This is basically a stand alone small fic (it will only be a few chapters) but also a bonus side story for my Kaceystar readers. For my Kacey readers, this takes place right after the end of My Beautiful Rising Star.

A couple of things non-Kaceystar readers need to know before you read: Prowl arrived on Earth to find out that Jazz was dead. The only thing saving him was that Optimus needed his SIC and that Prowl was dubbed one of Kaceystar's uncles and took that responsibility to spark. (Kacey is Optimus and Elita's daughter) Some 14 years later, Prowl's spark ache had become too much to bear. He missed Jazz too much and was thus prepared to enter the afterlife to join bondmate. The Quintessons owed Kacey a favor and she had them bring Jazz back to life to stop Prowl from offlining himself.

Summary: Jazz's spark has finally recovered from being brought back to life and he's anxious to spend time alone with Prowl. So Optimus gave Prowl and Jazz a three week vacation, telling them to behave and that he didn't want to see footage of them interfacing in a carwash posted on youtube. This is their vacation adventure.

Author's notes: '…' bond talk, "…" normal talk

Prowl and Jazz's Vacation Adventure – Yellowstone National Park


I was anxious to head out and experience the joys this planet Earth had to offer. My time on this Earth had been cut short when Megatron had killed me and I didn't get the chance to see the sights with my own optics instead of pictures on the internet. Thank Primus for Kacey and the Quintessons giving me this second chance at life.

I intend to make the most of it.

And I fully intend to make things up to Prowl. Although he has not voiced how hard it had been for him without me, I know it was most difficult for him. I know because it's rare for Prowl to ever show tears like he did when we were reunited. That and I would have had a hard time and would have chosen to offline myself as well if the spark ache became too unbearable.

'Where are you babe?' I questioned over our bond when I found that Prowl wasn't in his office.

I felt Prowl's hesitation in answering causing me to slow my determined stride.


'I'm with Ratchet…'

'Are you ok? What's wrong?' I quickly asked, now sprinting through the halls, my panicked spark racing with worry.

'I'm fine, Jazz. I just had some…concerns. Hang on…Ratchet thinks you should be here too.'

'I'm almost there,' I replied slowing to a hurried walk as I made the final turn towards the medical bay.

When I entered the medical bay I found Ratchet's office door was open. He and Prowl were sitting inside. My mate looked uncomfortably tense. Ratchet as usual had this unreadable look as he watched me enter.

"Sit down, Jazz," he ordered, closing the door. "Prowl has asked a serious question."

"Well, Prowl is a serious mech," I smirked, dropping into the seat beside my sparkmate.

Ratchet gave me a look. The CMO was not amused.

"I was discussing the issue of interfacing and spark bonding," Prowl admitted, surprising me.

"Isn't that something you should be discussing with me?" I asked, feeling a little defensive.

"Prowl was right to ask, Jazz. Exactly how the Quintessons brought your spark back after literally piecing you back together is still a mystery. Now, I've given you a thorough maintenance exam of all your systems. Everything is running at optimum levels. However…"

"Don't you sit there and tell me we can't interface!" I adamantly barked at him. "We understood why we had to hold off during my recovery. It wasn't always easy for us but we did what you asked."

Prowl suddenly reached over and grabbed my hand, his love spreading within calming me down in an instant. In all honesty, he's the only mech who could calm me with a simple touch.

"Sorry," I murmured, squeezing his hand back before he let go.

"I was going to tell you guys to take it easy. Don't over do it," Ratchet smirked. "As far as spark bonding, take it slow. If there is any kind of discomfort you're to call me immediately. Other than that, stay out of trouble and return in one piece…both of you."

"So, we can go?" I asked in some disbelief.

"Yes, now get out. I have work to do," Ratchet grumbled.

"Jazz, I'm sorry. I had to be certain," Prowl spoke softly as we left Ratchet's office.

"Don't worry. I understand why you did it," I smiled. "I wouldn't want to hurt you either if our roles had been reversed."

Prowl smiled fondly at me. It was so good to see him smile so openly now. During the past several weeks I noticed a change in him. He was still the same Prowl I loved just a little more open with his feelings when around others.

"I've already discussed several issues Magnus needs to attend to during my absence. So I'm ready to go when you are."

"Great!" I exclaimed. "If we head out now, we can reach our first destination."

"I've secured a shuttle…"

"Oh, we don't need that babe. I want to drive."

"Ok, let's go then."

And like that we hit the road. It was my first time out on the road, not under Ratchet's scrutiny. It felt wonderful to feel the road beneath my tired and my ever present sparkmate constantly reminding me to stay within a reasonable speed limit.

When I dared to speed well ahead of him, no more than half a mile at one point, I felt his apprehension within as if he was afraid that he couldn't protect me. I didn't like him feeling that way so after I slowed down allowing him to quickly catch up I never strayed more than ten yards from him the rest of the way to our destination.

We arrived at Yellowstone exactly when I wanted to. After dark, when most of the humans weren't sight seeing anymore. Only we didn't even see half the sights I wanted to see. Prowl had other things on his processor and put them into action when we hit a meadow far from the trails and roads.

