Motor pool

US Army Base Fort Ward


A female Army mechanic Corporal Courtney Krieger known to her friends as Cover-Girl because she used fashion model and a page 3 girl she is being watched by three fellow soldiers one of these soldier is Jack Cross Country Blais all watching her work on an army Hummer engine all are steering at her ass as she works

"Please work on my tape deck I'm have it working I need my country and western music playing in battle" said Jack Blais

"First thing first I will need to get the engine working then I will work on the suspension then maybe I get around to the tape deck I can see why you don't upgrade to this new thing they a MP-3 player or a CD player then he we don't have to listen to those horrible country and Western crap" said Courtney Krieger and she said this the other two soldiers laughed

"Hey country and western the best even time I play some people wants to punch me out" said Jack

"Yeah I'm one of them can't you try listing to Jazz or classic music some that is interesting and not a bore fest" said Courtney

"There is nothing Billy Ray Cyrus he is excellent" said Jack

"Yeah you play those damn over and over again we get board of them" said one of the soldiers

"Hey why did you quit being a super model for anyway?" asked the other soldiers

"It be very boring and never gave me anything but boredom and unhappiness I want my best friend stave her to get to that famed size zero I tried to till her she was perfect that none is that size in real life she commit suicides when she discovered she had been rejected by model agency for younger more beautiful models and then I decide to do what my dad wanted me and join the army since I always help my dad on the weekends work on his Ford Cougar he loved so much I had already became a skilled mechanic so I decide to become one and beside I have cousin in Tranquillity by the name of Mikaela Baines she runs a garage their I offered to sent her money to apply for collage" Replied Courtney

"Hey would you every go back to be a super model" asked one of the soldiers

"Why didn't you join the army in the first place" asked one of the soldiers

"My dad wanted me to follow his father and brothers and join the army even I did but my mum didn't she didn't believe a woman should risk her life for her country that it was a man job to do it and beside she the one who got me the model career my dad just went a long with it I still loved helping work on his classic he used to buy and then sell for charity It helped him sell them to people famed super model Courtney Krieger worked on this mum went made so she sent me to Paris" said Courtney as she step away from the vehicle

"Ok give it a try can you" she said and one of the soldiers got into the driver seat and started the engine of the Hummer and it started after the first try that when General Flagg enters the motor pool

"Can help you general?" asked Courtney

"Get your gear you and your friend Jack are being reassigned to a new anti-terrorist taskforce" replied General Flagg

"What that unit?" asked Jack

"A Classified anti-Terrorist group codename G.I J.O.E you are both considered the best vehicle driver and the best mechanic in the corp. So are you in or out" asked General Flagg

"Count me in sounds fun any vehicle I can get it up and running but I'm won't be anybody Aide-de-camp so can scrap any idea of me being one got that general" said Courtney

"No problem cover-girl was it" said General Flagg

"Yeah I'm in" said Jack

"Welcome aboard Cross Country would you please follow me" said General Flagg walks out of the motor pool followed by Cover Girl and Cross Country they board a black Chinook helicopter inside the helicopter they meet Snake-eye, Scarlet, Jinks, Kamkuma, Sgt Flash, Snow Job, Iceberg, Duke Ripcord, Frostbite, Volga, Dusty

"I would like you to met CIA agents Shana 'Scarlet' O'Hara and her boyfriend Snake-eye his is the leader of Arashikage ninja corp. they two with them are Jinks and Kamkuma they are his and Scarlet apprentices" said General Flagg

"We have one more stop to make that is to recruit Warrant Officer Dashiell Fairbourne then you shall all be relocated to the P.I.T" said General Flagg


2 years ago

B.A Hospital


Sergeant Ana Lewis lies in a hospital bed hooked up to a life support system she lies in coma and her brother is sat at her bed side holding her hand he is Major Rex 'Firefly' Lewis

"Please wake sis please wake" he said put their no response from her she just lies their and start to fells angrier building up in him

"I promise I'll make that bastard pal for this I swear I'll will kill him Conrad will pay for leaving us behind at the LZ Oh mark my words sis he is going to pay" he said as he held her hand tighter

"How is she Rex?" asked a voice behind him he turns to see Sergeant Conrad 'Duke' Hauser and Rex face is filled with angrier and rage

"Get lost you bastard it's your fault she lying in this damn hospital bed know get out of my sight or I'll swear I'll kill you know get out of my sight will you" said Rex

"Please let me see Rex she is my fiancé please I have to see her" said Conrad

"No you're not going anywhere near my sister I promise you this Conrad I will kill you if anything happens to my sister" said Rex and then proceed to punch him the face he is then arrest by two MP one of these is Christopher 'Law' Lavigne

"Cool it down you save it for the enemies" said Christopher 'Law' Lavigne

"I want that murder kept away from my sister he is responsible for my sister condition he order the Evac. Not to wait for us and my sister was hit by mortar attack I swear I'll kill him if she dies or mark my words" said Christopher

