"I Can't Let Go!"

Chapter 1:
I Mean Nothing to You...

Nurik0o Mikagami


"Hmmm... What should I get? Dark? Milk? White?" Fuuko thought to herself as she browsed through the chocolate shelf in the supermarket. Tomorrow's Valentines' Day and Fuuko's feeling all nervous and stuff, for tomorrow's gonna be the first time ever that she is going to prepare her own made chocolate for the person she likes!


Ryoko, Fuuko's classmate spotted her, and is running towards Fuuko.
"What are you buying Fuuko-san?"

"Err... Nothing. I was just loitering around, I din' feel like going home too early, that's all. What about you? What are you doing here?" Fuuko never liked the idea of showing others the girly side of her, let alone the fact that she's making V-Day Chocolate! No way!

"Oh! I was on my way to the cashier to make payment for these chocolate that I bought. I'm gonna make the best chocolate tomorrow for that person!" Ryoko took a peek at her watch, and darted off when she realised that it was already 5 in the evening.

"Hmm... Milk chocolate... This brand! That's the brand Ryoko was holding. I think this will do!" Fuuko took the chocolate and went to pay for them before heading home. Skipping, and hopping, Fuuko was in the best of her mood. Humming her way... Suddenly, she stopped!
"Ahhhh!!!!! I... I don't know how to... how to..."

"Can I help you miss? I heard your scream a mile away."

"Raiha-kun?!! What are you... What are you doing here?"

"I heard a distress scream from a beautiful lady, and I thought I could help." Raiha gave a wide grin to Fuuko.

Fuuko and Raiha have been the best of friends since their last battle with each other. No doubt they nearly killed each other, but both of them had never been able to stay away from each other, as if Fujin and Raijin were calling out to each other. Fuuko has been telling Raiha all about this guy whom she has a crush on, but no matter how hard Raiha persuades her, she just wouldn't let him know of that guy's name.

"Raiha-kun!" Fuuko screamed. "I... thought of making chocolate for that person tomorrow, but... I DON'T KNOW HOW TO! Ugh! I should have known better... how could I even think of such a stupid idea... chocolate? me? Valentines'? Ugh!" Fuuko was busy blabbering to herself that she didn't hear what Raiha said to her.

"Er... Fuuko-san? FUUKO-SAN!!!!!"

"Oops.. Sorry. What was it that you were saying?

"I was saying... I could help you with it. I'm a great cook!" Raiha once again gave Fuuko that wide grin, the grin that comforted Fuuko whenever Fuuko needed someone to listen to her woes. The guy that Fuuko likes is a bishounen, someone everyone in school likes, although she is on talking terms with that guy, there are always other girls around, who sends him cards and bentohs. And that never fails to make Fuuko jealous and stuff.


So off Raiha and Fuuko to Raiha's bungalow where he, neon and Kurei lives. Fuuko was rather relunctant to go where Kurei was at first, but finally gave in when Raiha said, "Fuuko-san, being a gourmet idiot, I do not quite expect you to have the necessary utensils to make YOUR chocolate, or am I wrong?"

Fuuko was greeted by the ever so cool Kurei, and was made fun of by Neon when Raiha told them the purpose for her being at their premises. Without any further delay, Raiha and Fuuko started preparing the chocolate, there were of course failures, in fact many failures when Fuuko left the chocolate boiling under direct heat.

It was 10 p.m., Fuuko and Raiha were at their 6th attempt.
"I thought you said you were a great cook!" Fuuko gave Raiha the sarcastic look, as if demanding for a good explanation why the previous five attempts were complete failures.

"Exactly! I'm a great cook, but you're a bad assistant Fuuko!"

"Why YOU!"

Raiha laughed at the sight of Fuuko blowing her top, with chocolate all over her face.

"Go clean up your chocolate face, and take a rest in the living room. It's been a long day. I do the finishing touch."

"Fine! Guess you don't need me the clumsy assistant around anyway." Fuuko giggled, and went off to the washroom where she cleaned herself up. "I hope he will like the chocolate! Tomorrow..."

