Blank Check


This is just some stupid gibberish of American idiots behind vampire knight. We kind of did it for our own fun because we have so many inside jokes about Vampire Knight –that we love- and wanted our friends across the states to read.

By: Kourtney, Co-made by Sherry, Lillian, and random box guy… we're idiots.

Cross Academy sat pristine and dominating, an elegant white school that said to the world I am prestigious and only for students who wish to learn and accept the world. It was a school forged to slowly help humans and vampires become friends. A school where a young girl named Yuuki Cross guarded and protected the day class from the night class… though it often seemed otherwise.

Sadly Cross Academy had no idea what was to befall it nor did Yuuki have any concept at how much harder her job would soon become due two diseases that would plague the school.

The invasion.

Of two American… girls.

Not just one or three, but two.

Two female American students perused around the campus inquisitively. Their Converse covered feet not quite matching their uniforms, then again their uniforms went against regulation as did their shoes. Ama wore bright purple shoes and Shera wore orange, their uniforms had been bedazzled and had iron on patches of flowers on Ama's and butterflies on Shera's. A small peace sign adorned Ama's high top Converses.

It was their first day. Their first day at a school in Japan and they were but humble, precious, little, innocent, Americans wanting a chance at bonding and seeing the Japanese world… on the outside. In reality they were as cruel as hell… at least that's what the night and day class would soon find out.

"What the hell? Why do we have to wear uniforms?" Ama cried adjusting her stuffy feeling uniform. "I don't want to conform, man," growled Ama raising up her hippy fist.

"I don't know about you, but I feel cute," muttered Shera as she watched a crowd gather around a pair of iron gates, the day was coming to a close and the two had spent most of the day looking around the campus getting familiarized with their surroundings. "Whats over there?" Shera pointed adorably.

"I don't know, but they're chanting names. Maybe a bunch of celebrities go to this school!" Ama hissed grabbing Shera's hand and pulling her closer to the throng of girls screaming, "Aidou! Idol-senpai! Kane-senpai!"

"What does senpai mean? Is it like a center," Shera asks opening up her Japanese to English dictionary. "What does Aidou mean?"

"I don't know," said Ama rubbing her head curiously, "did they say Idol or Eye-dough?"

"Eye dough know," Shera giggled. Ama shook her head at her friend and her obsession with puns.

As the doors opened, a glow came from the gateways, as if it were the gates of Heaven itself about to reveal a crowd of angels. You could hear the lilting voices of angels behind the doors as they pushed forward. Ama and Shera's eyes widened wondering who lay behind the doors as a pair of doves flew overhead.


"What the hell?" Ama growled with a complete let down as they saw the students file out. "They look like normal students," growled Ama watching what appeared normal yet not so normal, hot, dazzling students. Then again to these two anyone not American was hot.

"Aidou! Aidou-senpai!"

"It must be a person," Shera cried as if she had found out the meaning to life itself and must be heard.

"Kane look at me Kane-senpai."

"Oh sugar-" Shera breathed.

"-Kane," Ama finished with a smirk.

"Which one is Aidou, and which is Kane?"

"Lets find out," replied Ama wickedly poking Shera's arm as she shouted over the crowd. "Yo Aidou! Your fly is unzipped!" He turned his head. "Kane you owe me money!" Kane glanced around as well. The two cousins turned around and the crowd froze glaring at the two new girls, you could feel the thick cloud of tension that you could cut with a knife. "That one is Aidou and that one is Kane," said Ama nonchalantly explaining to Shera. Aidou was quickly checking his zipper and he shouted back, "No it isn't!"

"I don't owe you money! I don't know you," came Kane's reply.

"Sorry, thought it was unzipped. And you do owe me money Mr. Senpai! You just wasted my time," Ama said tossing her brown hair over her shoulder before looking to Shera, who had a ladybug in her hair. Ama did not understand that Senpai was not Kane's last name but a show of respect with the students. The tension flooded from the crowd. A few girls glared at Ama for making such a rude statement to their beloved Kane-senpai. Ama didn't even notice the glares for she was so busy helping Shera get the precious lady bug out of her hair without being killed by her flinging arms.

The two vampire students just looked at each other, "She probably just wanted my attention," replied Aidou primping himself as he fixed his hair back, Kane rolled his eyes, and Aidou decided to dazzle the woman who had so 'obviously' tried to get his attention by doing his bang fingers to Ama. She pointedly looked at him and gave him the loser sign before turning back to her friend Shera who was petting the ladybug in her hand lovingly. Aidou was stunned for a moment, you could see an anime question mark forming above his head. Aidou glared at this obviously not Japanese newcomer, and turned his attention to the fans whom he knew would adore him. She meant that sign for Kane, that must be it, he thought to himself and quickly forgot about the incident. Shera set free the ladybug.

Shera is busy taking pictures of the students and the beautiful architecture of the school, "Its like a castle. I wonder if Beauty and the Beast lives here," giggled Shera.

"Do they have a mall here?" Ama asked tiredly.

"Beauty is a common name for princesses… Sleeping beauty… beauty with the beast…"

"Do they have a flea market?" Ama asks as her finger on her chin pondering. Shera snaps out of it, "Even if they had a flea market we don't have any money." Suddenly Shera's eyes brightened as she beamed, "I have an idea!" Ama's attention quickly turns towards Shera. "Hmm… well this may work… I'm gonna get an autograph just in case they're famous," squealed Shera whipping out something that appeared like something you write on… then again when looked at closer… but we can't look any closer because Shera ran through the throng and pushed through the small girl named Yuuki Cross to get to the cutest Asian guy she could see.

