GI JOE Rise of Cobra Remake

Chapter 1:


M.A.R.S industries Military Armaments Research Syndicate

Finical District, New York City

James McCullan standing looking at the dead female human Cybertronain pretender that was once Alice has been stripped bare of parts and equipment and lying on table he then looks at a male NSA agent standing there as MARS tech work over the remains

"Mr McCullan do you think you can convert the shape shift technology of the transformer technology into a human" said the NSA agent

"Thought Sector Seven was working on that back when they held Megatron and the Allspark so why do you want me to carry it on then" asked James McCullan

"That was a black opts division in Sector Seven that even Simmons did even know about it so how did you known never mind anyway so will you be able to recreate the project and proceed to the next level of testing we both know what that means" said the NSA agent

"Yes I can be able to recreate the project and I have links to a prison I should be able to pull a few strings to get someone of the project to use as a test subject you don't mind what I do to get a test subject ready I am in charge fully of the operation" asked James

"I don't care one bit use children for all I care just get it done and line you wish to cross you can do just get the project done once the candidate is ready proceed with the memory wipe and reprogram him or her as an elite assassin " said the NSA agent

"Ok no problem I have a few string I can pull to get someone for the test" said James

"Then proceed with it inform me when it's done" said the NSA agent

"Yes I will once we have a working prototype" said James

"Good you have three days to produce a working prototype" said the NSA agent and walks out of the room a few second later Scrap-Iron entered the room

"Are the nanomities ready for human testing yes or No" asked James

"Yes sir we are ready for testing I have had the best most violent criminal brought here currently sedated in medic lab the Doctor Venom is preparing the nano-bots to inject to the subject as we speak sir" said scrap-Iron

"Proceed if the NSA thinking I'm going to give them this ultimate weapon they have another thing coming this device could make me million on the arms market an assassin that can change his face at will and his voice and elite army of assassin" said James

"Yes sir" said Scrap Iron

"What of the other project how does that proceed" asked James "is at near completion?"

"yes the projects are proceeding well on the Hiss Tanks are near complete modified A10 Warthogs are finished and Other have all be completed to specs as ship out to The Island and Hummers are equipment with all modified weapons as you request by my MARS research specialist " replied Scrap-Iron

"And what of design team have they been told the truth about the destination of the vehicles" said James

"No sir only I know the location the team believe they are destined for the US Military" said Scrap-Iron

"Excellent I never question your loyalty scrap-Iron once the vehicles are full finished eliminate the team once the final vehicle is finished" said James

"Sir there are two of them that might will make great member of the Organisation" said Scrap-Iron and hands him two files

"Wild Weasel real name unknown a skilled mercenary fighter pilot he has 172 confirmed kills and never been shot down" and gave the file back to Scrap-Iron "yes he will make an excellent recruit"

"What about the other?" asked Scrap-Iron

"Hum Emma A Walters employee of MARS industries for ten years and has worked on all weapons project for the company she has skilled in vehicle mechanics as I'm not sure about her she has completed the project Vanguard" said James "I told you to scrap It Scrap-Iron why did you finished vehicle that could never be used to it fullest" he said

"Sir my oldest school Emma finished the Vanguard and included some extra thing the Vanguard system?" said Scrap-Iron

"Then tell me what she done to the Vanguard to improve it beyond the specs then I may consider her for the team" said James

"She has improved all the system to include the latest weapons our company produces minus all the label belonging to M.A.R.S what have been donated by the Twins and she has got the engines working fully up to the designers specs and she had decided to include Stealth technology to the hole Vanguard and she added the underwater ability and they are stand facilities as in the originally design as well it own power source Nuclear reactor that power the whole ship as standard air defences SAM and 50 calibre mini guns and the ground defence she fitted target mounted deck guns and SAM along the underside and with technology gained from the dead Alien robots she has been able to create a force shield around the Vanguard with Shield generator inside the Vanguard nothing can with stand it can't be destroyed by either from the air or ground forces" said Scrap Iron

"What about Vehicle holds how level she included them?" asked James

"Yes sir five levels able to hold up to forty and the flight Deck hold just up to twenty-five Rattlers with another twenty-five in lower decks under the flight deck" replied Scarp-Iron looked James face who had an evil look on his face

"Excellent work she is on board I need someone to pilot the Vanguard and she is the best candidate her name is now Bayonet" said James

Scrap Iron left the room and then a Black hair female entered the room she is the Baroness and walks over to him and kisses him on Lips

"I heard about Bayonet creation that thing could level a whole city and it will help us shape the world in our image Destro Darling I think we should contact him and tell him strike to launch the strike" she said

At the Same time

Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco, California

It rush hour across the golden the traffic is gridlock back to back of cars, van, Lorries, M.D.R prison transporter and coaches they are large of people and bicycles also on the bridge the sound honking horns can be heard drowning out people talking.

