shone brightly in the little results window. I set it on the sink, just as Emmett walked in.

"Kids want cupcakes. Told them that you'll help them, being as I cannot bake to save my life. What are you doing?" he looked confused. He walked over, glanced and the plus sign, then picked me up in a strong, strong bear hug. His eyes shone with happiness.

"I told you there's nothing to worry about! No bad things, just good!" He said joyfully.

I laughed happily. He set me down and looked at me, smiling. I stared at him. "Cupcakes sound really good."

I was feeling good. Baby on board, and I had been worried? Relax… I whispered in my mind. I was cooking lunch in the kitchen listening to the kids play in the living room.

The Telephone rang.

I lifted the phone and noticed that it was Esme's number. Panic fluttered in my stomach but I shushed it.

"Hello," I said smoothly.

"Rose… you better get down to the hospital."

"Alice… Wait, what's going on? Hospital?"

What she said next was garbled and I couldn't make it out.

"Alice, I can't hear you!"

"Rose!" Her voice returned garbled, then the call cut off altogether. I swore angrily and I turned off the stove and gathered up the kids.

"Mommy, where are we going?" Lily asked impatiently.

"Please, you guys have to be quiet. Mommy's head hurts." They looked very scared so I assured them that everything was okay, even though I wasn't sure of that myself. I drove like a mad woman to the hospital, all the while trying to call Alice. Finally, once I arrived at the entrance to the hospital, she answered.

"Rosalie, I'm by the front desk." I entered and practically sprinted up to her. She turned and looked at me with a scared look on her face.

"Rose. Carlisle had a heart attack."

Bad things happen in threes…

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