"I had our orders from Cap that we where to extract Dr Mindbender he was top freelance torture for hire and he was wanted for torturing American & British P.O.W oh you did allow your good buddy Wallace 'Ripcord' Weems you carried him to the LZ but you left her behind" said Rex

"I think it would be best if you left Sergeant Hauser till this is sorted out" said Christopher and then Conrad left leaving Rex behind

Three months later

Rex Lewis he is wearing urban combat gear and he is holding a balaclava in his left he looks at his sister grave and the date she died nearly five weeks ago

"Conrad will pay for this mark my words he's going to pay and every one close to him no going to escape from his fate" said Rex Lewis

"He'll burn like a coward and his whole unit will die with him none will escape Firefly judgement for Rex Lewis died when his sister did" he said as he proceed to put on the urban balaclava and pulled it down over her face and proceed to walk off from the graveyard

A day


An abandon building Firefly is listing to the news reports of Cobra attacks across the world his wall is covered with pictures of his old unit they are fourteen in total include his sister, Conrad Hauser and Wallace Weems all but Wallace and Conrad had red cross through them.

They have are a dozen creates with MARS logo on them most of them are opened and most of the weapon in the MARS creates have no serial numbers on them elsewhere Firefly has twelve dog tags around his neck one of these was his sister dog and looks at their communication officer file and picks up his gear and walks out of the abandon building

"Soon sis you be avenged and soon Duke and Ripcord will join the other that failed to protect you" said Firefly he looked a clip into his Modified HK MP-5 Sub machine Gun fitted with Scope, LAM and Suppresser

He picks up a modified Grenade launcher and proceed to place it into a underarm holster and then picked up two Silver .50 Magnum handgun and placed them into two hip holster and then proceed to put a small handheld flamethrower

"Time to meet my new boss shall we" said Firefly and looked at a private ticket from a Heather McTagget a weapons Broker from M.A.R.S Industries and a list of contacts on the list that appeared to be a hit list of officials in government one of these was David P. Lewinski and his location in London

"At least I'm getting a paid 1 million dollars to kill this NATO inventor" said Firefly to himself and walks out of the abandon apartment.

Back to Now

NATO weapons facility

Dr David P. Lewinski is looking at two prototype Delta 6 accelerator and he is joined by three NATO general and Prime Minister John Forsythe

"This is impressive Dr Lewinski most impressive so what does it do anyway" asked one of the NATO general

"Well general I created these suit for N.A.T.O allied forces this Delta 6 increase the wearer strength that allows them to go toe to toe with most armoured vehicles and with the increased speed a soldier will be able to dodge missile fire and with training and skill the wear will be able to deflect the missile back at the firer and with the increased ability they can climb jump great distances" said Dr David Lewinski

"When can you put these into full production I want them on the front line with allied soldiers wearing?" asked The NATO official

"We can have the Delta 6 Accelerator suit in full production in another seven months once we have proven the suit is safe to us in the field" repelled David

"Not good enough we need them in full production in the next hours with the threat we need all the extra support with Hi-Tech equipment you can provide Dr Lewinski and we no idea what weapons this cobra organisation has in its arsenal and with the Delta 6 we shall be able to handle this threat" said one of the NATO general

"I strongly disagree with putting them into full production without giving them a proper field test of the whole system Head-up display will need calibration to match the wearer eyesight down to a tea but the main system the threat management system that allows will allow the dodging of missiles is still being calibration and the mathematically code system is taking time to sort out even with six super computers and the mathematical genius is will take another six week to ten weeks to full install the software by my programmer team and as they not going to be back for another three weeks" said David

"No excuses I want full working prototype by the end of the day" said the NATO general

"would you listen what a part aren't you not understanding about Delta 6 suits we won't be able get fully and in mass production until we can run fully test computer system to see if the core systems are fully installed correctly and running free of all errors and calculation in core programming is rule fully at top specs of my design and we will need seven months to make sure everything is running correctly and at top specs" said David

Meanwhile outside

Outside of building a Black Hummer drives up being by a woman that looks like Lady but she has different hair but has red strip in her hair inside the car with her are Baroness, storm Shadow and Firefly the vehicle parks up.

Storm Shadow and Firefly gets out of the back of the hummer and Baroness then gets out of the front of the vehicle when they walk towards the front of the building they see two guards on guard duty

"Sorry this area off limits" said one of the Security guards

"That all we have an appointment" said Baroness draws two pistols and shot dead the security guards and she searches the dead body of the security guards and founds a security Swipe card and she picks it up and swipes it through panel and the door unlocks Storm Shadow and Firefly then drag the dead security guards inside the building when they are approached by a female scientist

"Hey who are you? Are you here to see my boyfriends prototype device?" asked the female scientist she watched in horror as Firefly trained his MP-5 Sub machine gun and opened fire on her and killed her

"Move out and eliminate anyone else I go and collect the Delta Six armour suit" said