Fuuko laid down on the couch, she turned on the television, and watched the last episode of Fushigi Yuugi, but she was too worned out, and gradually, her eyelids grew too heavy, and she fell asleep.


"Fuuko... Wake up! You're gonna be late for school!" Raiha shook Fuuko vigorously. He has been trying to wake her up for the past 10 minutes, he was glad he did not have to use any madougu to get her off the bed she was resting on.

Still half asleep, Fuuko looked around her, as if in a totally unfamiliar place. It was unfamiliar alright, the last thing she remember, she was lying down on the couch, but now she's on a soft, comfy bed. Finally, she said, "Where am I?"

"You're lying on my bed, you fell asleep on the couch, so I carried you up here, where you'll sleep a more comfortable sleep. Sorry I didn't send you home, it was kinda late, so... But because of that, I slept on the couch, and I'm aching all over now!"

"Aw come on! You're a guy! This is the least you could do already. Stop whining already or WE'LL be late for school!"

They didn't have any time for the sumptuous breakfast Neon prepared, they merely grabbed some bread and ran off for school. They weren't in the same school, but both schools were nearby. After about running for 15 minutes or so, they reached the junction where they will part for the day. Fuuko will head East, while Raiha West.

"Fuuko... The chocolate is in your bag. It's already wrapped up nicely. I hope... That person will like it. Give it your best shot! I'll wait for you outside your school today. I await your good news."

"Arigatoo Raiha. Seeya after school!"

The school bell rang, it marked the end of the day. Girls gathered around each other, gossiping about how they passed their own chocolates to their idols. Fuuko was as usual without any expression, but she her heart was pumping so ever faster, she was having butterflies in her stomach. She placed a note in the locker of her crush, telling him to meet her at the roof top after school.

After some casual goodbyes to her fellow classmates, she dashed out of her classroom, and was on her way to the rooftop.

Raiha on the other hand, decided to go up to her classroom after waiting for her for 10 minutes. He wanted to be there if she needed someone to console her. Not that he thought Fuuko will be turned down, probably more of he was hoping she will be.

When he was about to reach her classroom, he caught the sight of Fuuko dashing out of her classroom. Mistaken that she might be rushing to meet him downstairs, he followed her... but she was not going down, but up... For a moment, Raiha knew he had to stop following, but his legs ran despite his mind telling him not to.


Raiha stood behind the wall that separated the stairway from the rooftop. He heard nothing, until the familiar voice of Fuuko broke the silence.

"This is for you. I hope you will accept this chocolate."

Fuuko's crush was stunned, but he still took the chocolate from Fuuko's hand.

"I chose to make milk chocolate because..."

Before she could finish her sentence, the guy, the mysterious guy spoke.
"Arigato na Fuuko."

Raiha was shocked, not by the guy's sudden acceptance of the chocolate but... He slowly turned his body, and took a peek where both Fuuko and the guy was standing. Fuuko has her back facing him, while her crush facing him from afar.
Raiha was speechless upon seeing the guy's face. So he was right. The moment he heard that guys's voice... He knew it was that person.

Fuuko next sentence further knocked Raiha into despair.
"I like you. I really do. I know I shouldn't... But I really do!"

Raiha looked down onto the floor, his legs grew heavy but he knew he had to leave. He heard no more, rather, he no longer wanted to hear anything. He left the school building. Where he was at the school gate, Raiha looked up at the rooftop where he believe Fuuko still was.

"Fuuko-san... Aishiteru... But I mean nothing to you, for now I know who you really love.

Tears were threatening to roll down, but he had to control them... While he walked away.

"Mi-chan! I like you!" Fuuko finally gathered enough courage to look at Tokiya's eyes.


Author's Note:
I know it's not really good. I know I kinda dragged for too long. I'm not sure if I should continue, because it's my first attempt at writing fics, and my mind isn't really that clear of what I want to write, and I'm not too sure if I know how to continue. ^0^;;