Meanwhile under a small metal box can be seen with two glass viral and the cobra insignia can be seen on the device six more spread along the bridge a blink green light can be seen on all of the devices soon the device exploded spreading green spores across the bridge dissolving the bridge the vehicles and pedestrians and bicycles on the bridge start to fall into the San Francisco Bay.

At the Same time

Eiffel Tower

Paris, France

The Eiffel Tower stand tall looking over the city the same device that was on the Golden Gate Bridge can been seen on the bridge on four legs of the tower and a blinking green light which exploded and dissolve the legs of the tower and start to collapse people start running away as it fell few people are crushed by falling wreckage and soon the Eiffel tower was a pile of rubble

At the Same time

Channel Tunnel

Inside the Channel Tunnel a train is speeding through the tunnel the same as the one seen in Paris and San Francisco is seen on the ceiling of tunnel blinking green can be seen on it again and explodes as a training is passing through the tunnel ceiling of the dissolved by the green spores and water paws into the tunnels and flooded them and after few seconds both side of the Channel tunnel are complete flooded

At the same time

London Eye

London, England

The London eye is going around a young couple an African American male and a white female both the same the age are looking out at the view of the Themes at the bottom of the London eye is another of device with the Cobra insignia and that was also found in Channel Tunnel, Paris and San Francisco

"Oh Tommy this is such a great view" said the female she watches as Tommy gets down on one knee and reaches into his pocket and removed a small black box

"So Kimberly will you do me the honour of becoming my wife" he said as he opened the box to show a silver diamond ring

"Yes oh yes" she said as she pick up the ring and puts it on "I will marry you" and she kissed Tommy and they embraced each other in a hug

Just then and explosion is heard and Kimberly and Tommy looks down at the base of the London eye to see it being dissolved by the green spores that destroyed the Channel Tunnel, Eiffel Tower, Golden Gate bridge

The London eye started to collapse the Kimberly and Tommy pod was in crashed into the Themes hard as it was at the top of the London eye as other pods crashed into the street and the Themes as well.

At the same time

Madison Square Garden

New York City

An Ice Hockey match is being played out between New York Raiders and the Miami Screaming eagles the New York raiders are in the leaded to the crowd cheering on the ceiling of the Madison square garden is the same device that was in San Francisco, London, The Channel Tunnel and Paris the blinking green light can be seen and exploded and the green spore dissolved the strut holding up the roof after the strut was destroyed and the ceiling and roof fell to the ground striking the people in the crowd

"That was brilliant Destro Darling the destruction the Spore bomb created will show the world that we are a force not to be messed with" said Baroness who had grin on her face

"Yes my darling that test was a success now we can target more targets around the world and soon we shall control the world and shape the world in the image of what we decide" said James and signalled a female Iron Grenadian comes over carrying Black sneaking suit and Silver metal mask she also had two silver .50 Desert Eagle Magnum and a prototype Anti-tank Rail gun strapped around her back her jacket was open revealing a part of her chest and bra she had large tattoo above her breast of the Cobra logo her black her has purple streaks through it she is Heather McTagget .

"Master your gear as you requested" she said kneeling at her master and kissed James McCullan hand

"You can raise my dear there is no need to kneel for me Heather your skills are impressive do you like that prototype rail-gun" said James

"It does helps me to show how the rail gun works and how it handles and with the fingerprint scanner built into the weapon that allows me to use the weapon only Destro" said Heather McTagget and she got of her knees

"Rise my loyal bodyguard none need to kneel in my presence" said James

"Call me Lady I no longer want to share my father names he gave me so I chose a new name and that Lady" said Heather

"are Interesting name well Lady tell your father he's got the chance for some advance weapons fresh on the market Rail Guns bidding starts at 10gs a piece tell me are my loyal Soldiers ready for action" said James and changes into the sneaking suit and placed the silver helmet his family had used for Generation the mask of Destro

"Soon it will be time for the world mark the day world face a New Treat of Cobra" said Destro

Three Hours later

Vanguard Hanger

An MARS hanger off the coast of New York

Inside the larger hanger is hundred foot long ship a Female stands wearing an Iron grenadiers uniform standing with a smoke revolver and the research team lay dead on the floor and see looks at the her creation

Destro entered with his Iron grenadiers Scrap Iron, Doctor Venom followed with a heavily drug up male then Wild Weasel and Bayonet kneeled at Destro presence

"Raise my loyal soldiers soon we can strike at the western world soon from the Vanguard and there is nothing they can do to stop it" said Destro

"Yes sir he's already on board with the Twins" said Bayonet

The force then board the Vanguard and after a few minutes later the engines started up and the ship to float and the roof of the warehouse opened and folded down till there was nothing around the Vanguard and it then took to the skies

Bayonet is walking with Destro and Baroness and look at the equipments in the armoury it was fully stocked with three thousand of weapons

"Impressive work my dear you have no bother destroying cities to make a point" asked Destro

"No sir I'm a weapons designer and I care not one bit who get my weapons if they are a terrorist it won't bother me one bit as the saying goes one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter" said Bayonet

"Tell me scrap-Iron never said what the top speed the Vanguard was so enlighten me" asked Destro

"Mach-1 of course I fitted forty turbo engines at rear to move this thing" said Bayonet

"You have real talent my dear" said Destro

"Thank you sir so where are we going anyway" asked Bayonet

"All in good time my dear we need some more allies before we can conquer the world" said a man he was wearing a Black army general uniform his jacket was covered with medals all where fake and a cobra symbol on his other side he had a black balaclava covering his face another Cobra symbol be seen on the mask forehead he had long black cape and he is wearing a pair of black leather gloves and hold a solid gold cane with a Cobra on the tip in strike position

"Are Commander this the lovely lady that created and improved the weapon system of the Vanguard she is a very skilled M.A.R.S employee and she loyal to course of Cobra" said Destro

"I'm please to meet such a beautiful and smart lady like yourself no boyfriend or girlfriend I take it" said Cobra Commander

"Charmed but not interest seriously you're not my type and I have my man in my sights" said Bayonet leaned over to Cobra Commander and whispered something into his left ear

"Leave us Destro" said Cobra Commander and returns to his throne room with Bayonet in arm Destro and Baroness walked off.

Bridge of the Vanguard

Destro & Baroness enter the bridge of Vanguard to see Tele-Vipers are sat at the control panels of the Vanguard controlling the ship they soon find Twins Tomax and Xamot looking at the Tele-Vipers and at visor crossing their eye which has been fused in place

"Welcome Destro and Lady Baroness" said Tomax and Xamot together

"What are you genetic freaks doing here anyway" asked Destro

"The same thing you are doing here Destro ensuring our finical security in Cobra Organisation and ensure we get the most excellent that Bayonet creates and the same time we can secure her services for our company" said Tomax

"Indeed brother her talents would help us so much with our company who created these Tele-things" said Xamot

"Yeah these Tele-Vipers where created by our chief scientist Bayonet she used a combination homeless people and runway we took off the street by our agents and with the assistance of the Dr Mindbender and Dr Venom we fused the visor and bag pack to their backs" said Destro

"We shall require your assistant in destroying a prototype suit that Dr David P. Lewinski and his team is creating for US military he works for a rival organisation of our Extensive Enterprises he is located at lab in London" said Tomax

"We can't allow this suit to fall into N.A.T.O hands not when we are close to launching an all out attack on the world and forces" said Xamot

"I've someone in mind that will destroy the prototype for us and really hate talking to you two" said Destro

"We know" said Tomax and Xamot together and then they left the room

"I'll have Duchess call him and sure he'll be able destroy the prototype for us but should I have Storm Shadow steal the blueprints for this Delta six I'm sure Bayonet and Scrap Iron can use it in Project B.A.T darling" asked Baroness

"that Not a bad idea my dear I forgot about Project Battle Android Trooper and considering the nanomities will make them stronger than our military forces and will help Cobra Commander with his plans to conquer the world" said Destro

"You think we will succeed with his plans Destro Darling" asked Baroness

"Of course not darling he's an over grown idiot and if he manage it then we shall simply over throw him and we shall rule the world together with Weather Dominator and MASS devices in place in all the Cobra bases we have created over the last few months and time and money we have spent funding Cobra we should be the rightful rules of it" said Destro

Few hours later

Cobra Commanders throne room


Vipers are setting up camera and soon the camera face Cobra Commander a Viper counts down from five and soon the cameras roll

"People of the world the terrorist attack that you have all witnessed are the work of the Cobra terrorist group and we have simple demand the world surrender to me or I will destroy another three major cities and if you still fail to surrender another three cities will be destroyed and the one every hour until you give or there is nothing left you have 72 hours to surrender to Cobra" said Cobra Commander

End of chapter 1: