Drawn to Life

By the Creator

The Creator - Unknown God-like person is the one who created the universe that the Raposa live in by the means of a book called The Book of Life, which co-exists in both worlds. After the book had been damaged, the Creator had left the Raposa to fend for themselves. By the hopeful prayers of Mari, however, the Creator has returned to what's left of the village, created a hero, and resumes to help save the Raposa.

Mari, daughter of the Mayor - The only one who prayed and kept her hope that the Creator would return. She is very good friends with Jowee and one of the few whom the Creator first answered since s/he left.

Jowee, Mari's best friend - Adventures and a little troublemaker, he is another one of the few the Creator first answered.

The Mayor - He leads the town and helps them with their problems. However, since the Creator had left them, he has had trouble and all but Jowee and Mari have left.

The Mannequin - A new creation of the Creator but has been incomplete since s/he left. Locked in the Creation Hall, what will it be able to accomplish? What is its destiny?

Mannequin's PoV.

The room was small and filled with books. Books of old and new adventures, books on creatures big and small. But the one whom no one has seen, yet knows exists is the Creator, the one who formed our world, the world of the Raposa.

My figure was still and lifeless. I am simply a doll - a pawn the Creator has yet to mold. But before the Creator could complete me, an accident had occured and the Creator sealed me in this room, perhaps fearing I would come to harm. For now I sit and wait. The Creator has told me that one day, my time will come, the moment I'll come to life is approaching. Years have gone by. I still sleep - Waiting for the time of my destiny to arrive...

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