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Chapter 54


Yugi turned away as his grandfather answered his phone. Yugi smiled at Atemu and Yami who were whispering to each other as Atemu was frowning. Yugi's smile soon faded when he heard his grandfather next words.

"When did this happen?... Just now!?... No who I'm with had nothing to do with it. They've been here with me since 12:30."

Yugi looked at his grandfather in horror as Atemu and Yami glared. Yugi though he could trust his grandfather, turns out he was wrong. Yugi looked at his mates and saw that they were tense and looking ready to kill, Yugi was pretty sure they wouldn't as it was his grandfather, but not a 100%.

"I'll be there shortly Arthur and I'll try."

Solomon hung up and placed his phone on the table as he took a deep breath. He knew he was most likely going to be killed if he didn't explain. Just as he was about to open his mouth to speak Atemu beat him to it.

"You told someone about us last night. You told hunters about us, your grandson. How do we know no hunters have followed you today." Atemu growled.

"Now hold on just a minute! I know I said I wouldn't but Yugi you remember Professor Hawkins yes?"


"He is another old hunter and a good friend. He noticed something was off yesterday and confronted me about it when everyone left. He won't betray me or you. He adores Yugi and was relieved to hear he's alive. Yes shocked to hear he's changed but relaxed when I explained everything. You can trust him."

"The phone call?" Yami said.

"That was Arthur. There has been a murder just now and he at first suspected it was you three but since we've been here three hours that has been ruled out. I was actually hoping you'd come with me to the crime scene with me and see what you think."

"You expect me to take my mate with you to the crime scene of a human killed by a wolf and risk hunters killing us."

"Arthur assured me he was the only one told of the murder so far, so there would only be myself and Arthur there so they would be safe."

Atemu glared lightly. "What about cops?"

"There are of course cops at the scene and some are hunters but they have left to deal with tracking so the other cops don't get suspicious."

"Why do I feel like I can't trust you?"

"I can understand your dilemma as I feel the same about you. But I'm trying to work through it."

"Atemu if you would prefer I could go see one of my old friends."

"Not alone you're not." Atemu said and Yami nodded.

"But I've known him since primary school. He's my best friend."

"You can go with Yami but we aren't leaving you alone."

"Yugi are you talking about Jou?"

"Yeah why?"

"He hasn't been around since you weren't missing."


"Because he realised I'm a hunter."


"I'll start from the start. Jou came around about an hour after you were taken and I was just walking back from when I lost the signal and he noticed the scent that was left but also my weapons I had on me. He was shocked, before he quickly bolted. The next day on the news Seto Kaiba and Jou were on there asking for any information on your disappearance. Jou phone after the press conference I tried to calm him down as he was angry about finding out who I was. I spoke to Seto after and he explained what he was and why Jou was acting way he was. Jou wasn't a werewolf at the time but he is now. The only reason Seto Kaiba is still alive is because of how powerful he is so now will touch him, and by default Mokuba and Jou. I'm sure he would love to see you though."

"Jou's a werewolf?"

"Yes. I bumped into him last year and the alarm buzzed in my pocket and when I pulled it out it showed Jou as the werewolf. His expression was something that gave it away as well. He was scared of me and my reaction to his change."

"So do you suspect either of them to have done this?"


"Why not?"

"Because Seto Kaiba is too controlled for something like this and if he was to kill someone it wouldn't be like this. The same with his brother, Mokuba is smart almost as smart as his brother so if either of them were to do this than we probably would never know about it. Jou would most likely get Seto to help him hide the body so as not to get caught."

"But you would suspect us."

"Look its not personal. If we even thought it was true that Seto, Jou or Mokuba had done it Seto would have us believed to be crazy and locked up. There wouldn't be a way to stop him. Besides he is always at work anyway when all of this happens."

"I will go with you after I meet this person that Yugi wants to see."

"Atemu its alright." Yugi said but Yami cut him off.

"Yugi you're our mate and you're pregnant so we are going to be even more protective of you and will want to meet anyone you are going to hang around with. It's just the way it is. For our peace of mind to know you are safe."

Yugi sighed but nodded. "Shall we go than?"

Solomon stood up and went into the cafe and paid for their meals as Atemu kept a close eye on him. He watched anyone that was interacting with him closely as well to see if any of them were hunters. Seeing nothing out of the ordinary as Solomon came walking back they stood up and walked towards Kaiba Corp which was actually pretty close to the cafe

Solomon entered the building and walked up to the reception desk and smiled at the women behind the counter.

"How can I help you?"

"I was wondering if Jou is in the building?"

"Yes I believe he went up to see Mr Kaiba."

"Wonderful. Could you check with Mr Kaiba if it is alright if we come up. It's important."

"Please wait one moment."

Solomon nodded and turned back to the group. Atemu and Yami had Yugi between them and were looking around the people working in the area.


"Mr Kaiba said he would see you now. Just be aware he wasn't very happy."

"Thankyou very much."

"Here this will get you to his floor."

She handed over a card and they walked over to the elevators and walked in. Solomon selected the floor number and slipped the card into the slot next to the button so that they could be allowed up. The elevator started its ascension and soon stopped at the 68th floor when they climbed off. Walking out they were greeted by the receptionist who was on the phone and waved them on through. Knocking on the door Solomon pushed it open and walked in.

"Mr Motou I hope you have a very good reason as to why you are here." Jou was standing behind Kaiba who was seated in his seat that was behind the desk.

"I do."

Solomon stepped aside so Yugi was no long hidden. The shocked look on Kaiba's face was one that no one saw everyday and Jou was standing behind him gapping at the sight before him.

"Yug'!" Jou shouted when he snapped out of it.

Jou bolted from behind the desk and over to Yugi who he picked up in a tight hug. Yugi laughed as he hugged him back till breathing became a problem.

"Jou I need air."


Jou quickly put him down and as he did he caught a whiff of him and froze looking at him. Yugi smile and hugged him again which was returned gently this time.

"Yugi you're a ..."

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