"Wow, we'd been holding that back a really long time," I chuckled staring up at the moonlit sky, my systems still slowly cooling down after one of the biggest overloads of my life.

"I think you scared all the wildlife away with all the screaming you did!"

"That's coz you're such a stud-muffin!"

"A what?" he laughed.

"It's a human term…stud-muffin."

"Jazz I'm not an animal designed for breeding nor am I a piece of quick bread meant for consumption!"

"Now hang on. One, if we could have a sparkling you have good characteristics worthy of passing on. Two, you are rather tasty."


I laughed, despite feeling his strong annoyance over our bond, "Well you certainly weren't complaining a short while ago!"


"Ok! Ok!" I continued laughing. Primus, I missed buzzing Prowl's circuits! "So how about…you're simply irresistible, cute, adorable."

"I prefer pinnacle of mechliness and irresistible sex object," he remarked, playful amusement flickering through our bond.

I totally lost it. I was literally rolling around in the grass laughing until my intakes almost seized up! At that point I forced myself to calm down. It took a couple of minutes but I my laughter finally died down. I relaxed lying on my stomach, arms folded with my head resting on them.

"Calmed down now?" Prowl asked, the heat of his protoform pressing against mine.

I sighed, relaxing even more at the feeling of his fingertips lightly caressing my back.

"I missed you Jazz," he whispered, kissing my shoulder.

It was then that I felt Prowl trembling and the dull ache in his spark resonating within my own. My sparkmate had literally been in agony for far too many years without me. And I knew that Prowl still stubbornly hadn't released all those pent up emotions. He'd locked up twice during the past couple of weeks, something that was once a regular occurrence until he bonded to me. Everyone used to joke about how only I could get Prowl to release his bottled up emotions and that he should have bonded to me long ago.

I turned over in his arms to see tears in his optics, such sorrow on his face. I didn't hesitate to pull him close, wrapping my arms around my love, smoothing a hand over his back.

"Let it out, babe," I spoke softly to him. "You know it messes with your processor, makes you lock up, if you don't let your emotions out."

Prowl only trembled harder with emotions he was desperately trying to hold back from me.

"I lost you Jazz," he whimpered his voice so full of anguish.

I shuttered my optics covers, tightening my arms around him even more.

"I know and I'm so sorry, babe," I spoke softly into his audio receptor, kissing it affectionately. "But I'm back. I'm here and I'm not going anywhere."

"It still hurts!"

"I know you're still hurting. You've got to let it out, Prowl."

"I can't. You're still recovering. I don't want to upset you."

"Babe, Ratchet said I was fine. I'm already upset because you're upset."

Prowl gasped, jerking free from my arms. From the appalled look on his face I knew he was now berating himself.

"I'm sorry!" he grimaced, one hand grabbing his forehead.

This was not good! His processor was beginning to lock up. I didn't hesitate in my actions. A spark merge was the only way to get him to release those pent up emotions and stop him from locking up.

"Prowl, open up for me," I said, my own chest plate transforming to reveal my spark.

The dark blue glow only seemed to accentuate the pain stricken features of my bondmate's face as he struggled to not shut down.

"I know you can hear me…open up," I said, caressing his chest. I released a gently magnetic pulse in hopes of encouraging him to expose his spark. "Please babe. I don't want to have to call Ratchet. Not when I know I can help you."

Feeling the situation was desperate, I resorted to one final trick. I sent Prowl a powerful love surge over our bond, the strongest I could muster. His hand fell and his optics had this dazed and confused look. With a strong mag pulse directly over his spark I got him to finally open up to me.

The sight of his spark always made me smile. Except now wasn't the time to appreciate such beauty. Prowl's gentle pleas over our spark bond were growing in intensity. And I wanted to take his pain away for good, promising myself I would never let him suffer like this ever again.

Without further delays I pressed my chest to his, wrapping my form around him in anticipation of the pleasurable waves of euphoria that always accompanied a spark merge. My optics closed. The heat between us intensified. And I felt my consciousness slowly intertwining with Prowl's.

Now, for a bonded pair as experienced as Prowl and myself we can control the flow of emotions and memories to not completely overwhelm the other. It's a technique learned over many long years usually to prolong the erotic sensations of spark merging and holding off the inevitable overload.

Right now I could feel the strain within from my love.

Prowl wanted to share something with me but was still hesitant. So, I opened up to him completely, inviting him to share with me while at the same time sharing all my love and devotion I had for him. To encourage him I shared the memories and feelings of the last time we interfaced and spark merged - our last night together on Cybertron before I left with Optimus for the All Spark mission. It was only a short time together but our passion for each other was intense.

It was if a dam had been broken. I lost all sense of myself, surrendering completely to my bonded as he surrendered to me.

Guilt filled me when Prowl put forth the memory of the promise I made to him that I would return to him. It only grew in intensity when I felt his anguish when Ratchet and Ironhide informed him of my death. Then I felt the depth of his sorrow when he wept for my in Optimus' arms.

It was agonizing for both of us. For him to have to go through it. For me to know I wasn't there for him when he needed me most.

From then on it was Prowl's sense of pride and duty to his Prime that he felt compelled ton continue. Each day was a struggle, a battle within his spark. His love for me never once faded or diminished despite me not being there to return the gesture.

Then I was bombarded with a glimmer of hope, a chance for peace within when a youngling femme made a spectacular appearance. I could feel the rush of his emotions as the memory of Kaceystar's arrival on Earth replayed in our shared conscious.

The feeling of helplessness as he stood there, watching her fly for her life. The feeling of determination as he raced with Optimus and the others, desperate to catch up to the little femme before Starscream reached her first. The pure rage he felt when Starscream ripped off the femme's arm. And the utter relief when he saw she was where she belonged after the long surgery - in Optimus' arms.

Next, I sifted through a flurry of emotions coming at me, following the thread of a particularly intense sensation. A feeling I had never experience from Prowl before on Cybertron but one I've felt through are bond when we were reunited here on Earth. It was…an affection that kept him going for some many lonely years here on Earth. A deep devotion of love and affection not directed towards me.

I pulled back afraid to discover who this affection was meant for. Afraid that perhaps he'd fallen in love with another. In response, Prowl's warm laugh filled my conscious. A cascade of images and emotions accompanying them flowed freely within.

The images were of Optimus' daughter, Kacey.

I felt Prowl's amusement upon watching the youngling femme running and having fun through the halls. The sheer terror he felt as he helped to carry her nearly lifeless body to Ratchet's medical bay. The pure happiness he felt when she was reunited with her parents after she'd been held captive by a human. He was proud of her the day she regained her transformation abilities. But there was this underlying sadness his spark felt as he watched her grow from a dependent youngling to an independent young femme on the verge of full maturity.

It was the love, pride and devotion any father would have for their youngling. And Prowl…my Prowl, who had once swore to me that he was eternally grateful we could never produce a sparkling because he'd never make a good father, who clung onto these feelings he had for Kacey, hoping they would help him continue on without my presence in his spark.

Ultimately, these profound emotions were not enough to keep his grief for me at bay nor could they drown the love he had for me. Even though Kacey returned his sentiments like any good daughter would to her father it still wasn't enough to stop the pain and sorrow within my love. The love he had for me was too powerful to deny.

I always found it rather amusing that for a mech who always appeared emotionless to others, his emotions ran deeper than most. Of course, I didn't learn the extent of Prowl's feelings until I bonded with him. I had always thought he was an attentive love because he always paid attention to details. Details were his job, his life as a tactician. To find out there was more to Prowl than I first realized when we first bonded…well, I thanked Primus for making Prowl mine and I never doubted how much emotion he put into the simplest of gestures he had for me.

Primus, I love Prowl so much for that.

'I love you too, Jazz.'

As his words flowed through my consciousness I felt his joy for having me back. His love overwhelmed me yet I allowed myself to be completely consumed by it. After all, he had to endure a much long time alone that I did. His spark had been agonizing for this moment. I wasn't going to deny him, not now, not ever.

It was then, as our love and devotion to each other blossomed, I felt his overload at the same time mine course through my systems. Together, we rode out the powerful pleasurable wave as it ebbed and flowed between us for as long as we could. I found myself desperately clinging to him as I felt his consciousness slowly fade from my own as our sparks returned to their chambers. I was even reluctant to open my optics when I felt the world around us gradually return to my senses.

Once I was somewhat lucid, I became aware of the weight of my lover on me, of the soft tender kisses randomly moving between my neck and face, of the strong hands caressing me with such affection. Moments later my lips found his and I quickly found myself surrendering to his needs…his passion.

As before, Prowl's love for me flowed from his every gesture. The way he affectionately stroked me. The way he hungrily kissed me. The way his body moved with precise deliberation against mine. And I responded accordingly to his actions, conveying my own desires and affections for him. A nip here. A kiss there. A loud gasp. A long moan. A predatory growl deep from within if I made him passionately cry out.

All my senses were consumed by Prowl as we trembled and shook in each other's arms, riding out our overload. Nothing in the universe mattered. There was only him, now…always.

"See, you are a stud-muffin," I panted heavily, my coolant systems staining.

His laugh tickled my neck slightly then echoed loudly across the meadow when he lifted his head.

"I'm even going to have a bumper sticker made for ya and slap it on your aft," I added, making him laugh even hard.

I grinned happily. My Prowl was much better now. His pain and suffering were completely gone. There was only the pure joy of us being together again.

"You're incorrigible," he smiled, down at me nuzzling his nose against mine.

"I know," I smirked, caressing his face.

"I love you Jazz," he sighed, holding me close as he rolled onto his back.

"Love you too, Prowl," I breathed, settling comfortably on his chest with his arms around me as I felt my recharge systems coming online.

"Jazz?" he yawned.

"Yeah babe," I murmured.

"You're not really going to slap a bumper sticker on my aft, are you?" he mumbled, his own recharge systems taking hold.

"That's for me to know and you to find out," I whispered.

"Hm, I'd like to see you try."

"You're on babe. You're on."

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