Mass Effect: just after the events on Feros (No other planets complete)

Default Sheppard, male, earthborn, war hero

Halo: after the events of Halo Wars on board the Spirit of Fire

Both universes are at least a little AU

I don't own any characters used, and everything is property of bioware and bungie and whoever else.

Captain Cutter had just finished shutting Professor Ander's cryotube when Serina's voice came over the speakers, and her holographic body appeared on a pedestal near the door. "What is it Serina?"

A ghostly blue figure on a pedestal materialized near the captain, it was the image of a woman in a simple white shirt and black pants.

"Something has happened near the shield world, actually in the exact center, where our FTL detonated in the sun," Serina put a hand to her head in a gesture meant to reassure human listeners. The gesture also signified that the AI was trying to process a lot of information at once.

"Something is there, the radiation I am picking up seems to be consistent with a slipspace entry caused by a ship."

Cutter looked thoughtful for a moment, "As far as we know, there aren't many people that know we are out here correct?"

"There might have been someone on Arcadia that saw us jump, but they would have no way of knowing where we ended up." Serina paused for a moment, "I know what you're thinking, and that's crazy, we don't know a thing about this slipspace phenomenon, if it leads anywhere in the first place, which is unlikely, it could lead right into a star, or some position even outside the galaxy."

Cutter's brow furrowed as if deep in thought, "True, but if the war keeps going like it is, we aren't going to see a rescue party any time soon, especially if they have to search for us." Cutter started to walk out of the cryo bay, "besides, the cryo pods can only keep us alive for a decade at the most, and it's unlikely that anyone will be there to unthaw us once we get to that point."

"But, sir…" Serina looked like she might continue to argue the point.

"No Serina, a small chance is better than none, if that is some sort of slipspace portal like you think, we have to take the chance." Cutter looked determined as he walked out onto the bridge.

"This is beyond insane sir," A smile stole across the AI's face. "Should I begin waking the crew?"

"No, if I'm wrong I think they would be happier dying in their sleep rather than waiting around helplessly."

"Aye sir, course plotted, approaching our doom in 5 seconds."

Cutter closed his eyes and gritted his teeth, and hoped against hope that they would come through this in a better situation than before. Serina's voice came over the speakers again, "3… 2… 1… contact!"


Commander Sheppard felt a great deal of relief as the Normandy lifted off from the docking station on Feros. After fighting through hordes of Geth and then the sickening creatures the Thorian had created, he was tired, but happy, He had managed to knock out all of the colonists remaining in Zhu's Hope. He was less happy about the report he was preparing to send to the citadel council.

Sheppard leaned back and sighed, "close minded aliens."

"Talking to yourself again sir?" asked Kaiden Alenko from the doorway.

"Haven't you ever heard of knocking lieutenant?" Sheppard replied with just a hint of a smile.

"Sir! You left the door open," Kaiden replied immediately after coming to attention, just the slightest hint of sarcasm in his voice.

"At ease lieut-" Sheppard was cut off as an explosion rocked the ship just as it started to exit the atmosphere.

"Joker, what the hell was that?" Sheppard keyed his com unit.

"Geth ships commander, two of them, a cruiser and a frigate," Joker's voice was strained as he devoted most of his effort to piloting the ship out of danger.

"Full speed away, get us away from the planet, try and outrun them," Sheppard ordered the pilot.

"Aye sir! Full speed away," Joker replied.

During this time Sheppard and Alenko arrived at the CIC having taken emergency ladders to bypass the slower lift. "Joker report!"

"That first hit was lucky sir, it damaged our engines and our stealth systems, and we're barely keeping ahead of the cruiser. That frigate could catch us, but they seem happy to just lob torpedoes at us from outside our own weapons range. Our guardian defenses will be overwhelmed soon." Joker replied in an unusually somber tone.

"What if we turned to attack, launched our own torpedoes?" Kaiden spoke up.

"The only reason we're still alive is that I'm flying away and dodging like crazy, otherwise the guardian lasers would overheat in a heartbeat and we'd all be fried," a little bit of the cocky attitude Joker normally displayed began to show itself again.

"Send a distress call Kaiden, all channels." Sheppard grimaced, even if it got out, it was unlikely any ship would pick up the call before they were destroyed by the Geth.

"Aye sir!" Alenko turned to the console next to him, "Mayday, Mayday this is the SSV Normandy requesting immediate assistance, the Geth are attacking, main drive damaged, we need immediate assistance."

"Commander, major gravitational readings, and an energy signature I've never seen before," Joker's voice cam in over the com at the CIC.

"From the Geth?" Navigator Pressley asked, anxiousness apparent in his voice.

"No sir! Right in front of us," Joker's voice sounded more excited than usual.

"Fly as close as you think safe Joker," Sheppard began to feel hope return to the situation. "Let's see if we can't lose that cruiser."

The Normandy began to shudder as it passed close to the anomaly, the gravitational effects playing havoc with their inertial compensators. Then suddenly the vibration stopped. "We're through" joker practically shouted.

"What the hell is that!" A tech in the crew pit to the right side of the CIC exclaimed.

"What is it Ensign?" Sheppard demanded quickly, walking over to the tech's monitor.

"Something just appeared behind us, it looks like it came out of whatever we just passed. But it's big, very big." The startled junior officer was nervous as evidenced by the way all her words came out in a jumble.

"What about the Geth?" Sheppard looked at the screen over the ensign's shoulder.

The ensign, even more nervous with her commanding officer standing over her should fumbled with the controls for a while before enlarging an image of whatever was behind them, showing a massive ship, easily the size of the largest dreadnaughts employed by the systems alliance. In the screen he saw a puff of gas, and the Geth cruiser exploded against the side of the newcomer's hull, but surprisingly very little of the dreadnaught's hull seemed damaged by the detonation of the Geth ship.

"The frigate is still out there, Joker, what happened to the other Geth ship?" Sheppard demanded.

Joker took a moment to respond, "Torpedoes already away captain… damn, he went FTL back to the relay."

"It's okay Joker, I don't think there is much more here the Geth would want, and besides, the navy should be here in a couple days." The Commander walked forward into the pilot's position of the Normandy. He noticed that the frigate was now pointed back towards the massive dreadnaught hanging in space.

"It looks like someone was listening to my prayer after all." Sheppard turned around to see Gunnery Chief Ashley Williams walking up to the pilot's chairs, a smug look on her face. "And better yet, that ship definitely looks human."

"Where did you get to that conclusion Williams?" Sheppard said, looking slightly irritated.

"I just looked at the writing on the wall sir." The marine pointed out the window.

On the side of the ship in bold letters was a ship designation in English, it read: