Prowl and Jazz's Vacation Adventures - Australia


I laughed. I hadn't laughed that hard in such a long time. That image of Prowl holding the Koala bear at arms length with a look of pure disgust on his faceplates was riveting!

"Jazz, stop laughing! The Kuala just lubricated on me! I fail to see why that is so funny!"

"Sorry!" I laughed, falling on my aft. "That was funnier than the angry kangaroo kicking your doors in!"

Prowl growled.

"I knew you wanted to see the sights Prowler, but I didn't know you wanted to get up close and personal with them!" I cackled.

"Stop laughing at me! You wouldn't want the video recording of you running and screaming like a femme when that crocodile that jumped up out of the water at you to accidentally be sent to everyone's email back at the base, would you?"

I stopped laughing and immediately got a smug look from my sparkmate.

"That's playing dirty," I pouted, folding my arms across the chest. "I didn't realize I was bonded to a mech who'd blackmail me."

"Oh, like you wouldn't hesitate to flaunt some of these pictures for others to see. You've done it in the past much to my humiliation!"

I flinched. Wow. He was really mad at me.

"Sorry," I meekly responded, bowing my head, kicking at the dirt with my foot.

Prowl sighed heavily, carefully placing the Koala back in its tree, "I'm not mad at you, Jazz. I'm just being grumpy. I've got Koala lubricant on me. The temperature here is stifling. I've got dirt and sand in places you wouldn't believe when we made that drive to the outback and back. And worse, I've got a bad feeling that I can't shake. It's literally giving me a processor ache."

"I'm sorry babe," I said, rubbing his back plating between his shoulders. "How about we head down to the Sydney Harbor. It's an hour drive from here. Once there, you can recharge for a few hours and I'll wake you in time for the sunset. You did say you wanted to see the Harbor and the Opera House as the sun was setting."

"Thanks, that sounds relaxing," he smiled, looking a bit tired. "Play some nice music for the drive? No rock and roll. Nothing too loud either."

"I've got just the thing babe," I said as we transformed.

We didn't even get two miles when Prowl's 'bad feeling' became a reality. A lone Decepticon landed in the middle of the road, blocking our path. A rather large one but one we could easily handle together.

"I'm not really in the mood for this slag," Prowl grumbled as we transformed.

I frowned at my mate, transforming to stand beside him. It was rare that he was ever in this foul of a mood and express it so opening. What's worse, I didn't know how to bring my bondmate out of it.

"Prowl, are you feeling ok?" I asked.

"What, are you a pussy?" the 'Con asked Prowl having heard his comment.

"Just because my name is Prowl doesn't imply that I'm a feline creature!"

The 'Con shot him a confused look and then burst into a fit of laughter.

"Um, that's not what he meant, babe," I gently told my mate.

Prowl blinked at me a couple of times. The moment the realization of what the 'Con was implying sank in Prowl's doorwings shot up into attack mode. And in the blink of an optic he pounced defending his mechhood.

I winced at the sound of twisting metal. Closed my optics to shield them from the sheer violence. Cringed when the 'Con howled out in pain. Then I dared to peek when Prowl spouted off a few Cybertronian curse words, such a rarity for him in public, to see the 'Con was fleeing with several huge dents and scrapes on his armor.

Prowl loudly snarled once more in Cybertronian. My optics locked appreciatively on my mates form as he postured himself, making sure the 'Con didn't dare return.

"Damn babe," I commented with a whistle. "You should fight angry more often. You look so hot!"

My gorgeous mate simply shook his head, chuckling. All his anger and tension from earlier faded in an instant. I took that as my queue and sauntered up to him wrapping my arms around his waist.

"You know Prowl, you do purr like a kitten when we're about to interface."

"Is that so?" he quiried raising an optic ridge.

"Yes it is so babe, because no mech can make your engine rev like I can."

"I'm inclined to agree with you," he purred before pressing his lips against mine for a slow, sensual, spark palpitating kiss.

"So…" I gasped, trying to gather my wits enough to form one coherent thought. "About that sunset."

"Hmm…I was thinking more along the lines of sunrise," he smirked, tracing a finger over my lips.

"I'm down for that," I smiled brightly and lost myself to his passions for the rest of the day and long into the night.

Together in each other's arms we watched the sun slowly rise in the distance with the Sydney Opera House in the foreground. The view was breath taking and awe inspiring, seeing the orange sky and the Opera House reflecting upon the water. One view I'll never forget any time soon. A moment I would never share with any other mechanism other than Prowl.

Yes I know it's selfish. Dying does that to you. Makes you remember all the things you regretted not doing, all the special moments you missed because you were too busy or didn't have the time. I promised myself never again the moment I was revived. With this second chance at life, I plan to make as many memorable moments with my Prowler as I possible can. And there will be loads of them as I don't plan on leaving him ever again.

Up next: South Africa