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Chapter 1


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Summary: AU. Yugi is a one year old turned werewolf. He has never been able to adapt to being a werewolf because his master who turned him has never let him. After being able to escape he comes across a timber factory that houses two werewolves who are hostile to new werewolves on their territory. What will happen and will Yugi's master find him?

Pairings: Monarchshipping (Atemu x Yami), Bakushipping (Akefia x Bakura x Ryou) , Bronzeshipping (Marik x Malik), later Mobiumshipping (Atemu x Yami x Yuugi)


The bases for this story came to me in a dream when I was between sleeping and awake, but it had nothing to do with the Yu-Gi-Oh during the dream. Hehehe that would be funny. It's just the first few chapters though the rest I've made up afterwards.


Remember it's an AU which means I can do whatever the hell I want so don't like it don't read.


This means flashback


"Ma'am!" A small boy called, as said lady locked up the gate.

Said small boy was the average height of a 11yr old but he was really 15. He had large amethyst eyes and had bags under them, indicating little sleep. His body was pale with dirt all over his body. His hair was unique. It was a large black five pointed star, with amethyst tipping the edges, while gold bangs hung by the sides of his face. His hair was so messy that it wasn't even gravity deifying and sitting in some sort of style. His clothes were torn in many places and completely covered in dirt.

"Yes what is it?"

"Can you please let me through? I live on the other side of the quarry and there is no other way around."

The lady nodded and opened the gate not noticing in the disappearing sunlight that his clothes were torn and he looked like hell. The boy hurried through while the lady closed and locked the gate behind him.

"Now why don't I..." She said as she turned around but the small boy was gone.


The instant the small boy was through the gate and while the lady was closing the gate he changed into his small wolf form and ran. You see the small boy's name is Yugi and he's a one year old turned werewolf. In his wolf form his whole body is black and his ears are tipped amethyst and the same with the tip of his tail. But not at the moment. You see his fur on his tail was pulled off as a punishment.

"What do you think you are doing?" His master yelled at him.

Yugi curled on the ground, shaking in fear. He was human at the moment and it made him scared. He had tried to escape his life with his master but failed and was beaten by the people who caught him and then brought him back to his master.

"Trying to escape were you? You would never survive out there Yugi. You are better off staying here."

"Yes Master." Yugi said hoping to get away without punishment.


Yugi whimpered and changed his form to a wolf. His master walked forward and grabbed his tail and started ripping the fur from the whole thing. Yugi howled in pain and people held him down while he struggled. His tail was bleeding as the huge chucks of fur were torn out. When his master finished he was released and Yugi whimpered on the ground.

"You will learn not to defy me Yugi and you won't be in so much pain than. Take him to his cage and make sure he's not in his wolf form."

Yugi begged as he was dragged away to stay in his wolf for because he'd heal quicker and it wouldn't be painful to be in his human form later. It was safe to say once he was in the cage he was shocked over and over till he changed back where he sobbed on the floor of the metal cage.

The cages the other were-animals were in are electrified so that if they are in their animal form they are forced to eventually change out and into their human form to stop the pain.

Yugi had given himself a week to recover before trying to escape again and this time he'd succeeded for now.

Yugi ran, even in his wolf form he was small. Yugi ran through the quarry and into a timber production factory. Yugi panted softly and changed back into his human form and walked around finding it abandoned. Since it was sunset Yugi curled up next to some piles of plywood. It was quiet and the orange light from the sunset made everything seem peaceful.

What Yugi didn't know was that two sets of eyes were watching him from a distance and had seen him enter. They didn't like werewolves on their territory. One of the sets of eyes headed off somewhere else while the other headed towards Yugi.

"Who dares enter this building?" A voice said.

Yugi jumped and sat up and looked around and saw a tanned man there that looked similar to him. The only differences were the skin colour, eye colour which was crimson, and his hair which was a five pointed star with crimson tipping and gold streaks going up.

"I...I-I-I'm sorry. I'm just passing through." Yugi said fearfully.

"We don't allow other werewolves in our territory."

"Please I'm just in need of rest. I'll be gone at sunrise." Yugi said and the other jumped down from where he was standing.

Yugi gasped and started running. He ran around the building trying to find a way out. Because he'd been running nearly all day to keep a distance on the other people that worked for his master Yugi was getting tired out really quickly.

"Where is he?" One of the men asked.

"I don't know he should be here." The other answered.

"Keep looking than."

They were in a forest at the moment and Yugi knew they had been too close for him to get away from so he climbed a tree and hid in the top of the branches. The tree was strong smelling so it covered up his scent, not that the other men knew that. This way he could rest and stay perfectly quiet and not get found. He waited half an hour before climbing down quietly as possible and taking off again. He made his way around the search party and towards the quarry. He'd ran for another 3hrs before arriving there and finding the lady at the gate.

As Yugi was trying to find a way out he came down another aisle, that had timber sleepers and treated pine fencing material, the tanned man stood there half way down the aisle from him. Yugi whimpered and grabbed some broken piece of wood to try and defend himself. The man smirked and picked up one as well and came at him. Yugi held it up to block any of the blows but was hit in the gut sending him to the floor.

"Hey I got a blow torch." A voice said somewhere in the building.

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