'...' and it's underlined means written words
'...' italics thoughts
"..." speaking

Minato is alive
Tsundae is godmother of family
Naruto and Sasuke-12
Kakashi(yes he's in this) 28
Sasashi(an old OC of mine not related to Kakashi) 27

Kyuubi is mute and is paralyzed in the legs and as a bad heart condition

"He keeps looking out the window-since he arrived" said one of the nurses looking into the room.
"He can hear you" said the only male nurse. "He just doesn't like looking at the door"
"He's what 16 now; so he understands doesn't he Iruka?"

"Hai he does" Iruka said to the other nurse.

"I know he's been here, since he was five, poor sick mute child" the first nurse said again. The boy turned his head to look at them. He had pain in his eyes.

"Please go, you insulted him enough" Iruka told the others as he walked into the room, the others left.

'thank you' the boy signed.

"Don't worry, I'll always be here for you Kyuubi-kun" Iruka sighed sitting down by the boy in the hospital bed.

"He wrote something on his notebook and gave it to Iruka.

"Yes your family will be visiting, but not today" Iruka told him. Kyuubi signed 'why' and then 'when'

"Your father has work and your brother had school today"
Kyuubi tapped his head as if saying 'oh I forgot'

"They'll be here tomorrow. Now with that I have to see Doctor Tsundae. I check with you in a few minutes okay?"
Kyuubi signed 'okay' and Iruka left. He wasn't born mute and at the age of five he became serious injured leaving him paralyzed in the legs and in a deep sickly condition that left him in the hospital.

Kyuubi reached for his sketchbook, he forgot to ask Iruka to hand it over or at least get it closer for him to reach. He tried to get it but he ended up falling out of the bed and coughing continuously. Iruka wasn't close and the other nurses didn't come running to see what went wrong. He continued to cough until he fell unconscious on the cold floor with one thought.

'Someone please help me'

-----------------------------------A few minutes Later----------------------------

"Kyuubi I got some-" Iruka stopped in his tracks dropping the bowl or ramen when he got sight of the red head on the ground. "Doctor Tsundae!" he screamed into the phone calling the main doctor to come quickly.

"What Happened!" she came straight to the room once she noticed the room call number and the shrill in the man's voice.

"I should've come soon" Iruka was so worried. "My guess would have to be he was reaching for his book. Oh god I should've just brought it closer to him"

"My question is, why anyone didn't come to his aid!" she was annoyed her godson worried chop her head off her found out that his son wasn't being in care.

"Oh Kyuubi" she and Iruka tried to get the boy back into the bed but it was difficult. But once he was there Tsundae left Iruka to care for him for few minute as she went to question the other nurses.

Kyuubi woke up smelling ramen and hearing someone mutter to himself nearby. He turned to glance at the person and saw Iruka. Kyuubi smiled happily and moved to tug Iruka's sleeve.

"Kyuubi you're awake" he smiled at the boy. Kyuubi shrugged weakly and looked at the bowl of ramen.
"Here you go" and then he handed Kyuubi the notebook again.
'What happened?' he wrote down and showed it to Iruka.

"I found you on the floor unconscious…I'm sorry"

'Not your fault'

"No Kyu it is. I should've made sure some was nearby"

'It's okay Iruka' Kyuubi could never blame anyone for his own faults.

"Oh alright, finish up and then I want you to nap a little longer" Iruka sighed the boy wouldn't want him to feel sorry for himself. Kyuubi nodded in agreement setting his sketch book down on his lap and then grab the bowl of ramen to finish up. When he finished he just began to sketch the view from his window. He looked to Iruka and nodded from him to go.

"Okay, you never let me see you work anyway" Kyuubi grinded foolishly at him as he left.

And the rest of the day was complete fine.

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