"Excuse meeee, pardon meee," squeaked Shera trying her best to assert herself, but it's not really working with her attitude so Ama says, "Screw that we don't have all the time in the world," and just pushes her friend through the crowd. Shera gets pushed into a peppy cute blond and just looks up innocently, "I'm so sorry!"

The blond says, "Its fine. Are you okay? Are you hurt?" Shera feels bad for what she's about to do but just nods and smiles.

"I have a favor to ask of you," Shera says her foot pushiong at the gravel nervously in false pretense.

"Um… sure."

"Can I have your autograph?" Shera asked pointedly, no bowing, no scraping, just standing there, like a curious puppy stares at a car that's coming straight for them, and holding out her whatever it was along with a pen to Ichijo.

"Uh. Sure," replied Ichijo signing quickly across the paper as Ama came up behind Shera. Ichijo looks at both of them curiously and says, "Who are you two?"

"The new exchange students," piped Shera. "My real names Sherry, but we decided to try and make our names Japanese sounding… so I'm Shera Mitsubishi! This is Amanda, but we call her Ama BMW!" Ichijo stared blankly at the two Americans before saying very bluntly, "That's a German car."

"Duh, my grandpa's car is German. We can't all afford Japanese cars like Shera."

"Please don't break out of line. It will only encourage the others!" Yuuki whined as she tried to withhold the females screaming behind her emboldened at Shera and Ama's actions. Ama whipped around and glared at the girls hotly. Her death glare was one that made Zero seem like a laughing infant when he glared at the girls.

"Yo! SHUT UP FOO'!" The tone went down in the crowd, though there were still quite murmurs. "Do you honestly think you're going to get their attention screaming like banshees? Its really disgraceful not to treat people like normal beings, yah know."

"Yay!" Shera squealed looking at the paper in her hands Ichijo had signed, "Now we have money to pay for school!" She flashed the check at Ama who smirked as Ichijo's eyes widened and he immediately lunged for Shera.

"What!? Give that back!" Shera giggled and ran off through the throng of girls with Ama following behind her. It was futile for Takuma Ichijo to go into the crowd who had resumed their squeals while Ama and Shera ran away to fill out the blank check. "We're having fish tonight," shouted Shera, "And pocky! A roomful of pocky!"

As the night class exits out of their lessons, Shera is standing there waiting for Takuma Ichijo. Takuma comes out of the classroom with a sad cloud aura above him. He had been sweating like a pig worrying if he would see any of his money ever again. Shera hands the check to Ichijo. Ama watches in the background leaning casually against the tree with Zero holding her arm as Yuuki makes her way to them.

"What are you guys doing out of your dorms?" Zero asks gripping tightly onto Ama's arm trying to cause her pain and make her feel bad for her actions, she merely flexes her muscles. He lets go as Ama grins, "What? You know you liked it."

"I repeat, what were you doing out of your dorms?" Zero says in his usual annoyed attitude.

"Returning something of Ichijo's. Chill Zorro."

"Its Zero," growled the prefect back to Ama.

"Its Zorro to me, baby. You can use your sword to brand me any day," growls Ama casting a wink to the prefect. Zero touches his neck where he has his own brand, "Was that supposed to be humorous?"

"Look, we're going to return to our rooms just give us a moment Zorro baby. Unless you're here to follow us… stalker." Zero immediately inches himself away from her, his eyes glowed at her furiously, "I'm not a stalker."

"Then don't stalk those who wish not to be stalked."

"Its my job to follow meddling students."

"But we're not meddling. So, therefore you're just a stalker. But I will admit Yuuki is an adorable sidekick." Yuuki tries to step between the two with her hands up feeling odd at the tension between the two. Zero rolls his eyes and crosses his arms looking away, it had been a long night for him.

"I'm sorry for making you worry," Shera breathed stepping up to Ichijo and handing him the check. "It was meant as a joke, Itchy."

"Its Ichijo-sama."


"Um… that's a little too familiar," Ichijo said blushing at such familiarity.

"But, I want to be your friend," Shera's eyes twinkle hopefully.

"Okay," he sighs, completely relieved that the two didn't use the check.

"Don't worry we did nothing…"


Shera is pressing the check to the copier and making as many copies of Ichijou's signature upon the checks as possible giggling maniacally. She makes out checks for $100 and photocopies Ichijou's signature upon all of them. Shera had decided that if Ama and her withdrew small increments of money Ichijou would never notice.


"It was nice meeting you Ichijo," smiles Shera brightly as she skips off with Ama walking quietly behind her while Zero -stalks- after them making sure they get to their room and Yuuki stares on wonderingly at Kaname-senpai's left eyebrow, so deep in love is she with the sadistic hot vampire.

As they leave Shera pulls out her Ipod and says as they walk away, "Its time for music karma!"

Ama cries out happily, "Yay music karma! That's always fun! Music karma rules the world!"

And as they walk away with the prefects following behind them making sure that the American girls get back to their rooms a song plays along them.

" 'There she was just walking down the street singing do wah-diddy diddy dum diddy do,'" they sang as they walked away, one earplug in Ama's ear and another in Shera's. Yuuki tilts her head in confusion wondering what 'music karma' was. Zero merely walks ahead thinking they're idiots and its just something that Americans normally do. Not that he'd met many Americans.